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Too Much Reddit in Your Search Results? Here’s How to Remove It

Buried in Reddit? Minus sign (- + hides forums in searches. Find answers faster!

Too much Reddit in your search results? Learn how to easily exclude Reddit and other sites from your Google searches with simple search modifiers.

It happens! Here’s a quick tip to ditch those forums and find what you actually need:

Just add a minus sign (-) and the website name after your search term.

For example, searching for “unban reddit account” but want to skip the forum debates? Try:

“unban reddit account”

This trick works for ANY website you want to exclude. So next time you’re stuck in a forum loop, use this hack and get straight to the good stuff!

Why So Much Reddit in Your Searches?

Before we explain how to remove certain sites from your Google searches, let’s first look at why a select few sites are dominating Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google’s Ever-Changing Algorithm

Google regularly updates its search algorithm as part of its mission to help people navigate the web. These updates can be major changes or smaller, frequent tweaks. As a result, the rankings of websites on Google’s SERPs are constantly shifting based on how well they meet users’ needs.

The Rise of Knowledge-Sharing Platforms

Recently, you may have noticed that Google Search results are often filled with links from sites like Reddit and Quora. This is part of a broader evolution in Google’s approach. In response to the growing presence of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Google is promoting knowledge-sharing platforms more heavily. These platforms feature personal experiences and discussions that AI cannot replicate. For example, AI might not provide personal insights about buying a new TV or creating a Spotify playlist, but real users on Reddit can.

Historical Context

This shift isn’t entirely new. Since 2021, Google has been surfacing more forums and blogs in its search results. However, in 2023, this trend became even more pronounced. Forum posts and personal accounts have been pushed further up the SERPs, leading many users to notice—and become frustrated with—this change. Search-focused sites have discussed this extensively, with Search Engine Land offering a good summary of the issue for those interested in more details.

The Impact on Search Results

Due to these changes, sites like Reddit often appear at or near the top for a wide range of queries. This can push other websites, which are also helpful for search queries, further down the rankings. While this can be annoying, there is a simple way to fix this problem manually.

How to Exclude Certain Sites from Your Searches

If you want to remove specific sites like Reddit from your search results, you can use a search modifier. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Identify the Site You Want to Exclude: Decide which site you want to exclude from your search results. For example, if you want to exclude Reddit, Quora, or any other site.
  2. Use the Search Modifier: Add “” to your search query. For instance, if you want to exclude Reddit, you would type your search terms followed by “”.
  3. Apply to Any Site: You can use this trick for any website. Just replace “” with the domain you want to exclude.


  • Standard Search: “best smartphones 2024”
  • Exclude Reddit: “best smartphones 2024”
  • Exclude Multiple Sites: “best smartphones 2024”

Using this method, you can filter out unwanted sites from your search results, making your searches more relevant and useful.

While Google’s algorithm changes have caused sites like Reddit and Quora to dominate search results, you can easily adjust your searches to exclude these sites by using the simple search modifier “”. This way, you can focus on finding the information you need from other sources.

How to Exclude All Reddit Links From Your Search Results

Too Much Reddit in Your Search Results (1)

Excluding specific sites from your Google Search results is easier than you might think. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Google Search: Start by opening Google Search on your browser.
  2. Type Your Query: Enter your search terms as you normally would.
  3. Add the Exclusion Modifier: To exclude Reddit from your search results, add “” at the end of your query. For example, if you’re searching for the best laptops, you would type:
  • “best phones 2024”

Use the Minus Sign and Correct Domain:

    • Ensure you include the “-” (minus sign). If you forget it, Google will show results only from the specified site, which is the opposite of what you want.
    • Include the “.com” part of the domain. If the site you want to exclude uses a different top-level domain (TLD) like or .org, use that instead. For example, “” or “”.

    Check Your Results: After hitting enter, your search results should load without any links from Reddit. If Reddit links still appear, double-check your modifier for any mistakes.

      Exclude Multiple Sites

      You can exclude more than one site by adding multiple search modifiers. For example, to exclude both Reddit and Quora, you would type:

      • “best laptops 2024”

      Use This Trick for Any Website

      This method isn’t limited to Reddit. You can exclude any website by replacing “” with the domain of the site you want to avoid. This trick is especially useful for filtering out other frequently appearing sites like Quora, LinkedIn, Medium, and more.

      For instance:

      • To exclude Medium: “best laptops 2024”
      • To exclude LinkedIn: “best laptops 2024”

      Conclusion: Remove Too Much Reddit in Your Search Results

      By using the “” modifier, you can control which sites appear in your Google Search results. This simple trick makes your searches more useful by filtering out unwanted sources. Whether it’s Reddit or any other website, knowing how to exclude specific sites can greatly enhance your search experience.

      FAQ: Taming the Search Beast and Ditching Unwanted Results

      Q: How do I remove Reddit from Google search?

      A: You can’t completely remove a site like Reddit from all Google searches, but you can easily exclude it from specific searches! Just add a minus sign (-) followed by “” (or any other website) after your search terms.

      Example: “best pizza recipe”

      Q: How do I remove something from search results?

      A: Unfortunately, you can’t directly remove things from Google search results. However, if it’s personal information or violates Google’s guidelines, you can request its removal through a specific process.

      Q: How to clear Reddit activity? or How to get rid of Reddit history?

      A: To clear your activity on Reddit itself, you can manage your browsing history and account settings within the Reddit app or website.

      Q: How do I remove AI from Google search?

      A: While Google prioritizes some knowledge-sharing platforms for now, you can’t directly remove AI results. But you can use the site exclusion trick (-) to focus on non-forum websites.

      Q: How do I delete Reddit from my Android?

      A: This doesn’t affect your search results, but to remove the Reddit app from your Android phone, go to your Settings > Apps and find the Reddit app. You’ll then have the option to uninstall it.

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