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WhatsApp Introduces “View Once” Feature to Users

The see once media function has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The feature’s most intriguing aspect is that it is automatically deleted from the chatbox after you view it.

It will not be preserved in your picture gallery, and you will not be able to forward it to other people. Not everyone needs to be saved for a lifetime; some photos and films can be consumed right away, which is where the watch once mode comes in handy. 

Whenever WhatsApp first offered the function, it cautioned users to transmit only trustworthy individuals view once media. It’s because a display detection feature does not allow the view once media function.

That is to say, will never know that receiver has not captured a screenshot of content. Not only may screenshots be taken, but the material can be captured to use a materials contain, and a secondary phone can be used to take the content picture or video and distribute it with others.

Now that the feature has been released, we’d like to show you how to use View Once media to share photographs and movies to your friends.

How To Send A View Message Once You’ve Uploaded Images And Videos To Whatsapp

First and foremost, users must upgrade WhatsApp to the most recent edition from the Playstore or Appstore in order to use the viewing once function.

Once the application has been updated, you can visit any dialog box and choose a picture or video to share to that individual.

Now, whenever you choose a media, you’ll see a close group with 1 printed within these on the chat box.

The View Once media is enabled by clicking just on 1 circle.

Once you click it, the media will be transferred in the Photo or Video format that I circle.

Choose the text & swipe right when you’ve just sent view once multimedia.

Whenever users right click, a new screen opens, indicating if the receiver has opened or seen the text.

The function also works on a team. Use the methods outlined above to share the content.

Users can now choose the text & swipe to check whether team members have viewed or accessed the video after it has been sent.

By clicking just on 1 circle, users can turn off the function.

Interestingly, if you ever do not respond to a text for 14 days, the multimedia will stay on the comment section for that time.

The content, on the other hand, will immedietly delete after fourteen days. As it is with personal communications, WhatsApp claims that the viewing once content is secured by final security, which means that indeed WhatsApp cannot see it.

WhatsApp Introduces “View Once” Feature to Users


  • The content will not be stored to the receiver’s Pictures or Galleries.
  • You will not be able to re-view a picture or video after you have sent it.
  • Once content is enabled, you will not be able forwarding, save, star, or share pictures or videos and were sent and received with the viewing.
  • Whether you have reading receipt switched on, users could only tell if a receiver has viewed a view once picture or video.
  • The content from the conversation will disappear if you do not view the photo or video in Fourteen days of receiving it.
  • Every time you wish to transmit a see once picture or video, users must pick view once media.
  • Whereas if text was open at the moment of backup, the backups can be recovered. The content would not be included in the backups and would not be able to be recovered if it has already been accessed.

Disadvantages Once Feature

  • Only transmit photographs or movies to trustworthy folks when the view once content is enabled.
  • Well before content vanishes, take a picture or a video capture of it. If anybody captures a screenshot or records a video, you will not be notified.
  • Well before content vanishes, take a snapshot or clip of that with a camera and other device.
  • Once you’ve shared protected content, it may be preserved on WhatsApp’s systems for a few weeks.
  • The content will be reported to WhatsApp if a receiver decides to report see once content. In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to delete messages on WhatsApp.

What Is The Best Way To Deliver A View Once File To Someone On Whatsapp?

Simply press on the “View Once” symbol and then hit on the share button to make the post viewable only once.

WhatsApp Introduces “View Once” Feature to Users

How Can I Turn On The View Mode On A Whatsapp Message?

You must touch on the View Once icon while sharing pictures or videos to someone to activate the view once functionality on a message.

Is It Possible To Use The View Once Feature On Several Photographs Or Movies At The Same Time?

You can’t use the “view once” option on many photographs or videos at once.

How Can I Enable Or Disable Whatsapp’s View Once Feature?

To enable or remove the view once function on WhatsApp, click the “view once” button once to activate it, then click it again to remove it. This is present on left side of share icon.

Whatsapp Doesn’t Have A “View Once” Option.

Using the view once function on your WhatsApp profile, first pick an image or video, however on the left side of the “Share” button, you’ll notice a “1” in a circle. Simply press on that symbol to utilise the view once option before sharing the video or photo to others.

Is It Possible To Capture A Screenshot Of The Whatsapp Display After It Is Enabled?

Yes, you may get a screenshot of it.


WhatsApp launched the view once function for ios and Android devices. After the receiver has accessed a photo or video, the view once function clear it immediately.

WhatsApp stated that all intends to give consumers more choice over their security or privacy with the view once function. The good thing about this function is that the material isn’t saved to the recipient’s pictures gallery.

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