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WhatsApp Red Android (WhatsPlus Red v10.05 APK)

WhatsApp Red Android- The instant messaging and chat program WhatsApp is the basis for WhatsApp Red, a MOD that includes additional capabilities, including interface customization.

Despite being the most popular messaging app in the world, both for Android and iOS, there are still a lot of users who are dissatisfied with WhatsApp and think it should have more and better functions, as well as, most importantly, more customization. That is what MODs, which are variants of WhatsApp that provide users more options than the standard app does, like WhatsApp Red, mean.

Additional Information

Size73.29 MB
WhatsApp Version9.80
Android Requirement4.0 and above
Total Downloads3M+
Last update11 September 2022

Several additional WhatsApp features

A number of the features and capabilities offered by this program are absent from the official version, but many of them have been seen in variants such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Aero, or FMWhatsApp. They include, among many others, some of the following, and are intended to make the app a little simpler to use:

  1. Notification of contact status.
  2. Contact information is available in each chat.
  3. Each conversation has a menu of optional features, such as the ability to conduct web searches, start a new group, or use the voice changer for audio messaging.
  4. features that are individual to each contact, such the capacity to mute calls or hide the name of the contact.
  5. Additional features including customised themes, unique notifications, the ability to switch between user accounts, the ability to schedule message delivery, automated reply, and interface customization…

In other words, a new WhatsApp user experience. However, keep in mind that as this is not an official app, some of the features it offers can be impacted by updates to WhatsApp (Receive and send text and voice messages, as well as alerts, frequently experience issues).

Conditions and other details:

Android 4.4 is the bare minimum operating system required.

This program is an altered version of the original application that was created by a third party independent of the owner or Malavida, neither of which have vetted, validated, or approved the latter. The user is solely responsible for downloading, setting up, and using this program. The original developer of the modified program, or any of their trademarks.

Freeze Seen

You can manually freeze last seen from the settings if you don’t want to let your contacts know when you were last active.

By doing this, the time when your status was frozen will be shown as your most recent active time.


Turn on the anti-delete feature in the settings. Your contacts won’t be able to erase the messages they have sent to you if you do this.

Read Receipt

If you do this, your read status on your friends’ chats will only be displayed if you reply to them. Disable the read receipt. If not, only the message’s delivered status will be visible until you respond to it.

Seen status

You can hide your status by only choosing the contacts you don’t want to share it with if you don’t want to share it with certain pals.


Likewise, disable the typing indicator. Even if you will receive the message and respond to it, your friend will never find out what time you saw the status update and when you responded to it.

Turn off forward

Remove the forward messages tag from this application’s stings. If you do, you can forward any message to the remainder of your contacts without worrying about anyone receiving a forward tag.

Hide View

You can choose to conceal the status view in the settings if you do not want your contact to know that you have seen his status.

This will prevent your name from appearing in the list of people who have seen you, regardless of how often you check your friends’ status updates.

Status Delete

Activate the anti-status deletion setting. It will remain there for 24 hours if you do this and none of your contacts update their status before you see it.


Put a password or pattern in place to secure your application. Even if your phone has fingerprint reading security enabled, this application will allow you to set it as well.

You can choose from a variety of ways for encrypting your application by simply turning on security in the application’s settings.

Caller Name

Change the colour scheme of the contact names to make them stand out from the background.

Status Color

Set the status text’s colour as well. Set manually from the application’s set the font style and colour.

Scheduler for Messages

Set your message delivery schedule or even enable auto-reply. If someone texts you when you are offline and you are not online, you can establish an auto-reply by typing the default message you want them to receive. In contrast to Whatsapp Pink and Purple

Pattern Settings

Make your pattern noticeable, or not noticeable at all. You only need to hide the visibility if you don’t want anyone to know your password.


Set a background of your choosing, choose any picture, image, or solid color for the chats’ and main menu’s background,

Direct Connectivity

Instead of using the notification pane, use the program to directly enable or disable internet connectivity.

Timings of Status

More than 60 second to three minute status intervals can be manually defined in the settings.

Video Limit

From the settings, you can easily manually set your video sending cap at 700 MB.

Group call

You can include as many people as you want in your group call without worrying about any restrictions or limitations.

WhatsApp Red latest version 2022 Download WhatsPlus Red v10.05 APK

Features Whatsapp plus red 

  • Modify the program’s notification settings, icon, and format.
  • Send high-resolution pictures using the red Whatsapp.
  • Stop getting calls from anybody or from everybody.
  • Display any group member’s communications separately from those of the other members.
  • If your buddy updates their personal photo, the software notifies you.
  • and several features.

The benefits of getting Whatsapp Red from the Abu Arab development Direct download link

  • Use Whatsapp Red Messenger: You can only delete private messages, messages from certain groups, or messages from everyone when you scan messages.
  • Whatsapp Store version update
  • Automatically, the case takes longer than 30 seconds.
  • Fix the issue where the programme crashes when you change the font
  • Fix the programme icon disappearing during an update.
  • Bring back the capability to stop WhatsApp from opening hidden chats when you click it.provides location sharing with only one click.
  • It is simpler to choose and deliver messages to several contacts.
  • Use Quick Reply to respond to messages when you aren’t accessible to chat or answering a question from a template.
  • Ability to simultaneously revoke several messages
  • Being able to easily copy the text status of your contacts
  • Removing the “Read More” tag from lengthy messages, among other things.
  • Having a conference call with the group is an option.
  • You can privately respond to a sent message’s sender if you choose one of the sent messages in the group.
  • Fix When trying to look for themes, collapse
  • Repair other issues
  • Turn on the labels Theme labels are now available for download and use in chats.
  • (Exclusively) If someone has moderated @ you or responded to one of your messages in the group, add a link.
  • If you redirect a message, it won’t show up rerouted at the other end.
  • It has been designed so that you can disable the Call Receiving feature without alerting the other party that your phone is ringing and looks to be connected.
  • (Exclusive) Include Option 1.2.2 Any communication can easily have portions copied.
  • Now you can reply by passing the message from left to right.
  • Enable the Save Reading Place function so that when you return to a prior chat where you had stopped at a certain word, it will be there right away.
  • Turn on the conference call function.
  • Turn on the picture-in-a-picture function.
  • For the duration of a notification after tapping deleted messages, add option 6.8.
  • Encourage updating the stickers section’s theme.
  • The issue with concealed conversations being visible on the call screen has been fixed.
  • Fix the issue with the 6.15 square image choice.
  • Fix the theme discovery issue.
  • Other changes.
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