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6 Ways to Making Money by Chatting

Get paid to chat online? Is that actually a thing? Yes, it is. The world we live in is bizarre and every day, strange new ways to making money by chatting or online appear.

Most of people are unaware of this. So let’s start to know about the ways to making money by chatting:

How to Earn Money by Chatting

There are a number of ways to making money by chatting in this era.

You can making money by chatting thorugh:

  • Get paid to chat online in English
  • Chat and earn money to be an Online Friend
  • Earn money by chatting to lonely people
  • Get paid to chat app by texting
  • Earn money by chatting to give advice
  • Get paid to chat online as customer service

6 Ways to Making Money by Chatting

Get paid to chat online in English

Teaching English is an amazing way to chat online and earn money or get paid to chat online.

Number of English teaching platform want a Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL) certification.

On the other hand, some platform pay to simply having normal or casual conversations with students who want to learn English around the world.

They need someone with whom they practice and who point out their mistakes.

3 easiest sites are there to get paid to chat online:

  • Cambly
  • Preply
  • iTalki
  • Cambly

Don’t be put off by the fact that Cambly is an English-teaching platform just because it says “teaching.” To work as an English tutor, you don’t need any formal education, credentials, or prior experience.

You don’t even have to be an English native speaker, to be honest. All you need to be accepted is Language fluency.

Teachers at Cambly employ a conversational style of tutoring. Simply begin speaking. Any topic that you (or the student) choose to discuss is acceptable.

Your students are more inclined to return for additional lessons when your talks are more engaging.

Price: $0.17 per minute ($10.20 per hour) for adults. $0.20 per minute (12.00 per hour) for kids.

  • Preply

Another well-liked English-teaching software is Preply for chat and earn money.

Like Cambly, you can become a teacher if you can communicate in English well.

Similar to Cambly’s conversational approach, Preply’s “free chat” feature enables you to conduct informal classes.

It is also incredibly flexible. With no mandatory minimum hourly requirements, you create your own schedule.

Price: Choose your own prices. Preply charges a commission of 33%.

  • iTalki

Another excellent tool for teaching English without training or expertise is iTalki. You can instruct through informal talks using the Community Tutor feature.

You can also join iTalki as a Professional Teacher to receive better pay if you do have qualifications.

A TEFL certification, a teaching license for the language you want to teach, or previous job experience as a language teacher are all required for this.

iTalki supports a wide range of languages. So, if you speak multiple languages, you may also get money by conversing in those languages.

Price: Choose your own prices. iTalki charges a commission of 15%.

Chat and earn money to be an Online Friend

There are number of platforms that allows you to get paid to talk to people.

You can chat and earn money on calls, video chat or only just messaging to someone and it is right, that you can get paid to talk to people.

You can chat and earn money to be a friend to a stranger, which can result in some interesting conversation.

There are 3 popular platforms to get paid to chat with someone:

  • Rent a local friend
  • Rent a cyber friend
  • Friend PC
  • Rent a local friend

You can provide friendship services online or in person via Rent a Local Friend to get paid to chat online.

Like, for that might mean attending a birthday party as a friend or buddy. However, it is almost always entirely online.

Some of your customers may be tourists who are interested in learning more about the local way of life. Other times, simply chat online with a person who needs a friend desperately.

In the modern era, this service is very valuable. The extensive quarantining brought on by the pandemic may have a beneficial effect on people’s life.

Price: Pay is based on the services you provide and the rates you establish. Although joining costs $100, you may conceivably return those fees after just a Couple days of friendship work.

  • Rent a Cyber Friend

Another website where you can chat and earn money by conversing with random people is Rent a Cyber Friend.

It’s difficult to determine whether company copied the idea from the other, but this platform functions quite similarly to Rent a Local Friend.

One key difference is that Rent a Cyber Friend concentrates on matching clients with buddies who share similar interests.

They enable users to discover friends based on their identities, interests, professions, political views, or a variety of other characteristics.

Because you’ll have more in common, this benefits both you and your clients. It could be that your client is someone you’d typically consider a friend.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in any calls, which are video conversations.

Price: Choose your own rates.

  • Friend PC

Another amazing website where you can chat and earn money by interacting with online friends is Friend PC.

The website makes it clear that it is not a dating service. Having said that, becoming a “virtual girlfriend,” where you literally get paid to talk to lonely men, is one of their services.

