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Three amazing features WhatsApp MUST add soon in war against iMessage

Three amazing features WhatsApp MUST add soon in war against iMessage. WHATSAPP is constantly competing with other texting apps for your choice, but it could be better.

Three features that WhatsApp really must have in order to beat out superior challengers like Apple iMessage.

Three amazing features WhatsApp MUST add soon-

  1. Editing texts
  2. Memoji
  3. Better Group Chats

1. Editing Texts-

When it comes to enabling users to “unsend” texts, WhatsApp was in the lead.

But the news has now been leaked: iOS 16 will soon allow for the editing of texts after they have been sent by Apple.

WhatsApp must catch up quickly.

Having the capacity to quickly fix mistakes could save your life, especially if you made an extremely embarrassing error.

2. Memoji

Memoji, customized avatars that are exact replicas of you, is one of the nicest aspects of iMessage.

You can use a Memoji as your face throughout FaceTime video conversations, send Memoji stickers, and make your own animated Memoji films.

According to rumours, WhatsApp is planning on integrating a comparable feature.

But because Memoji has been around for some time, WhatsApp should make its own version.

It would be a lot of fun to perform a WhatsApp video conversation as an animation, and if the leaks are accurate, it may be feasible within a year.

3. Better Group Chats

The WhatsApp experience includes group chats by default.

Most WhatsApp users will be a part of at least one group chat, but are they effective enough? No!

There is a lot of space for development.

The first thing WhatsApp needs to do is give the option for members to leave groups quietly.

Additionally, group administrators should have the ability to delete messages for everyone, not just themselves.

WhatsApp must fulfil its commitment to include Communities.

These Communities, which are intended to be groups of groups, have the potential to completely change how we use the app.

Perhaps you could create a work community that had numerous smaller organizations.

Or perhaps there is a community in your area that divides into different groups for schooling and grumbling about problems in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, most of these things are already being worked on.

So, before the year is up, we might see them appear on WhatsApp‘s live edition.


Three features WhatsApp must have in order to beat Apple iMessage. iOS 16 will soon allow for the editing of texts, Better group chats and Memoji after they have been sent by Apple’s iMessage service.

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