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How to Backup GB WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive?

Are you looking on how to Backup GB WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive?

This is a step by step guide on how to Backup GB WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive?

According to its description, GBWhatsApp is a replacement for the original WhatsApp that has all of its features, just like FMWhatsApp. However, the procedure is a little challenging when saving GBWhatsApp backup to Google Drive.

We’ll explain how to backup GB of WhatsApp chats to Google Drive in this post so you may move them from one phone to another or to a computer. 

Requirement to use Google Drive Backup

Step 1: Google account has been activated on Android.

Step 2: Your device has Google Play services installed. To update Google apps as well as apps from the Google Play Store, utilize this app.

Step 3: Your device must have enough free space to create the backup.

Step 4: A reliable and powerful internet connection.

How to Backup GB WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive Manually?

The procedures listed below can help you backup your GBWhatsApp data if you are used to backing up using Google Drive:

  1. By heading to the “Settings” section of your GBWhatsApp, you can create a backup of the chat.
  2. Install WhatsApp’s original version next, but don’t use it just yet.
  3. You can discover your backup in the GBWhatsApp directory by-
    • Open file manager;
    • Here is your saved data as MSGSTORE.DB.CRYPT12 or a similar name.
  4. All of your data from the previous app will transfer to your original WhatsApp when you copy this back up to the original app’s directory.
  5. Open WhatsApp and then log into your new WhatsApp account to restore all of your backup data.

You can save your backup on Google Drive by following the same methods we stated above after you have it in the original app.

How to Use WhatsApp to Backup GBWhatsApp to Google Drive

Finally, go to the Whatsapp app’s main interface and select the three dots menu located in the copyright corner of the page.

Select Settings from the drop-down menu, then tap the Chat.

Back up to Google Drive is an option under Chat backup that you can select.

The GB WhatsApp backup that was transferred to the official WhatsApp will now have all of its data backed up to Google Drive. Just wait patiently for the procedure to be completed.

How to Backup GBWhatsApp to PC

You may move all of your GBWhatsApp data to other devices using iTransor for WhatsApp without having to worry about losing any information. Here are some examples of its functions:

How to backup your GBWhatsApp data to PC via iTransor for WhatsApp?

Step 1: After starting the program, connect your devices to the PC using a USB cord. After that, select “Transfer.”

Note: Here, you must select the WhatsApp type that you want to transmit. In this instance, GBWhatsApp will be used.

Step 2: Select the type of backup you wish to export from a list that will show on your screen. After you click the Export option, the application will search the backup’s data.

Note: Ensure to backup your GBWhatsApp data in advance if you still require it on the device because once the transfer begins, the data on your device will be erased.

Step 3: When the scan is finished, your screen will display all of the GBWhatsApp chats and attachments contained in the backup. You can choose the chats and attachments you want to export from here. Tap the Export option to move all of the selected data to your PC after you’ve decided what you want to transfer to the PC.

The solutions mentioned above make it simple to backup GBWhatsApp. If you believe backing it up manually is difficult, iTransor or other alternative for WhatsApp can assist. It includes many cutting-edge functions, including data restoration and transfer. Tap the button below to begin the free trial!

How can I backup WhatsApp in GBWhatsApp?

Install GBWhatsApp first, then delete WhatsApp (without clear the data). Locate the WhatsApp folder where you stored your data by opening File Manager. Change whatsapp to gbwhatsapp in the folder’s name. Apply the same method to the media folder for WhatsApp files.

How do I transfer GBWhatsApp data to a new phone?

Put an SD card in the device you are now using. Go return to your WhatsApp/GBWhatsApp folder in File Manager, and then move the entire folder to the SD Card. Hold off until this procedure is finished. Now, carefully take out your SD card and put it in your new gadget.

Can I backup WhatsApp Chat to Google Drive?

Your data may be backed up to Google Drive using WhatsApp. Your backups won’t consume any of your own Google Account’s Google Drive capacity. Your backup can be used to restore your WhatsApp messages and attachments.

How can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages from GB?

Install GBWhatsapp on a different device, then back up the saved data by logging into your account after doing so. As soon as you click the Restore option, all of your conversations and messages from WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp will be fully accessible in your account.

Why is my WhatsApp not backing up on Google Drive?

Because you aren’t logged into the same Google account, WhatsApp might not detect a backup. The phone number that was used to make the backup is not being utilised by you. Corrupted chat history or SD card.

How can I backup GBWhatsApp?

To access the drop-down menu, open GB WhatsApp on your device and click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Go to the list and choose “Settings.” then select “Chat” on the following page. Next, choose “chat backup.”

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