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Instagram Engagement Down? Fix It In 30 Minutes Per Day

Feeling frustrated about Instagram Engagement Down? The key is consistent interaction. You don’t have to post every day, but you do need to engage with your community. Instagram’s algorithm favors content that users interact with, so the more engagement you get, the more visibility you gain. Spend just 30 minutes a day liking, commenting, and learning what resonates with your audience. By actively participating, you’ll boost your engagement and won’t have to worry about searching for solutions again. Let’s get started!

What is the Instagram Engagement Down?

Instagram engagement rate is a way to see how much people interact with your posts. You figure it out by looking at likes, comments, and your follower count. You can use a free calculator for this. If your engagement is low, be cautious—it could mean losing followers and customers.

How To Calculate Engagement Rate On Instagram?

Calculating your Instagram engagement rate is easy! In 2023, you can use free calculators online by searching on Google. Or, if you want to do it yourself, here are two simple formulas:

  1. For personal accounts: (Likes + Comments) / Followers * 100
  2. For business profiles: (Likes + Comments) / Instagram Impressions * 100

These formulas help you figure out if your engagement is going up or down. Easy, right?

What Is A Good Engagement Rate On Instagram In 2023?

Got it? Checking your Instagram engagement rate is crucial. Here’s the lowdown on what’s good:

  • Less than 1%: Not great
  • 1-3%: Average
  • 3-5%: Good
  • More than 5%: Excellent

Now you know what to aim for!

Why Does Instagram Engagement Matter?

Understanding why Instagram engagement matters is key for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s a crucial indicator of whether your social media strategy is on point. Your Instagram engagement reflects how people respond to what you’re sharing. The more your audience connects with your content, the higher your engagement.

Secondly, Instagram’s algorithm sees engagement as a big deal. The algorithm determines what shows up on your feed based on what it thinks you’ll interact with the most. It rearranges your feed to prioritize posts from accounts and topics you frequently engage with.

In simple terms, the more engagement your content gets, the more likely your followers are to see it. Boosting engagement on Instagram not only enhances your visibility but also opens the door to increasing your followers. So, if you want to know the ins and outs of improving engagement on Instagram, stick around. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty in the next sections.

Why Has Engagement Dropped On Instagram 2023?

If you’re scratching your head wondering why your Instagram engagement took a nosedive in 2023, stick around for some insights. Let’s explore if it’s the result of Instagram algorithm tweaks or perhaps some other factors.

In the world of social media, Instagram reigns supreme in 2023. With that status, it constantly seeks ways to improve and modernize. This pursuit of evolution leads to periodic changes in the Instagram algorithm.

Before we delve into the latest alterations, let’s take a moment to consider what Instagram CEO Adam Moseri had to say about the recent dip in Instagram engagement. His insights might shed some light on the situation.

Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri’s Statement

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO, spilled the beans during an Instagram Q&A session not too long ago. He tackled the burning question of “Why is my Instagram engagement tanking?” by revealing a bug in Instagram’s code. This glitch was causing posts to mysteriously vanish from people’s feeds.

The snag led to a drop in Instagram reach within the initial four hours of posting any kind of content. So, when you’re pondering, “Why is my Instagram engagement down?” sometimes, the culprit is Instagram bugs. You can check if it’s a widespread issue using tools like Downdetector.

According to Mosseri, as soon as they caught wind of the glitch, they jumped into action, and now, everything’s back in order. It’s quite a rare admission from Instagram’s top brass about having a hiccup in their code that could result in lower engagement.

In other news, The Wall Street Journal spilled the beans about a decline in overall Instagram engagement, particularly with Instagram Reels experiencing a noticeable drop-off in user engagement.

Now, let’s delve into why these Instagram engagement hiccups tend to happen. To get it, you’ve got to get cozy with what the Instagram algorithm is and how it’s doing its thing at the moment. Let’s unravel that mystery next.

Instagram Algorythm

Curious why your Instagram engagement took a sudden nosedive? Let’s unravel the mystery by diving into a quick overview of the Instagram algorithm. This digital wizardry considers a bunch of things all at once.

In the initial 30 minutes of your post hitting the spotlight, the algorithm is on the lookout for various signals. It’s checking out:

  • The number of likes you rack up
  • How many shares your post gets
  • The direct messages sliding into your inbox because of this post
  • And, of course, the comments section buzz

These values are all under scrutiny. The algorithm takes a keen interest in their speed, known as velocity, and then weaves them together into a sort of web connecting all these interactions.

Finally, it’s like Instagram’s sorting hat trying to find similar accounts with similar people doing similar things. It compares these virtual nets of engagement and decides which post is the shining star—either “A” with a matching net of people or “B” with its own group of engaged followers. That’s the algorithm’s secret sauce for determining what content floats to the top!

New Features

Ever find yourself asking, “Why is nobody seeing my Instagram posts?” Well, Instagram has rolled out a bunch of new features over the years that give users the power to tidy up their feeds and filter out stuff they don’t want.

Think about it—features like muting accounts or turning off suggestions give users the ability to declutter and curate their feeds, ensuring they only see the content that truly tickles their fancy.

Now, here’s the kicker: these nifty features might just be the culprit behind your Instagram engagement taking a dip. As users take more control over what pops up on their feeds, your content might be facing some tough competition for attention. It’s like a digital spring cleaning that could be impacting your visibility. Keep that in mind when pondering the mysteries of Instagram engagement!

