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XPG Imagines A Gaming Mouse That Can Also Store 1TB of Game

XPG imagines a gaming mouse which can store 1TB of game. The XPG Vault, a “concept” mouse with an inbuilt SSD that allows users to take both mouse and memory with all in one box, has been announced by XPG.

While many gaming mice feature built-in memory that allows users to effortlessly move macros and settings from one computer to the next, and the concept of a mouse that serves as a flash drive has been around for more than a decade, XPG is aimed at a higher level.

It offers to “conveniently portable entire game libraries” simply from mouse.

In XPG’s press release, there aren’t many information regarding the Vault, although the company claims that the “current prototype can contain up to 1 terabyte of data.”

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XPG Imagines A Gaming Mouse Specifications

TypeXPG Vault
Memory1 TB
Memory TypeSSD
Memory Speed985 MB/s
ConnectivityUSB- C

TB of solid-state storage with a transfer rate of 985MB/s and USB-C connectivity Given the fact that it is a wired mouse, such performance appears to be attainable — and it would mean that one could play games from the Vault.

As long as one of them isn’t Call of Duty, there should be enough capacity for a couple more titles.

The press release is lacking on details, yet it is still intriguing. However, it’s unknown what the other storage tiers are accessible or whether they can be increased (which seems unlikely, but wishful thinking).

There is no data on the SSD, though it’s a safe assumption that it was manufactured by ADATA, the storage and SSD business that owns XPG. The press release also omits any specifications that would be important to users who are serious about using the mouse, such as the Vault’s DPI or sensor.

About XPG Imagines A Gaming Mouse

However, the XPG Alpha Mouse, which resembles the Vault, was also unveiled in the company’s post. This employs the Pixart PAW3335 sensor, which has wireless capabilities but no built-in memory.

Visitors at XPG’s CES exhibit will get a “look” at the vault, so there’s a chance users will learn more about it soon — it’d be interesting to see how difficult it is to play games with the graphics turned off, if there’s a difference in performance, whether or not people use the SSD, and so on.

Humans have contacted XPG to see if they can get more details and will update if they hear anything. The edge will not be attending CES in person this year (like with many other firms), but people have contacted them to see if they can get additional information.

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XPG Imagines A Gaming Mouse Features

Given that this is a “conception” and a “prototype,” this is likely to be the extent of our knowledge of this mouse – which isn’t uncommon for things presented at CES.

But it’s an intriguing concept that doesn’t seem too far-fetched; even if XPG doesn’t produce that precise device, it’s feasible that in the future, all just have to do is bring that mouse to a LAN party and people will have access to all of favorite games. When LAN parties are safe again, they will know.

Although the potential speed of a USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 connection (as seen with Samsung’s T7 Portable SSD) would be sufficient to enable that kind of speed, a variety of issues, such as overhead and cooling, come into play. It’s unclear how quickly an SSD hidden inside a gaming mouse’s hollow might choke.

Other features are unknown, however at least five buttons can be seen, with the scroll wheel likely functioning as a sixth. The XPG Vault also appears to have RGB lighting on the outer edges of the scroll wheel and the XPG logo on the Vault’s chassis, which may be customized.


Details about the SSD (such as the type of NAND flash memory chips and controller circuitry) as well as the mouse’s DPI are currently unknown, but should be revealed during CES. The same may be said regarding pricing.

An SSD offers the advantage of having no moving parts, which is ideal for this type of application. That means one can move the mouse about as much as they want without harming the drive, which isn’t always the case with mechanical hard disc drives (HDD). People will have to wait and see if there’s a market for anything like this.

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