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10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection

Here are 10 best Internet Speed Test 2022 through which anyone can check their internet connections.

For many people, working from home has become the new normal. Home internet connections are still important for people who need to jump on a Microsoft Teams or Zoom video chat while the kids are in virtual classrooms, playing Fortnite, or watching Netflix, as businesses are moving toward hybrid working arrangements.

Employees signed in en masse from managed and BYOD devices to their needed business applications, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace across VPNs during the initial COVID-19 phase of pandemic lockdowns around the world, putting home broadband connections to the test.

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022

Speedtest By Ookla

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
SizeVaries with device
Current Version4.6.13
Requires Android5.0 and up
In-app Products₹62.63 – ₹420.00 per item
Offered ByOokla
Interactive ElementsDigital Purchases

About This App

  • Find out how much data device can download, upload, and ping.
  • The only internet connection test that can reliably measure 5G
  • Mobile carrier coverage maps.
  • With this free Speedtest VPN, anyone can be anonymous and protected.
  • Measure their maximum resolution, load time, and buffering with a video test.
  • Test with a single connection to simulate downloading a file or several connections to discover maximum speed.
  • Troubleshoot or double-check the promised speed.
  • With extensive reporting, anyone can keep track of previous testing.
  • One can easily share all findings.

FAST Speed Test

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
Current Version1.0.8
Requires Android4.0 and up
Offered ByNetflix, Inc.

About This App

  • Use the app to test how fast current internet connection is, whether it’s on mobile phone or via the internet, and from anywhere in the globe.
  • It is free of advertisements and has a simple, quick-to-understand design.
  • Another excellent broadband test site is, which has a user interface that is as clear and straightforward as it gets.
  • One of its most significant advantages is that it is owned by Netflix.
  • That may seem strange at first, but it’s exactly what makes it a good choice for online streamers, as the test is designed to see if their connection is strong enough to stream Netflix in full resolution without buffering.

V-SPEED Speed Test

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
Current Version4.0.9.0
Requires Android4.1 and up
In-app Products₹104.13 per item
Interactive ElementsDigital Purchases

About This App

  • A tool for locating Wi-Fi and mobile signals,
  • A built-in map of mobile network coverage, • the possibility to choose the default speed check server,
  • Checks download (downlink) and upload (uplink) speeds (uplink)
  • Determining the length of time it takes for data to be transferred (latency, ping)
  • Automated selection of speed check parameters based on the kind of connection (kbps, MBPS); • two common data transfer units (kbps, MBPS); (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G)
  • A brief description of the link (IP address, Internet service provider and organization, SIM operator or name of the Wi-Fi network)

SPEEDCHECK Internet Speed Test

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
Current Version5.2.4.1
Requires Android4.1 and up
In-app Products₹70.00 – ₹1,750.00 per item
Offered ByInternet Speed Test, Etrality

About This App

  • Check both download and upload speeds, as well as their latency (ping)
  • 5G and LTE speed test: Check each mobile carrier’s speed, including the quickest connections.
  • Wi-Fi speed test: Check current Wi-Fi hotspot’s, internet, and ISP’s internet speeds.
  • Set up automatic checks to track the status of their connection over time. If people are having problems at a specific time of day, for example, one can plan a speed check to conduct repeated tests during that period.
  • Check to see if an internet service provider follows through on its promises.
  • With an accessible test history and full overviews for each test completed, keep track of all ones previous speed tests and metrics. They make it simple for all to share their test with others.

Internet and Wi-Fi Speed Test by SpeedChecker

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
Current Version2.6.54
Requires Android4.1 and up
In-app Products₹104.13 per item
Offered BySpeedchecker Ltd
Interactive ElementsShares Location, Digital Purchases

About This App

  • Test ones Wi-Fi connection’s speed (link speed AND throughput)
  • Dynamic results map to compare current speeds with others
  • Identify congested, slow, and unstable Wi-Fi
  • Accurate up to 1 Gb/s
  • Worldwide servers
  • Full history
  • Easy sharing of results
  • 5G, 4G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPRS

Internet Speed Meter Lite

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Offered ByDynamicApps

About This App

  • In the status bar and notifications, the speed is updated in real time.
  • In the notification, there is a daily traffic usage.
  • Statistics for the mobile network and the Wi-Fi network are kept separate.
  • For the past 30 days, it tracks every traffic data.
  • Battery-friendly


