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Mobile Number Portability and Change Novel Operator: Report

Mobile Number Portability

Cell Number A capability that enables a telecommunication services users to switch through one provider to the next regardless of location is known as Mobile Number Portability. If an user is dissatisfied with his existing operator’s offerings, can transfer his phone number to some other provider.

Following the Qualifying Conditions will Assure the Production of a Unique Porting Code (UPC)

The user has satisfied ‘Outstanding dues’ towards the current telecommunication service provider again for given bill(s) as per usual pay period in the event of a Post-Paid mobile network.

It takes at least 90 days to activate in the current operator’s network.

What is the Method of Mobile Phone Number Portability

Create a UPC at the receiver operator’s point of sale. The term ‘PORT’ accompanied by a spaces and the 10 cell phone number to be ported through Mobile Number Portability, should be sent to 1900. The UPC will be sent to the User’s cell phone via SMS.

Fill out the CAF (Customer Acquisition Forms ) and Porting Form for Mobile Number Portability of the provider of choosing, making sure to include the UPC. Obtain a new SIM again from provider for Mobile Number Portability at a customer service center/point of purchase after submitting the required money and KYC papers. During the night, there is no service for a limit of a day.

Place the new SIM card into cellphone number is now operational on the networks of new service provider after confirmation of Mobile Number Portability.

Rejection of a Porting Request-

Residential consumers’ cell numbers will not be refused if the subscriber submits a porting suggestion of Mobile Number Portability to the Receiver Operator with a verified UPC during the valid term of the UPC.

For business mobile phone number, if the porting application of Mobile Number Portability is not supported by a proper authorization letter provided by the corporate organization, the incumbent provider may refuse it.

Is the Consumer Rescinding His Application for Mobile Number Portability

A customer can cancel a porting application of Mobile Number Portability by leaving a Message to 1900 inside 24hrs of filing it. To reject the port application of Mobile Number Portability , send an SMS containing the word ‘CANCEL’  followed by a spaces and the 10 digit mobile number whereby the porting request is being rejected.

In addition, following withdraw, the buyer would not be entitled to compensation of any transfer fees paid.

Other than  Jammu and Kashmir like place, where it may be useful for a period of 30 days, UPC will be useful for 4  days in all locations.

How to Change Current Operator into Another Telecom Operator

Send a text message to 1900 in the layout:

PORT, for example, 9111115118 

Get a response with a one-of-a-kind ‘porting code.’

Deliver this one-of-a-kind code to the cell operator of your choice through SMS. You may get the phone to which you must deliver text message from a carrier’s website or, of course, from the upcoming marketing blitz.

Note that this one-of-a-kind code is only good for a few days (15 to 30 days). Must send this SMS to new operator as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the process.

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When confirming if any remaining balance, current operators will connect with the new operator. If account is in good standing, the previous provider will approve the cell number porting request.

Mobile Number Portability and How to Change Current Operator to New Operator

The user would be required to complete up and send the MNP application to the new operator. The subscription will have to submit the following documents to the new application including the MNP form. Post-paid customers must also produce a replica of their most recent bill.

Message will be sent to with the date and time for the porting. And according to TRAI, both current and new operators must finish the numbers portability procedure within 4 days after receiving the initial SMS.

The provider will send another SMS verifying the change. During the porting process, phone may be ‘dead’ or even without network service for up to two hours. But just don’t worry, you’ll be allowed to go “live” with the new application old mobile number.

Keep in mind that may only change operator once for each 90 days.

Here are also certain requirements for acquiring a UPC code and applying for MNP. These are some of them:

  1. As per usual billing period, the post-paid mobile user has cleared ‘pending debts’ to the previous telecommunication services for the issued bill(s).
  2. The current carrier’s connection must be activated within 90 days.
  3. A request to alter the ownership of a mobile phone number is not in the works.
  4. According to the user agreement’s leave provision, the user has no outstanding contractual agreements to perform.
  5. A law does not restrict the transfer of a mobile phone number.
  6. The cellphone number requested to be migrated is not in the middle of a legal battle.

How to Port  Phone Number Using MNP

You must first create a UPC. Deliver an SMS to 1900 with the word ‘PORT’ (you may also use ‘port’ or ‘Port’), a space, then the 10-digit cellphone number to be transferred. The UPC will be sent to the user’s personal cell phone through SMS.

PORT 9111111111, for illustration, should be in the SMS . This SMS should be sent to 1900.

  1. You’ll get an SMS verification and a UPC from 1901. This message will provide you with the UPC as well as the validity time within which you must contact a new operator and finish the porting procedure.
  2. Go to the telecommunications operator’s local customer care center or studio to transfer phone number. Fill out the manufacturer’s lead generation form (CAF) and transfer form, making sure to include the proper UPC.
  3. The executive there will provide you a new SIM card when you submit the required money and KYC letter(s).  will issue a message on existing network verifying the porting request, as well as a withdrawing window within which can withdraw or reject the request.
  4. In 3 working days, a port to some other operation even in the same circle would be completed, and in five days, a port to some other circle will be completed. The conversion deadlines for business mobile networks have not changed.
  5. Switching takes about 10 days in the service regions of Jammu and Kashmir etc.
  6. Get an SMS with the transfer time and date. As during night of the transfer date, there will be a four-hour service outage.
  7. After that, install the SIM certificate issued by the private developer into phone.  receive communications from of the newer operator regarding the activation of certain features as well as different Internet settings.

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