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What is the latest WhatsApp update available only for iPhone users?

latest WhatsApp update- Every now and again, WhatsApp Updates have improved the user experience. A new feature is now accessible for iphone users on the messaging app owned by meta.

With the most users worldwide, WhatsApp is the sole messaging app. The user-friendly interface of the messaging network operated by Meta makes counting the quantity possible continually. Their experience on WhatsApp will be improved by a recent innovation in the series to be released.

What is the latest WhatsApp update available only for iPhone users?

The beta iteration of the WhatsApp beta for Android update has just been made available. This update expands the number of users who may comment on status updates and includes a business tools page for businesses. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is now able to detect whether a link is included in the status update’s caption, which isn’t the only thing that has changed since switching to the most current beta!

According to the official changelog, you may now reply to status updates by choosing one of the following emojis: Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Face with Joy Tears, Face with an Open Mouth, Crying Face, Folded Hands, Clapping Hands, Party Popper, and 100 Points. Start a status update and swipe up to check if the functionality is accessible for your account; if you see 8 emojis, it is.

How to update WhatsApp to the latest version?

Emoji reactions for status are a part of the most recent WhatsApp version for iPhone users. However, because the function is being handed out in stages, it’s likely that you still haven’t received it.

It is advised to visit the App Store and see if there is a WhatsApp update available and if you qualify for it if you are unable to use the WhatsApp Emoji Reaction Feature at this time.

Even while WhatsApp is rolling out this functionality to all users, certain accounts might not get it right away, as stated at the conclusion of the official changelog.

How to use WhatsApp Status Reactions?

For iphone users, the option to respond to status updates has finally been made available. To get the most out of the most recent version after downloading it, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Users must access WhatsApp and check their WhatsApp Status.

Step 2: At this point, just press and hold the status you wish to respond to.

Step 3: A pop-up will now appear, showing you the 8 emojis you may use to respond to a certain message.

Step 4: The user must choose one of the 8 emojis from the pop-up menu in order to send the emoji reaction.

A new bug-fix update will be made available soon that should remedy the notification problem brought on by this beta version.

There are numerous new features in WhatsApp’s 22.19.75 version, which was recently made available to iphone users on the App Store, according to the official changelog:

  • You may now use a “unread” filter to arrange your chats. In the search box, click the new filter button.
  • For more than two days, you may now “remove for everyone.”
  • The number of group members has been increased to 512.
  • Maximum file size has been increased to 2GB.
  • You may now temporarily undo “remove for me”

The first four features were previously there in the last version, but WhatsApp has included a note about them in the changelog so that users may try them out if they haven’t before. After installing the WhatsApp beta for iOS update, the last feature listed in the changelog was already made available to certain beta testers, and it is now now accessible to everyone due to the most recent WhatsApp for iOS 22.19.75 update from the App Store!

When using “delete for me,” it is possible to recover messages that were unintentionally deleted; in this situation, you have a little window of time to use “undo” to get the message back. When you accidentally hit “delete for me” while trying to delete a message for everyone, this function is incredibly helpful since it prevents the snackbar from appearing.

All users now have access to the undo function, which allows them to recover accidentally deleted messages. Be sure to update the app from the App Store to take use of this feature.

Common queries

Feature name Undo delete for me
CompatibilityCompatible with ios 22.19.75 according to whatsapp
UpdateNo changes
WhySince this functionality is available to everyone using the most recent update, make sure to upgrade the app from the app store.

What is the Status of “Undo delete for me” for iphone users?


What is the latest Feature name for iphone users?

Undo delete for me

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