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YouTube Premium Subscription

YouTube Premium Subscription- There are prepaid and subscription options. Prices begin at $129 per month. Only subscription plans with free trials are available.

Free trials, introductory deals, and discounted prices are only available to new members of YouTube Red, Music Premium, YouTube Premium, and Google Play Music.

YouTube Premium Subscription

Monthly subscription- 

30 day test period. Unless you cancel during your trial, you will be automatically charged the price indicated each month starting on the first billing date until you discontinue your membership. Anytime, cancel. No partial billing periods will result in credits or refunds.

Family subscription: 

Share your Music Premium & YouTube Premium subscriptions with up to 5 more family members by inviting them to join your Google family group. Each family member must have a Google Account, be at least 13 years old, and live in the same home as the family manager. In a few nations, family subscriptions are available.

Student subscription: 

Become a student member of either Music Premium or YouTube Premium to receive all the same advantages at a reduced price. Only full-time students at higher education institutions in a few countries are eligible for YouTube student memberships, and this eligibility will be confirmed by a third-party verification provider.

Student memberships are only good for a maximum of four years. You will be required to re-verify your eligibility at the end of each calendar year. If the student discount is no longer available to you, you can upgrade to a full-priced YouTube Premium or Music Premium membership. You can also stop being a member at any moment.


Student memberships are only good for a maximum of four years. You will be required to re-verify your eligibility at the end of each calendar year. Your membership will expire if you are no longer qualified for the student rate, at which point you can choose to upgrade to a full-priced YouTube Premium or Music Premium subscription. Your membership is always refundable.

Prepaid services:

The pre-paid options allow you to buy a single-time, one-time-only, non-recurring individual membership to YouTube Premium or Music Premium. The pre-paid plan will automatically cease after the time period you purchased is up, and you will no longer be able to enjoy your advantages. You will have to upgrade your plan or find another purchase if you want to keep having access to your advantages. You might get pre-paid access for as long as 24 months.

To stop using the prepaid plan, get in touch with our support staff. Keep in mind that once your access is revoked, you won’t have any more access to your advantages. There are no returns in part.

Pre-paid plans are now accessible in a few regions on Android and the Web.

Pre-paid plans cannot be used in conjunction with any YouTube Premium or Music Premium promotions, such as student, family, or group discounts or free trials. Pre-paid plans may be subject to introductory deals with a time limit.
Playback: To stream videos or download them for offline viewing, you need an active Internet connection.

YouTube Subscription Plan

12 month₹1,290.00
3 month₹399.00
1 month₹139.00

It’s time to celebrate when a YouTube subscriber has used the YouTube Premium subscription services for 2222 days or 3,199,680 minutes, according to the Report.

Update: It is regrettable to learn that YouTube does not provide free subscriptions to Premium customers. As per a Google spokesperson, the business does not make such offers and is looking into where the screenshot that went viral online came from.

If you’re a devoted YouTube Premium subscriber, we have excellent news for you all. If you’ve been using the premium services for more than six years, YouTube will give you a free yearly subscription. Yes! You read it right; the corporation has officially declared this along with the requirements. Let’s look at the offer and how to take advantage of it.

Users who have been using the premium services on YouTube for 2222 days or 3,199,680 minutes will reportedly get a notice saying it’s time to celebrate. Furthermore, you’ll see that the notifications let you know that you’ll get a 12-month Premium subscription for free. Members of the premium service will only have access to YouTube Music as well as YouTube; there won’t be any advertisements, and apps will support background play.

According to the article, few people are discussing the subject because they haven’t used the product for six years. Some premium members are almost ready to meet the requirements and get the free 12-month subscription.

How to check the YouTube Premium start date

  1. You must first launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to your profile photo in the display’s upper right corner.
  3. Select the YouTube Premium advantages category now.
  4. Member Since is displayed to the right of the username.
  5. You may calculate how long it will take you to finish six years by using the precise date provided here.

What benefits does YouTube Premium offer?


• Ad-free videos: Watch countless videos without interruption from advertising.

Video downloads for offline viewing: On mobile devices, store playlists and movies so you can access them offline.

Background music: When using other applications or when your screen is off, keep the videos playing YouTube Music

• The newly enhanced YouTube Music app makes it simple to discover the world of music.

No-ad music: Free of advertisements, listen to millions of music.

• Downloading songs for offline listening: The YouTube Music app allows for offline listening of saved playlists and music.

• Background music: When running other applications or when your screen is off, keep the music playing.

YouTube Kids

• Offline play and ad-free YouTube Kids app

How does downloading videos and music work?

On your mobile devices, download movies and music so you may watch them and listen to it without an internet connection for up to 30 days. for additional information about downloading music and video.

What is background play?

Even when you open other apps or switch the screen off on your mobile device, background play enables films and music to continue playing in the background. to learn more about background play.

How can I cancel my membership?

By going to the Paid Membership page, you can end your membership. Your account will switch back to YouTube for free as a result. You are always welcome to re-join YouTube Premium.

What is the price of YouTube Premium?

The Premium subscription on YouTube is free for the first month, after which it costs $11.99 a month. Recurring billing is available; it may be discontinued at any time.

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