This service promises to “make exes jealous” or give clients a confidence boost. Obviously, some fake flirting would be necessary for this service.

But Friend PC offers more than simply digital girlfriends. As a regular virtual friend, a virtual gaming partner, or even a life counsellor, you can also make money (more on life coaching later).

Which services you offer is entirely up to you. You can also choose your communication preferences and schedule (ex. text, audio, video).

You can even meet folks in person if you don’t want to use their internet services. This is popular with people who want a city tour or who require a partner to attend an event.

Price: Choose or set own prices.

Earn money by chatting to lonely people

In today’s era, world is full of lonely people. Some people are merely seeking guidance or uncomplicated, platonic social engagement. Some people are seeking, er, non-Platonic talks.

Here are 3 ways to get paid to talk to lonely people:

  • Phrendly
  • Flirtbucks
  • Lip Service
  • Phrendly

A platform for making online friends called Phrendly provides text, voice, and video chat services.

Both men and women who are lonely can pay you to talk to them.

Phrendly is different from other online buddy networks in that interactions may quickly go from amicable to, uh, more than amicable.

Make sure you’re comfortable with that kind of thing because Phrendly clientele prefer informal conversations just as much as they prefer sexually explicit conversations.

Price: Phrendly offers a unique wage structure. Customers pick how long to chat with an online buddy by purchasing a “virtual drink” for them, which typically costs approximately $0.35. The length of the chat depends on how much the customer spends on the drink (or how many drinks they purchase). Like a scene out of a real life bar.

  • Flirtbucks

Note: Use Flirtbucks at your own risk even though it has a number of favorable user ratings because it also has some negative Better Business Bureau evaluations.

A platform called Flirtbucks is dedicated to flirting with lonely men.

With this platform, video calls are used for chats, and you must face your clients. So if it makes you uncomfortable, you might want to pass on this.

However, Flirtbucks isn’t as sexually graphic as some other online dating sites, so the majority of your chats will just be lighthearted discussions about your interests, pastimes, or your client’s life.

Price: Varies between $0.40 and $0.50 for each minute (up to $30 for an hour). Your experience as a chat agent and length of time with the organization will determine how much you are paid per minute.

  • Lip service

Lip Service provides a wide range of services. You can use online chat to act as a telephone actor or actress, a chat operator, or a customer service representative.

Flirtbucks, a site where you make money talking to men, is comparable to the chat operator and telephone actor/actress choices.

The customer service option, which assists medium-sized enterprises with client inquiries, is significantly more formal.

Lip Service favors candidates who can devote at least 25 hours per week to their employment. It is consequently less adaptable than the majority of the other platforms on the list.

Price: Although there is no official wage rate indicated, many say it is $18 per hour.

Get paid to chat app by texting

Want to get paid to chat with someone, but you don’t want to talk on call or a video chat?

If so, you can concentrate on texting.

There are many sites that let you chat and get paid for text-only conversations.

A few services that let you select texting as your preferred method of communication have previously been described. However, here are a few more people who only text.

Here are 3 platforms to get paid to chat app by texting:

  • The Chat Shop
  • SiteStaff
  • Needle
  • The Chat Shop

You may get paid to moderate live chats with consumers at the UK-based startup The Chat Shop.

You must work 20 to 40 hours a week for the organization, and you must be able to type 80 words per minute.

Because The Chat Shop collaborates with so many different businesses, products, and services, things are always interesting.

Making sure that their chat operators have personality is one of their top priorities. They reject the idea of automated chat agents. Something to consider before applying.

Price: $10 per hour 

  • SiteStaff

You work as an outsourced customer support representative for several companies as a chat operator for SiteStaff.

Customers will contact you with questions, and it is your responsibility to respond politely while promoting the company.

Your conversation partners will be diverse given that SiteStaff works with a wide range of businesses.

Price: $10 per hour

  • Needle

Needle is a site where you may interact with other consumers who have inquiries about various things if you’re a keen shopper or fashionista.

Like The Chat Shop and SiteStaff, Needle collaborates with a wide range of brands and businesses, so you’ll be assisting in providing purchasing advise to a wide range of clients.

Consider yourself a completely virtual shopper’s assistant.

