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Apple’s New ‘Legacy Contacts’ Feature

Apple’s legacy contacts feature is coming soon. In the death of the policyholder, a new update for iPhones and iPads would enable people to share personal information with other users.

Apple’s Legacy Contacts feature allows users to designate a single individual or a group of people as a legacy contact, granting them access to personal iCloud data.

Including its latest iOS release, Apple is addressing a complex issue: rights of succession. Whenever a beloved one or close relative dies, there has been no easy method to retrieve their iCloud profile or unlock their smartphone despite having their passwords until just now.

Even though a deceased person is provided, according to the iCloud terms and conditions, the deceased person’s information stays with individuals.

Customers could select up to five people as Legacy Contacts using the new Digital Legacy program, which was first introduced at WWDC previously this year and is now available in iOS 15.2.

Whenever someone dies, such people will have access to this information and personally identifiable information stored in iCloud, including images, papers, and sometimes even transactions.

Apple still demands supporting documents and an authorization password to enable Digital Legacy. Still, it’s a lot easier than it used to be when one needed a court ruling proving the right of inheritance, but then again, there was just no assurance users would receive access to the information.

This has become a complicated situation for Apple, which has always emphasized its commitment to consumer privacy. It’s not a nice look for family caregivers and spouses to rant at the corporation for denying them accessibility to their husbands’ images. But then neither is handing away people’s information at random.

While Google and Facebook existing procedures in place for granting other individuals account permission, it’s encouraging to see Apple catching up.

Apple’s New 'Legacy Contacts’ Feature


On Facebook, a variant of the legacy contact function enables users to designate people to transform their accounts into a commemorative variation when users die. Nevertheless, designated Twitter customers are able that the accounts be erased after their death, but they would not be allowed access to that though.


In the event of somebody’s death, Instagram users could fill out a form to demand that their accounts be erased. A regular Google account, on the other hand, would destroy itself after 18 months if it isn’t used, although users could adjust this to 3 months or 36 months.

Apple really hasn’t stated whenever the feature will indeed be available, but it appears that that will be included in a future iOS 15 version.

What Is Apple’s Digital Legacy?

Apple’s Digital Legacy service allows customers to view personal knowledge to family and friends in the event that someone passes away. Each profile can even have up to five “Legacy Contacts.”

These connections could politely request permission with an access key whenever users are away, and the information stored in the iCloud would be provided along.

How To Set Up A Legacy Contact?

  • Go to Settings > [your name] > Password & Security on an iOS device.
  • Go to System Preferences > Apple ID > Password & Security on the Mac.
  • To add a Legacy Contact, go to Legacy Contact and follow the instructions. 
  • Users could choose a family member from the list or register someone using their email or phone number if people are using the Family Information Exchange.
  • Inform one’s Legacy Contact and send them a message with an access key. If making it appropriate, a copy of the access key is saved in their Apple ID settings immediately.
  • If someone says no, people will get a warning. If someone dies suddenly, the authorization key is needed to enter the profile.
  • While people still can add a Legacy Contact who is not even running iOS 15.2, they simply wouldn’t be able to save the entry key in their device’s preferences, thus you’ll have to give it from them in different means.

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The Digital Legacy program’s Legacy Contact has now become accessible to the public beta version of iOS 15.2 for iPhone. When iOS 15.2 is officially released, it would be widely available. Apple hasn’t specified whether the version of macOS would be compatible with the functionality.

How Do People Add Legacy Contacts To iPhones?

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • To access the Apple ID settings, tap on the profile image.
  • Select Password & Security from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Legacy Contact from the Contacts menu.
  • Select Add Legacy Contact from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap Add Legacy Contact on the pop-up screen that explains the functionality.
  • Use Face ID, Touch ID, or a password to confirm your identity.

What Is legacy contact?

If the account is memorialized, a legacy contact would be someone that chooses to care after when it. If users add a legacy contact, that individual would have the authority to make choices concerning the account after it is memorialized.

What Can A Legacy Contact See?

A Legacy Contact is someone who has been designated to manage an individual’s personal account after they have passed away. If users name somebody to be the Legacy Contact, they’ll be able to demonstrate the ability: On the profile, you may control who could really post and who could see tributes, as well as delete posts and remove tags.

When Will Apple Digital Legacy Be Available?

The option to integrate Legacy Contacts is available for review in the iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey developer’s betas.

It is unclear whether the software upgrade including the preview release of the Digital Legacy feature will indeed be available, but it is expected to be shortly.

What Sort Of Data Will Be Accessible?

People will have exposure to their loved ones’ iCloud and Apple ID account information. Photos, Notes, and Mail are all examples of something like this.

Users probably wouldn’t be able to see or retrieve any account information, subscriptions, licensed content, or Personal information. All of this information will indeed be available via the web or Apple devices so that users have alternatives.

Will People’s Loved One’s Data Be Available Forever?

No, Apple would offer users an expiration time after users ask for access. Their account and data will indeed be removed then after the time.

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