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8 iPad Apps That Take The Apple Pencil From Accessory To Necessity

8 iPad Apps That Take The Apple Pencil – Apple Pencil may leaves people wondering how people could have survived without it with the appropriate tools; these applications are among the best at demonstrating how handy Apple’s pencil can indeed be.

It’s not difficult to find somebody on the internet who would also tell that that Steve Jobs might despise the Apple Pencil if users suggest it.

Those individuals either haven’t had to use an Apple Pencil or aren’t utilizing the correct iPad apps to let the Pencil shine.

When those same people were given the chance to sit down with an Apple Pencil, an interoperable iPad, and is one of the apps showcased here, they might realize Jobs would’ve have considered the Apple Pencil was indeed a pretty cool piece of technology that unlocked new iPad functionality that the other capacitive stylus competitors can not match.

people have evaluated a number of various applications as an iPad Mini 6 and Apple Pencil 2 user to identify the applications that really are dependable enough to be used in my day-to-day life.

These are just a handful of the greatest people have explored and discovered, and maybe one of them could fit a need in the personal or professional life as well.


“Wow,” people are undoubtedly thinking about right presently, “a list of Procreate-compatible applications for the Pencil.” “Wow, that was unexpected.” Procreate is basically the flag bearer for achieve the highest standards apps on the iPad with the Apple Pencil, which is why it’s on each and every list.

It contains a plethora of strokes that response to pressure and pencil position, paints that react as if they were on a physical painting, and all of the capabilities people would expect from the a software program that costs far more than the Procreate price tag.

This is the software users need because users perform any visual elements or photo editing and will use the iPad with Apple Pencil as a productivity tool.

Astropad Standard

Sidecar function, essentially enables the iPad to be used for a secondary monitor for a neighboring Mac, is among the unique features of recent iPads. However, Sidecar’s capabilities are restricted, and people will have to work hard if users need to use the Apple Pencil on the Macbook’s display with it.

Astropad Standard is a solution to this problem. It’s a screen recording tool capable of transforming the iPad into a drawing surface, therefore it’s optimized for low delay and reactivity, as opposed to certain other screen recording apps that just expand graphics without responsiveness.  

Astropad Standard isn’t cheap, but this can eliminate the need to buy iPad OS versions of any creative apps.

8 iPad Apps That Take The Apple Pencil From Accessory To Necessity


Nebo has been one of two note-taking apps people have started using on a constant schedule, the exception being the following thing on this list. Nebo has become one of the two apps That use because of its unique approach to hand gesture recognition: dependent on where people are from, Nebo can convert human handwriting into text in real time.

It’s a helpful device, particularly for folks who want to have a writing tool for their iPad this is more about meditative writing and anything else that doesn’t require speed.

This would appeal to creative authors. Although Nebo is free, some of its more advanced features, such as PDF export, infinite notebooks, and other convenience features, may cost a few bucks. Users  can access all of its advanced features.

8 iPad Apps That Take The Apple Pencil From Accessory To Necessity

Goodnotes 5

Goodnotes 5 may make people think twice  up front, but it really is money well spent. people have always used Goodnotes a lot more recently, thanks to Goodnotes 5 and Nebo, particularly in meetings and interviews where Really have to get a lot of information onto (digital) paper rapidly.

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The lasso-style OCR in Goodnotes 5 is one of the elements that truly stands out to eachother. It’s ideal for untidy pages.

The lasso in Goodnotes 5 may select a region arbitrarily, just like most other lasso-style tools in Photoshop. Once the text has been surrounded, a couple of taps will bring up an OCR preview of the text people have selected, allowing users to change it before adding it to the file.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Although the functionality of this handy Microsoft Whiteboard software are limited, it has the possibility to be a terrific tool for groups working distantly.

Think about how this Microsoft application’s whiteboards can indeed be shared and modified in real time during a meeting: On the laptop, anyone may be on a Zoom call with folks while revising a shared virtual whiteboard from the lap.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a free application.


There are a number of iPad 3D modelling and design apps that function well with the Apple Pencil, but they all get one commonality: they’re costly. uMake is no exception, but it is far more economical and approachable to the typical person interested in experimenting with 3D design than some other App Store apps.

uMake is loaded with patterns and pre-built models for 3D newcomers to explore with and use it as a learning tool. It accepts most major 3D file formats, can compute in real time, and display things in augmented reality.

8 iPad Apps That Take The Apple Pencil From Accessory To Necessity

uMake is a commitment  for a year or a month, but it includes with a long free trial (two weeks if people sign up for a year) with which people can stop at any time and keep using the app until it expires.

Pdf Expert

As somebody who pays for Adobe Document Cloud so that people may use the standard features of Acrobat for their personal projects, people are disappointed with the Acrobat Reader app on iPad OS.

People will need to switch to a different PDF tool if they really want to perform anything other than the absolute basic of adjustments, and PDF Expert is by far the finest option.

The annoyance stems from the prospect of purchasing for another PDF editor so that people may work on the go. PDF Expert isn’t cheap , but if really perform a lot of technical PDF editing and creation, it’s worth it – because won’t be able to do the job with the iPad version of Acrobat.

Bonus: Blek

Okay, this isn’t an efficiency software at all: It’s a game, after all. It isn’t just any game, though: If it weren’t for for the reality it was first released in 2013, people would assume it was made for the Apple Pencil.

Blek is a basic game with a straightforward premise: strike particular colored spheres while dodging black ones that act as barriers. To strike the circles, create a shape just on screen that will travel from across screen, duplicating the action that used to draw it in a loop.

Sketching at an angle that is even marginally off will result in users missing targets, hitting barriers, or wandering off into the nothingness. It’s challenging, but a wonderful experience.

People didn’t buy the iPad Mini 6 and Apple Pencil for gaming, but they haven’t been capable of putting it down once they got it, and I believe the Pencil is a big part of it. It’s a great offer , and there’s an Apple Arcade model available for subscribers.

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