Price: $10 per hour

Earn money by chatting to give advice

Are you the person who give advice to your friends and family members?

Wouldn’t it be good to earn money for the time spent assisting others with their daily struggles?

Here are 3 ways to earn money by chatting to get advice:

  • Start an advice blog
  • Become an online counselor or life coach
  • Work for an advice giving company
  • Start an advice blog

You’ve probably searched for advice on a problem you’re facing on Google at some point. You’ve probably searched through blog postings countless times in search of an answer.

Instead of hiring a writer, why not do it yourself?

You can decide what advise you want to give on your own site, from “how do I deal with tension” to “how do I get this type of situation.”

You may earn money by writing helpful articles that are viewed by hundreds or thousands of people every day rather than being compensated to have one-on-one conversations with individuals.

You are fully equipped to offer guidance if you have experience in a certain field (such as interior design, cuisine, etc.) or if you have overcome adversity (such as marital difficulties, professional obstacles, international moves, etc.).

Starting a blog with guidance is a long-term strategy. You have to put in a lot of work up front, and you won’t start making money right away.

The ultimate form of freedom, though, is a full-time passive income, if you play the long game. It will generate a full-time passive income.

Price: From $o to $ 100,000+ per month

  • Become an online counselor or life coach

Do you happy or really like to help people with their life hacks or problems or want to give coaching them to their aim or goals?

So, why not become a life coach or online counselor?

For this, you need a little more knowledge. The majority of clients will seek proof that you are a certified life coach.

Knowing that you took the effort to educate yourself in this way helps them trust you since they intend to be emotionally sensitive with you.

You can focus on a variety of life coaching specialties, such as:

  • Relationship coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Christian life coaching.

Life coaching is comparable to launching your own company. You’ll need to acquire a life coaching certification in addition to other business competencies like marketing, accountancy, and technical knowledge.

Price: Choose your own prices. Greater individuals will be eager to pay you if you have more experience and demonstrable results.

  • Work for an advice giving company

Don’t want to establish your own company?

No issue.

There are several firms that will pay you to advise their customers.

Live Advice is one of the most well-known sites for advice. Similar to the sites for English teaching:

  • Sign up,
  • Select your schedule and fees
  • Then start communicating with people on these networks.

You can offer guidance on:

  • Relationships
  • Employment,
  • Businesses
  • Technology
  • Wellness
  • General life matters with Live Advice.

You can communicate with clients by phone, chat, or email, and they choose you based on your profile.

You’ll discover that there are several websites that offer similar advise once you start looking around online.

Price: You are able to set your own prices on several of these platforms. The average hourly rate for advice-givers is between $1.50 and $6.

Get paid to chat online as customer service

When the interactions you have while working as a customer service representative won’t be as entertaining as some of the other possibilities in this book, you will still be get paid for talking to guys.

These jobs entail dealing with client complaints, responding to inquiries, and occasionally assisting with swaps and refunds.

Here are a few of the top websites that employ chat agents for customer support:

  • Work for an e-Commerce company
  • JustAnswer
  • Premium.Chat
  • FlexJobs
  • Upwork
  • Work for an e-Commerce company

Are you really know about that little chat bubble in a corner of Online stores That always ready to start a chat with you?

Do you know, you can be that person. In the technical terms that chat bubble is usually a chatbot, but you can also be that person the bot refers to people.

In today’s world, Large firms are finding easier ways to field customer inquiries through these chat bots, but you can also earn money by email or by solving problems of customer on the phone calls.

There are a huge number of online stores in all over the world, which hires a customer service agents for their firms, but one of the main or great opportunities is Amazon.

Price: Varies depending on place and situation

  • JustAnswer

Are you even good at research?

A company called JustAnswer employs experts from numerous professions to serve as live chat representatives and respond to client inquiries about pretty much everything.

This might be a terrific conversation job for you if you do your study and can clearly explain things.

You may choose which questions to answer and create your own timetable with JustAnswer. Since you get paid each response, the more you provide, the more money you make.

Price: Depending on how much you work and how many questions you answer, you might make between $2000 and $7000 every month.

  • Premium.Chat

It provides you earn money by sharing your expert and great knowledge with people.

They can pay you per minute to answer questions in your area of expertise through chat.

This could take the form of a routine conversation or a life counselling session.

