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How to Use Your Phone Companion

How to use your phone companion? An official Microsoft software called Your Phone Companion aids in keeping track of the Microsoft programmes that have been upgraded and installed on your smartphone. In essence, you can see a list of all Microsoft’s Android apps, including Skype, SwiftKey Keyboard, Office Lens, Outlook, Xbox, Wunderlist, and a number of others.

Your Phone Companion will immediately reroute you to Google Play so you can download the app when you click any of the “install” buttons. You cannot download anything with Your Phone Companion, in other words. However, the app is quite helpful for determining when the apps need to be updated.

Because Your Phone Companion really merely provides direct access to the Google Play list of apps, it might use some enhancements.

How to Use Your Phone Companion

ReqiurementsAndroid 4.4 or greater is required
AuthorMicrosoft Corporation
Operating SystemAndroid
LanguageEnglish and 45 more
Content ratings+3

Features of Your Phone Companion

When using Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows on your smartphone, stop worrying about overcharging, break free from the little screen, and enjoy using the software on a much larger display.

Get a keyboard and mouse and a full-screen view of your app going forward. MEmu offers you all the unexpected features you anticipated:

  • Quick installation and setup
  • Simple controls
  • No more battery
  • Mobile data
  • Intrusive call restrictions.

The best option for using Your Phone Companion -new MEmu 7. The multi-instance manager, which we coded, enables simultaneous opening of two or more accounts. And maybe most importantly, by using our unique emulation engine, you can maximize your computer’s performance.

Screenshots & Video of Your Phone Companion

Download the Android emulator MEmu and Your Phone Companion. Enjoy your game on the large screen. You cherish your phone.

Game Info

You cherish your phone. Your PC also does. From your PC, instantly access everything you enjoy on your phone. Install the Your Phone Companion on your Android device, then connect it to the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 computer to get started.

To view and respond to text messages, make and receive calls*, and more, connect your Android phone to your PC.

As you get and control real-time smartphone notifications on your PC, stay in control of your life.
Share your favourite photos between your phone and PC to eliminate the need to email yourself photos. Without ever touching your phone, you can copy, modify, and even drag & drop photographs.

You can wirelessly drag and drop files from your phone to your PC (and vice versa) if you have a select Samsung phone, and you can even access your preferred mobile apps on your PC.

Your Phone features

  • Make and take calls using your computer*
  • Drag files between your PC and phone
  • Access your favourite mobile apps
  • Read and respond to text messages from your PC
  • Manage your Android phone’s notifications
  • Copy and paste material between your PC and phone and more.
  • Quickly view your phone’s images from your computer
  • To interact with your phone from your PC
  • Use the larger screen, keyboard, mouse, and touch screen.

Integrated with Surface Duo and select Samsung mobile devices for an even better experience

  • Link to Windows is built into the Surface Duo and a few Samsung devices, so no extra programmes need to be downloaded from the Play Store. Check out the supported device list:
  • Look in the Quick Access tray for Link to Windows (drag down from the top of your screen to access it).
  • Thanks to this connection, special functions like file drag-and-drop, cross-device copy and paste, phone screen, and apps are made possible (for a breakdown, see
  • A Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth capabilities and the May 2019 update or later is required to make calls.
  • Drag and drop, Phone screen and Apps access all require a compatible device ( and a Windows 10 PC running the October 2018 update or later. The multiple apps experience requires a Windows 10 PC that’s running the May 2020 Update or later and has at least 8GB of RAM.
  • By installing this app, you agree to the Microsoft Terms of Use and Privacy Statement
  • Tell us what features you’d like to see next by selecting “Send feedback” in settings in the Your Phone app or the Your Phone Companion app.

How to Download Your Phone Companion

  • Get the MEmu installer and complete the installation
  • Launch MEmu, then launch Google Play on your computer.
  • Google Play Search Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows
  • Install Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows after downloading it.
  • following installation
  • Enjoy using MEmu to play Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows on your computer.
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Why Use MEmu for Your Phone Companion 

The best Android emulator is MEmu Play, and 100 million users already adore its fantastic Android gaming experience. Even the graphically demanding Android games run smoothly on your PC thanks to the MEmu virtualization technology.

  • Better visuals on a larger screen; continuous use for a long time; no battery or mobile data restrictions.
  • Full Keymapping support for accurate keyboard, mouse, and gamepad control.
  • Using Multi-Instance Manager, multiple game accounts or jobs can run simultaneously on a single PC.


Microsoft’s official app for managing your apps. The greatest option for using Your Phone Companion is the brand-new MEmu 7. The multi-instance manager, which we coded, enables simultaneous opening of two or more accounts. The most crucial aspect is that our unique emulation engine can maximize the performance of your PC, making everything fun and seamless.

People May Ask

Q- What does Your Phone Companion do?

A- A tool for file sharing and app advertising called Phone Companion is bundled with Windows 10 and accessible through Windows 10 Mobile. An incomplete list of Microsoft apps for Android and Windows 10 Mobile is provided.

Q- What does your Galaxy phone companion look like?

A- You can check your notifications, send and receive text messages, make calls, and see recent images directly from your desktop with Your Phone, commonly known as Link to Windows. You can also use it to mirror the screen of your Galaxy onto your computer, giving you complete access to your preferred mobile apps on your laptop.

Q- Is the app Your Phone Companion secure?

A- In Windows 10, YourPhone.exe is a secure background process. It may appear in Task Manager and is a component of the Your Phone app. You can still disable it even though it doesn’t use a lot of resources.

Q- What occurs if you connect your phone to your computer?

A- You get quick access to everything you enjoy thanks to this connection between your smartphone and computer. On your PC, you can easily read and respond to text messages, see recent photographs from your Android device, utilize your favourite mobile apps, place and receive calls, and manage notifications for your Android device.

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