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How to Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate in 2023?

Social media influencers often use tools to help them calculate Instagram engagement rates, providing valuable insights into how effectively their content is resonating with their audience.

Say goodbye to just counting likes and followers on social media. We’re introducing IoT Credibility Metrics to make things way cooler! It’s not just about online popularity anymore.

Imagine a system that goes beyond the usual online stuff and tracks how people engage with you in the real world. It’s like having a backstage pass to see how your posts are buzzing online and even at events or launches. We’re talking about a total game-changer!

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Find creators who connect with their audience both online and in real life. Our guides on calculating engagement rates on Instagram will show you the way. Let’s step into the future together, where influence is measured in a whole new, awesome way!

Engagement mean on Instagram

Engagement on Instagram is like a high-five from your followers. It’s the number of likes, comments, and shares your post gets – basically, how much your content is rocking the audience.

If you’ve noticed a dip in your Instagram mojo and the numbers aren’t high-fiving you back, this article is your secret sauce. Let’s unravel the mystery of Instagram engagement and get those likes and comments popping again!

Engagement in Instagram

Engagement rate – it’s like the high-five of social media. When your followers like, share, view stories, or drop a comment, that’s the good stuff that adds up in the engagement rate calculator.

Picking the right influencer? Look at their engagement rate. It’s like a sneak peek into how much their followers are vibing with their content. Low engagement? Uh-oh, it’s a sign that the content might need a little sprucing up or maybe there are some fake followers in the mix dragging the rate down.

In 2020, the average Engagement Rate was around 4.41 percent – just a fun fact for your social media toolkit. But remember, comparing the engagement of someone with 10,000 followers to someone with a million isn’t apples to apples. Size matters on Instagram!

So, now you’re in the loop on Instagram engagement rate. Time to dive into the how-to – let’s learn to calculate that engagement rate on Instagram!

Track Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Well, before we dive into the ‘how,’ let’s talk about the ‘why.’

Sure, having a bunch of followers is cool, but here’s the real deal – it’s not just about the numbers. Your Instagram engagement rate spills the tea on what’s working and what needs a glow-up in your content game.

Likes, comments, shares – these aren’t just virtual pats on the back. They’re clues to how your audience feels about your stuff. A high follower count is nice, but the real magic happens when they’re actually into what you’re posting.

So, if your follower count is doing a disappearing act or your interactions are playing hard to get, it’s time to decode the signs. Your Instagram engagement rate is like a roadmap to content improvement. Let’s crack the code and make your content shine!

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How To Calculate Engagement Rate On Instagram?

Wondering about your Instagram engagement? It can be tricky to calculate your average engagement rate. That’s why people use different methods to measure engagement on individual posts and accounts. Stay tuned for an easy guide!

Here’s a simple guide on how to calculate engagement rate on Instagram:

1. Basic Instagram Engagement Rate:

  • Engagement Rate (%)=(Likes + Comments/Followers)×100
  • Engagement Rate (%)=(Followers/Likes + Comments​)×100
Instagram Engagement Rate

Note: Based on the last 12 posts on the user’s profile.

2. Engagement Rate By Reach (ERR):

  • ERR (%)=(Total Engagements per Post/Reach per Post)×100ERR (%)=(Reach per Post/Total Engagements per Post​)×100
  • Average ERR: Average ERR=(Total ERR/Total Posts)Average ERR=(Total Posts/Total ERR​)
Instagram Engagement Rate

Upsides: More accurate than follower count; considers non-followers who see content.

Downsides: Reach can fluctuate, impacting ERR.

3. Engagement Rate By Posts (ER Post):

  • ER by Post (%)=(Total Engagements on a Post/Total Followers)×100ER by Post (%)=(Total Followers/Total Engagements on a Post​)×100
  • Average ER by Post: Average ER by Post=(Total ER by Post/Total Posts)Average ER by Post=(Total Posts/Total ER by Post​)
Instagram Engagement Rate

Upsides: Measures follower interaction with each post.

Downsides: Doesn’t consider viral reach; interaction may decrease as followers grow.

4. Engagement Rate By Impressions (ER Impressions):

  • ER Impressions (%)=(Total Engagements on a Post/Total Impressions)×100ER Impressions (%)=(Total Impressions/Total Engagements on a Post​)×100
  • Average ER Impressions: Average ER Impressions=(Total ER Impressions/Total Posts)Average ER Impressions=(Total Posts/Total ER Impressions​)
Instagram Engagement Rate

Upside: Useful for sponsored content impact on impressions.

Downsides: Lower than ERR and ER Post formulas; reach and impression figures vary.

5. Daily Engagement Rate (Daily ER):

  • Daily ER (%)=(Total Engagements in a Day/Total Followers)×100Daily ER (%)=(Total Followers/Total Engagements in a Day​)×100
  • Average Daily ER: Average Daily ER=(Total Engagements for X Days�×Followers)×100/Average Daily ER=(X×Followers/Total Engagements for X Days​)×100
Instagram Engagement Rate

Upsides: Considers daily interaction; includes both new and old posts.

Downsides: Allows for mistakes and doesn’t consider individual follower behavior.

6. Engagement Rate By Views (ER Views):

  • ER Views (%)=(Total Engagements on Video Post/Total Video Views)×100ER Views (%)=(Total Video Views/Total Engagements on Video Post​)×100
  • Average ER Views: Average ER Views=(Total ER Views/Total Posts)Average ER Views=(Total Posts/Total ER Views​)
Instagram Engagement Rate

Upside: Useful for assessing video content impact.