On your own website, you can even use their widget to charge users for answering questions.

You can utilise Premium if you’re an influencer or have a sizable social media following.

Without running the danger of disclosing your phone number or any other sensitive information, chat to communicate with your fans.

You may talk using text, audio, or video with Premium.Chat.

Price: You can choose to set your own charges either per minute or per session.

  • FlexJobs

FlexJobs isn’t primarily a website where users may be paid to chat or provide customer care. It is, however, a site where you may discover fantastic remote jobs, freelancing work, and other adaptable online jobs, like online customer care roles.

Every job ad on FlexJobs has been thoroughly reviewed, which is a fantastic feature. This eliminates the need for you to sort out expired or fraudulent listings.

Compared to large employment sites like Indeed, where anyone can submit an infinite number of job postings for free, this saves a lot of time and makes searching much more challenging.

FlexJobs is free to explore, but a premium subscription is required to apply for jobs. These start at just $9.95, and after 30 days, if you’re not happy, they’ll offer you a complete refund.

Actually, you have very little to lose. Pay a little price and either land a great job or get your money back.

Price: By firm and position, pay rates differ.

  • Upwork

Another freelancing website where businesses can hire chat and customer support representatives is Upwork.

There are many freelancers that make a solid livelihood on Upwork, but the site also receives a lot of criticism from others who complain about the low pay.

You won’t be using the platform very frequently if your goal is to work as a chat operator for hire.

Once you find a strong fit with a company, you won’t always have to compete for new jobs because these are frequently continuous employment.

Price: Pay rates vary by company and position.

Is it safe to earn money by chatting online?

Yes, it is safe to earn money by chatting online in many ways but as everyone knows anything on the internet, there are a number of things you are aware of that when it comes to chat and earn money online.

  • Check platform reviews before signing up
  • Don’t give out any of your personal information to clients
  • Report clients if they make you uncomfortable

Check platform reviews before signing up

The majority of the sites listed here have generally positive evaluations. However, there are a lot of alternative platforms available, so it’s always a good idea to check reviews before registering.

You can also review the business’s safety policies on its own website. You can even get in touch with them and find out what they are doing to keep you secure.

Don’t give out any of your personal information to clients

It is a HUGE red flag if a client requests any personal information from you, including your phone number, street address, financial information, etc.

Be secretive with your information.

Your true name is also included in this. To keep potential clients from finding you on your personal social media profiles, use a codename. Even better, avoid using your own name on social media!

This is particularly true of the flirtier platforms. You can prevent risky scenarios, such as identity theft, by safeguarding your personal information.

Report clients if they make you uncomfortable

This applies to both flirtatious and non-flirty websites. Block the client, file a complaint, and, if required, get in touch with the business if they’re giving you pause.

These platforms offer fantastic opportunities for online income, but not at the expense of your security.

There are undoubtedly less dangerous ways to make money online if all this scares you.

Additionally, there are ways to get compensated for reading aloud from books without ever having to deal with creepers.


Are you ready to making money by chatting people online and chat with them?

Finding the ideal platform for your needs and personality should be easy with the help of this advice, I hope. Keep in mind that you are not required to perform anything you find uncomfortable!

As you discovered today, there are various businesses where you can get paid to chat with someone without flirting with anyone if you don’t like text flirting.

People May Ask

Q- Why would people pay you to chat?

A- There are a number of ways due to which people would like to pay you for chatting. One of them being loneliness, which is a great reason due to pandemic. Some of the other reasons include life coaching, customer service language learning and even also flirting.

Q- Can I make money talking to strangers?

A- Yes, there are various platforms where you can make money talking to stranger. Some of these platforms include Flirtbucks, Rent a local friend and many more.

Q- Can I get paid to listen to people?

A- Yes, While the majority of alternatives call for you to speak at least somewhat, customers frequently merely want to be heard. You will be doing a lot of listening, for instance, if you are chatting with a lonely individual or someone who wants to practice speaking English.

Q- Can you chat and earn money?

A- There are a lot of Options to chat and earn money by different platforms like get paid to talk to lonely people, being an online friend or many more.

Q- How to earn money by chatting in India?

A- You can earn money by chatting in India, by teaching English at different online platforms and by writing advice blogs for some online companies or even for your own website. So in this way there are many ways to earn money by chatting in India.

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