10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
Current Version2.6.0-1
Requires Android4.4 and up

About This App

  • Meteor’s one-of-a-kind speed test shows customers how current internet connection and download speed affect the performance of their favorite mobile apps.
  • One may test the performance of up to six mobile apps at once, choosing from 27 of the most popular apps and games worldwide.
  • Anyone may get easy-to-understand results for download speed, upload speed, and ping time with just one quick speed test.
  • Then, simply select the apps regularly use the most to see how they are affected by ones current network connection – no more figuring out whether or not local network service provider is providing the 5G connection that require.

Speed Indicator

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
Current Version2.5.1
Requires Android4.1 and up
In-app Products₹210.00 per item
Offered ByEvozi

About This App

  • Detailed daily data usage statistics
  • Download & upload speed graph
  • Daily traffic usage in notification
  • Monitors anyone traffic data for the last 30 days
  • Show ping result on floating widget
  • Hide when not connected to any network
  • Accurate data usage monitoring
  • Data usage alert (Bandwidth monitoring)
  • Unobtrusive notification to let anyone focus on what’s important
  • Compatible with all types of network (3G, 4G, 5G & LTE, Wi-Fi, VPN) and more! Download now and experience it oneself

FCC Speed Test

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
SizeVaries with device
Current Version2.0.4058
Requires Android5.0 and up
Offered ByFCCAPPs

About This App

  • After users install and activate the program, it will run periodic background tests to check download, upload, latency, jitter, and packet loss.
  • To guarantee that tests do not exceed their data limit, users can set a monthly usage cap.
  • One may also use the app to keep track of daily data consumption so users don’t go over their monthly data allowance.
  • One can also run manual tests whenever they want, and they can choose which tests to run.
  • It’s simple to compare tests and previous data obtained using the built-in GUI to evaluate how performance changes over time or according to Wi-Fi/cellular connection.
  • One can export additional data acquired during a test in addition to the test-generated in-app information.
  • Cell ID, Signal Strength, and GPS location are examples of passive data that can be utilized to analyze performance over time and between locations.

Speed Test SpeedSmart

10 Best Internet Speed Test 2022: Test your Connection
Current Version3.2.2
Requires Android4.4 and up
Offered ByVeeapps
Interactive ElementsUsers Interact

About This App

  • Check both download and upload speeds, as well as current ping latency.
  • A speed test of Wi-Fi: Examine both Wi-Fi network’s and ISP’s internet speeds.
  • Speed test for 5G and LTE: Check ones mobile carrier’s speed.
  • Jitter test Is a test that simulates network latency.
  • Verify that that internet service provider is providing the service that they advertise. – Save internet speed test results indefinitely with a history of results.
  • A global server network
  • Easily share any test results with fellow friends.
  • A data use manager can assist customers in keeping track of their mobile data usage.
  • Sign up for a SpeedSmart account and log in from all of the devices to keep track of all results in one spot.

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People May Ask

Which Speed Test Is Most Accurate?

The most well-known speed test is certainly It’s quick, free, and offers access to a large number of test locations around the world, resulting in more accurate findings than the average.

Which App Can Increase Internet Speed?

Network Signal Speed Booster is without a doubt one of the most popular Android data speed boosters. This internet booster app demonstrates an easy approach for users to raise their device’s internet speed.

Is Google Fiber Speed Test Accurate?

Because Google is famed for its efficiency and simplicity, customers may be confident in the Fiber Speedtest’s results. The test is quick and accurate, taking approximately 15 seconds. They will get data on upload speed, download speed, and ping data.

What’s A Good Download Speed?

A good download speed is at least 25 megabits per second (MBPS), and a decent upload speed is at least 3 megabits per second (MBPS). Some people can get by with fewer MBPS, while others require more—but for the most part, that is a good internet speed.

Does VPN Increase Internet Speed?

VPNs can boost the speed of some services. Specific types of traffic are occasionally throttled or purposely slowed by ISPs; for example, several large ISPs have throttled streaming entertainment services like Netflix.


Don’t be mislead by ones neighborhood internet provider. Any of the above-mentioned internet speed test sites should be used to keep track on current internet speed. The above-mentioned websites are the most reliable browser-based speed check websites of all time.

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