Downside: Repetitive viewing may affect view count; non-unique views.

7. Factored Engagement Rate:

  • Comment-weighted ER (%)=(Total Comments×2+All Other Engagements/Reach per Post)×100
  • Comment-weighted ER (%)=(Reach per Post/Total Comments×2+All Other Engagements​)×100
Instagram Engagement Rate

Note: Factored Engagement Rates can vary based on assigning different values to variables.

Upside: Allows for adjusting the importance of different engagement types.

Downside: May be deceptive; not widely distributed.

Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate Per Post On Instagram

Calculate your engagement rate on Instagram

Calculating Instagram stats can be a bit tricky, but here’s a common way some influencers figure out their engagement per post:

  1. Simple Formula:
    • Add up the likes and comments on a post.
  2. Choose the Denominator:
    • Some divide by the number of followers.
    • Others argue for dividing by the number of impressions.
  3. Common Approach:
    • Many influencers use this formula: Engagement Rate (%)=(Likes + Comments/Followers or Impressions)×100
    • Engagement Rate (%)=(Followers or Impressions/Likes + Comments​)×100
Instagram Engagement Rate

This gives a sense of how engaged your followers are with your specific post. The key is finding what works best for your Instagram strategy!

How To Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate For Instagram Stories?

Certainly, let’s simplify it:

How to Calculate Instagram Stories’ Engagement Rate:

Using Instagram stories to communicate with your followers is a terrific idea. Here’s a simple guide to calculate their engagement rate:

  1. Access Instagram Insights:
    • Go to your profile and click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Navigate to “Insights”:
    • Head to the “Insights” section.
  3. Check Overall Engagement Rate:
    • Select “reach” to see how many people viewed your story.
  4. Use the Formula:
    • Engagement Rate (%)=(Total Reach/Total Followers)×100
    • Engagement Rate (%)=(Total Followers/Total Reach​)×100
Instagram Engagement Rate

This formula helps you gauge how engaging your Instagram stories are by comparing the number of viewers to your total follower count. It’s a simple way to measure your stories’ impact on your audience.

Boosting Instagram Engagement: Tips for Social Media Influencers

Know Your Audience:

  • Use Instagram analytics to understand your followers.
  • Identify your target audience to create better content.
  • Optimize post timing for maximum impact.

Creative Visual Content:

  • Stand out with visually appealing and aesthetic images.
  • Craft a consistent and unique visual theme for your account.

Engaging Captions:

  • Write captivating captions showcasing your brand’s personality.
  • Powerful and well-written captions complement your visuals.

Respond to Comments:

  • Participation is two-way; answer direct messages and comments.
  • Building a community involves active communication with your audience.

Active Instagram Stories:

  • Leverage Instagram Stories for daily interaction.
  • Use polls, questions, and other features to spark conversations.

How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram Stories:

  • Go to your profile, access “Insights,” and choose “reach” to see story views.
  • Use the formula: Engagement Rate (%)=(Total Reach/Total Followers)×100
  • Engagement Rate (%)=(Total Followers/Total Reach​)×100

Calculating Organic Reach on Instagram:

Understand Organic Reach:

  • Organic reach is the percentage of your audience seeing posts without ad spending.
  • Instagram’s algorithm ensures the right content reaches your audience organically.

Considerations for Calculating Engagement Rate:

  • Evaluate engagement using both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Use tools to check for spammers and bots to ensure accurate engagement data.

Instagram KPIs:

  • Set specific goals for each post.
  • Track Instagram Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure performance.

Best Types of Instagram Posts for Engagement:


  • Carousel posts with a captivating first few slides stand out.
  • Use the opportunity to showcase your business creatively.


  • Stories are interactive and preferred by many users daily.
  • Utilize features like polls to understand your audience’s preferences.


  • Short-form videos in Reels engage audiences effectively.
  • Track views, comments, and shares for Reels engagement rate.

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Instagram Engagement Rate Benchmarks:

Industry-Specific Benchmarks:

  • Engagement rates vary across industries.
  • Carousels often yield better results, especially for certain audiences.

Daily Engagement Rate (Per Person Reached):

  • Calculate Engagement Rate per Reach (ERR) for individual posts.
  • Average ERR by summing individual post ERRs and dividing by the number of posts.

Factored Engagement Rate:

  • Some marketers use a weighted formula for factored engagement rates.
  • Adjust the importance of different engagement types based on goals.

Additional Insights:

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculators:

  • Tools like Phlanx can estimate interaction with paid ads.
  • Provide engagement rate, average likes, and comments for profiles.

User Engagement Metrics:

  • Track various metrics like comments per post, reactions, shares, saves, etc.
  • Understand user engagement with your content.

Instagram Stories Metrics:

  • Utilize Instagram Insights for Stories analytics.
  • Track reach and exits to assess Story engagement.

Instagram View vs. Like:

  • Views and likes both matter; views indicate time spent, likes reflect interaction.
  • Strive for a balance between both metrics for a well-rounded engagement approach.

What is a Good Engagement Rate:

  • Generally, a good engagement rate ranges from 1% to 5%.
  • Consider factors like the number of followers, time of post, and content type.

Average Engagement Rate in 2023:

  • Benchmarks based on follower count, with an average ranging from 2.89% to 8.11%.

Understanding these aspects and consistently refining your strategy will contribute to sustained growth in Instagram engagement. Keep experimenting and adapting to your audience’s preferences.

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