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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio – Good Buy?

Microsoft Surface Laptop- In today’s life laptops are most important in our day to day life as we do work in laptop and take lectures on laptops but whenever comes we talk about the good features and bad features one the option is Microsoft Surface Laptop. The Surface Laptop Studio, starting from $1,600, provides Microsoft a chance to expand its PC business, which grew during the Covid-19 virus outbreak as people hurried to acquire PCs to virtually attend meetings and lectures and stay engaged from home.

This device succeeds the Surface Book, which demonstrated Microsoft’s hardware engineering expertise. When you opened and closed it, the hinge stretched and contracted, resembling a lotus flower. You may remove the screen and use it as a tablet by pushing a button on the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Laptop- Positive Features

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptop Studio’s best feature and its unique look. You may use it like any other laptop, but in “Studio Mode,” you just slide the screen out and set it flat on top of the keyboard. On the Surface Book, you had to touch a button or press a key on the keyboard and then wait for the display to separate from the keyboard base.

Unlike the Surface Book, which lost a lot of power and battery life when the screen was removed, the Surface Laptop Studio retains all of its processing power in this mode. It’s also excellent for reading documents, taking notes, or simply browsing the web without a keyboard or mouse when it’s laid flat. You can stay in the flow for extended periods of time without having to recharge.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

You may also use “Stage Mode,” which positions the bottom of the keyboard directly between the keyboard and the trackpad, bringing the display closer to you. When you don’t need the keyboard, this is great for watching movies, playing games, or drawing on the screen.

The new $130 Surface Slim Pen 2, which includes a haptic motor that pushes back with more pressure if you write or draw with more force, has a space beneath the trackpad where you can stow it and charge it. The pen is held in place by a strong magnet. It’s a more considerate method than sticking the stylus to the display’s edge, as some users did with the Surface B.

To use the Surface Laptop Studio as a laptop again, just pull up the bottom edge until the display forms a 90-degree angle, then flip the panel over.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

New Windows 11 feature take advantage of the 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes navigating through webpages and photographs much more fluid and the sharp display. It may also assist to extend the life of the battery. Microsoft claims to be testing a dynamic refresh rate setting that decreases the refresh rate automatically for less graphically intensive operations. I couldn’t test it yet because there wasn’t a graphics driver that worked with it.

The trackpad is significantly larger than that of a Surface PC. It delivers haptic feedback, and no matter where click, get a response, just like on Apple’s MacBooks. It’s a significant upgrade over the trackpad on the Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Features which may disliked by User

Microsoft changed the connectors on its top-of-the-line notebook PC with the launch of the Surface Laptop Studio. Along with a headphone jack and Microsoft’s own Surface Connect charging port, the most recent Surface Book includes two classic USB-A ports, one modern USB-C port, and a full-size SD card reader. There are two USB-C ports on the Laptop Studio that support the current Thunderbolt 4 standard, but there are no USB-A connectors or a card reader. Customers will have to use dongles to connect their gadgets to it, which is a disappointment.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Surface Connect charger from Microsoft appears to be out of date. Because it’s been in use since 2012, Microsoft is keeping it around for those who have compatible accessories. It’s convenient that it’s magnetic and easy to connect or detach in case you trip over the cord However, if you forget the cable, you may still charge via USB-C.

Also, while the volume keys are in the same easy-to-find location at the top of the keyboard as they were on the Surface Book, they aren’t as easy to press when you’re in a rush as the old buttons were. According to a Microsoft representative, most Surface Laptop customers expect power and volume controls on the keyboard, which helped the team slim down the Laptop Studio display.

On the top edge of the display, the Surface Books had easy-to-miss power and volume controls. The power button on the Laptop Studio is located just to the left of the delete key on the keyboard. It took some time to adjust.

Also, the battery life isn’t great. That falls far short of Microsoft’s claimed battery life of up to 18 hours. It’s also less time than the Surface Book 3’s 6 and half hours and the Surface Book 2’s roughly 7 and half hours.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Laptop Studio, as sophisticated as the new design is, feels more sensitive than the microsoft laptop Surface Books. Flipping the display over and displaying Microsoft’s Dynamic Woven Hinge appears to be a step away from unveiling the device’s guts. I couldn’t help but think that switching between modes a couple of times a day might cause the components to wear out. During my review of the laptop, though, I had no problems.

A Microsoft representative told CNBC in an email that the Laptop Studio is tested “to standards that reflect how customers may cycle the device through multiple modes during life and even how they would carry the device to guarantee we give the greatest quality and long-lasting experience.”

And, like the Surface Book, the Laptop Studio’s base model, at $1,600, can be pricey. Convertible PCs with equal or fancier hardware specifications are available for less from Asus, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung. Samsung’s 15.6-inch Galaxy Book Pro 360, for example, costs $1,300. At the highest end of the scale, things are looking up. Microsoft loaned me a Laptop Studio for $2,700, and a comparable Lenovo ThinkPad costs approximately the same.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

You Can Sense a Haptic Stylus

When you’re just looking for a laptop for normal productivity, the Studio is a lot more than anyone need, because its stylus experience is what really sets it apart. That’s because, while force feedback styluses are accessible in more specialized systems, they’re still very uncommon. The Studio, on the other hand, is now bringing haptic styluses into the mainstream.

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Square Enix snuffs out Luminous, the studio behind Forspoken

The Surface Laptop Studio, like its predecessor, feels like a unique creature, and even though I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, I still feel like I’m only scratching the surface of its possibilities. Microsoft has created a system with a solid build, a bright and super-smooth display, and a sophisticated design that includes a plethora of tools and premium capabilities. Microsoft also included a few ingenious additions, such as a sketching menu that appears immediately when you remove the stylus from its magnetic perch.


  • Conversion into a studio laptop and tablet
  • A pleasant keyboard


  • Only a few ports
  • The cost is exorbitant.
  • Doubtful performance

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