Low Quality Content down your engagement rate

Instagram is cracking down on low-quality content—stuff that’s not original or adds little value. If you want your posts to shine, focus on sharing original, high-quality content. That’s the key to boosting your Instagram engagement!

Removing Bots

Instagram’s been making moves lately, and one big change is kicking out bots and accounts that look like spam. If your engagement is down in 2023, this could be why.

If your followers included or interacted with spam accounts, you might see a dip in your follower count. Instagram’s also asking suspicious users to prove they’re legit. If they don’t, their accounts might become less visible or even get disabled. So, if you’re wondering why your engagement is taking a hit, this cleanup might be the reason.

Buying Engagements and Followers

Buying followers and likes for your Instagram might seem tempting, but it’s a bad move. Instagram not only kicks out fake accounts but also punishes users who buy followers and likes to boost their engagement. Stick to building your audience the right way!

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Top Instagram Engagement Strategies: Overcome the 2023 Drop in Engagement

Ever wondered, “Why are my Instagram likes dropping?” or “How can I boost my engagement in 2023?” If you’re scratching your head, wondering why your Instagram game isn’t as strong as it used to be, you’re in the right spot.

Let’s tackle those questions and get your engagement back on track. If you’re looking to understand why your Instagram engagement has taken a hit, stick around. We’ve got some handy tips to fix the issue and bring your Instagram game to a whole new level. Whether you’re seeing fewer likes, a drop in engagement, or a decline in reach, we’ve got your back. Let’s dive into some quick tips to give your Instagram engagement the boost it needs!

Give Your Instagram a Check-Up

Start with an Instagram audit! Check out your account and content using Instagram analytics. Figure out what posts are getting less engagement. This info will guide you in creating a better content strategy for your Instagram. Easy peasy!

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Possible Reasons for Instagram Reach Drop:

  1. Increased Competition: With over a billion monthly users, standing out on Instagram is crucial. A sudden drop in reach might be due to the intensified competition.
  2. Seasonal Changes: Seasonal shifts, like winter, may impact user behavior, with more people spending time indoors on their phones.
  3. Algorithm Favors Original Content: Instagram’s 2023 algorithm change values uniqueness. Posts that are original to Instagram receive higher reach.
  4. Incorrect Hashtags: Using the wrong mix of hashtags can limit your reach. Ensure a blend of popular and niche-specific tags.
  5. Posting Schedule Issues: Optimal posting times align with your target audience’s peak activity, boosting your Instagram reach.
  6. Inconsistency: Regular posting maintains or increases your reach. It doesn’t have to be daily; start with a manageable frequency.

What Is A Good Reach Rate On Instagram?

  • For larger followings, aim for an average Reach Rate of 12% for posts and 2% for Stories.
  • Smaller followings should target 32% through posts and 8% through Stories.

Tips to Improve Instagram Reach:

  1. Be Patient: Low reach for a few weeks may not be alarming; assess trends over 30 or 90 days.
  2. Review Engagement Strategy: Analyze current tactics and consider adjustments. Engaging more, posting strategically, and identifying top-performing content are key.

Instagram Likes Down in 2023? Possible Reasons:

  1. Insufficient Engagement with Followers: Active interaction is crucial for maintaining likes.
  2. Irregular Posting: Consistency is key; irregular posting can lead to decreased likes.
  3. Neglecting Other Social Networks: Cross-platform engagement can positively impact likes.
  4. Weak Social Media Strategy: Ineffective use of captions, neglecting new features, and underusing hashtags can lead to fewer likes.

Instagram Reel Views Dropped in 2023? Possible Reasons:

  1. Algorithm Changes: Updates can affect Reel visibility and reach.
  2. Content Relevance: Reels may lose resonance with the audience or not align with trends.
  3. Saturation and Competition: Increased competition can make your Reels struggle for attention.
  4. Timing and Frequency: Inconsistent posting or suboptimal timing can impact views.
  5. Engagement Levels: Low engagement can negatively impact Reel visibility.

High Reach, Low Engagement on Instagram: What Does It Mean?

This situation occurs when posts reach many users but receive low engagement. It can happen due to relevance, content quality, lack of clear calls-to-action, algorithm changes, or platform saturation. To address it, enhance content quality, include clear calls-to-action, and stay informed about algorithm changes.


Wondering why your Instagram engagement is low in 2023? New algorithm updates could be the cause. While some factors are beyond control, optimizing Instagram management and using strategies mentioned here can boost engagement. Consider tools like AiGrow for expert assistance.

FAQs on Instagram Engagement Down:

How to Fix Instagram Reach Down?

Improve reach by creating high-quality content, using relevant hashtags, posting consistently, engaging with the audience, utilizing Instagram Stories and Reels, collaborating, analyzing insights, and considering paid advertising.

What Does ‘Accounts Engaged’ Mean on Instagram?

It refers to the total number of accounts interacting with your content within a specific period.

How to Get More Exposure on Instagram?

Stand out by creating a captivating bio, using hashtags, posting regularly, using the explore page, utilizing stories and locations, posting at optimal times, maintaining a unique style, being relatable and engaging, and encouraging regular interaction with followers.

What Does ‘Account Reached’ Mean on Instagram?

It signifies the number of people who saw your Instagram post or story on any given day.

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What Will Happen to Instagram in 2023?

Instagram will likely focus on enhancing the user experience, intensifying video content, allowing content creators to monetize, and emphasizing security and information control.

How to Find Live Videos on Instagram in 2023?

Send a Live video to another account through DMs to discover more Live videos.

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