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Want to Use WhatsApp without Keeping your Phone Online?

WhatsApp, a Meta-owned chat program, started bringing out a host of unique features because of its Android and iOS users, one of which is a multi-device support structure. This application allows the user to utilize the WhatsApp account on many platforms despite having to be connected to the smartphone to the web.

The functionality is now accessible in beta mode and is being tested on both Android and iOS devices. The nicest aspect of this functionality is that this will allow customers to be using WhatsApp even if they do not even have adequate internet access on their smartphone.

If indeed the user disconnects the primary device for more than 14 days, all those other associated gadgets will indeed be immediately locked out.

A multi-device feature allows users to effortlessly connect up to four devices to their account, including WhatsApp online as well as other platforms. Besides that, WhatsApp had stated that somehow this feature supports end-to-end encryption, ensuring the privacy of personal conversations, conversations, and multimedia.

How To Use Whatsapp Web Without Smartphone?

To be using WhatsApp on some other platforms without having to be connected to a smartphone, the user first must link the device to the Web, Desktop, or Portal.

STEP 1: To begin, open WhatsApp and click just on the three-dotted icon in the top right corner of the screen.

STEP 2: Enough people will see ‘connected devices.’ Afterward, press on ‘Multi-device beta’ once more, as well as a screen would appear in front of users that would describe the site’s limits as well as other details.

STEP 3: The user now must hit the ‘join beta’ button followed by the ‘proceed’ button. Again when the user has completed such a step, all that is left is to scan a QR code to join the smartphone to WhatsApp Web.

Want to Use WhatsApp without Keeping your Phone Online?

Whatsapp Multi-Support Device- How To Join The Beta Program?

WhatsApp’s multi-device capability is now in beta and is ready for review on ios and Android platforms. People who are truly intrigued could enroll in the program and begin using it straight immediately.

But however, because it’s still in beta, expecting certain performance problems, which should have been smoothed out from the moment the right materials are released.

For the time being, entering the beta allows users to be using WhatsApp on up to four Internet of Things. Users won’t need to maintain the regular smartphone linked to the internet for all of this. The conversation texts will indeed be delivered immediately to the associated laptop, via the WhatsApp desktop app or website, from which users can answer.

WhatsApp allows users to share the multi-device beta program by going to Preferences on the main smart phones, selecting “Linked Devices,” and tapping Join Beta underneath the “Multi-Device Beta” section.

Users would be able to link devices to respective accounts and operate devices separately after successfully enrolling.

Whatsapp Multi-Support Device- How To Run It On Laptop?

The methods to utilize WhatsApp on the paired device are straightforward once people have enrolled inside the beta program. To begin, simply install the WhatsApp desktop program for the laptop or go to, the authorized WhatsApp webpage.

Then, as before, go to WhatsApp Settings on the phone and access the Linked Devices option. The option to “Line a device” will indeed be located in the middle of the settings screen.

When users tap it, the application would launch a camera scanner. In turn, a QR code would appear just on webpage or desktop program that users access on the laptop.

Scan the QR code this code utilizing the phone’s camera, and the account would be activated just on new device immediately away. All chats through all the other connected devices will indeed be encrypted end-to-end as usual.

Want to Use WhatsApp without Keeping your Phone Online?

Whatsapp Multi-Support Device- Things To Keep In Mind

For something like the time being, there have been some restrictions to using the WhatsApp account across interconnected devices.

Users would not be able to undo texts or chats from the accounts if the primary device is really not hooked up to the internet and that users are utilizing WhatsApp on a connected machine.

Furthermore, users would only be able to swap texts with individuals who do have the newest edition of WhatsApp installed on the phones while using the associated smart phone.

When using the multi-device feature, there seem to be two factors to take into account. First is that there can’t be just another smart phone among some of the four linked devices. The WhatsApp account can only be used on one smart phone at a moment.

Laptops and desktop computers are examples of others. However, in the future, WhatsApp may expand this capability to cover numerous smart phones.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if users don’t use their primary smart phone for more than 14 days, other associated phones will indeed be removed from the WhatsApp account. Which implies users will need to use WhatsApp on the phone at least once per few weeks.

If someone would not want to share the last scene or online status on WhatsApp but also want to talk with a friend, users will need to use a third-party application. It’s everything that really have to know about this specific configuration.

To begin, go over to the phone’s Play store and download the WA bubble chat app. After users have downloaded it, activate it and follow the instructions outlined beneath. This software would request a number of accessible permissions, which users must grant.

Communications received via WhatsApp would then appear in the bubbles. Users probably wouldn’t be able to see someone online whenever users start conversing online, and users will be able to communicate freely even though users are offline.

Users could use this app to communicate without having to open WhatsApp. This software is really only available for Android devices.

Another App is GBWhatsApp

If users wish to keep personal privacy on such an Android smart phone, go to Chrome and type GBWhatsApp into the search bar. Users will get an icon that looks like WhatsApp whenever they install it, and it actually operates like WhatsApp.

Finally, go to the upper right corner of the screen and pick Hide Online Bar from the list of options that appears. Users are now ready to communicate in private without anyone seeing others.

There are indeed choices such as keep hiding the Last Seen, which allows users to deactivate or hide the “last seen” function. This manner, users could avoid the stress of having to answer to communications right away.

Want to Use WhatsApp without Keeping your Phone Online?

To do just that, simply go to WhatsApp’s settings menu that appears profile to turn it off. Underneath the Privacy tab, change the last appearance to “nobody.” No one would be able to tell exactly when users last used WhatsApp. Such content is currently for iOS and Android users alike.


Designers should emphasize that perhaps the feature is currently in beta and might even create significant application performance bottlenecks for customers. If this occurs, users are allowed out from the beta program via the application and return towards the standard version of the application, which operates flawlessly.

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