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How to Increase Sales On Instagram

Businesses and brands may gain profits from selling on Instagram. These ways Increase Sales On Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, making it a great platform for marketing. Because of this, even a quick glance at its accounts will show a good amount of major businesses.

Its exclusive photo-sharing platform gives businesses one-of-a-kind opportunity to become more visible to and converse with their consumers.

A minimum of one brand is followed by 90% of Instagram users.
83 percent of Instagram users explore new businesses or goods there.
80 percent of the people say that Instagram influences their decision to purchase a good or service.

But everything is not rainbows and butterflies. Instagram’s algorithms were modified in 2016 so that posts now display in feeds based on popularity rather than chronological order. As a result, postings with high engagement are viewed more often than ones with low engagement, which are never seen.

How to increase sales on Instagram if your company is new as well as you don’t have many followers?

Increase Sales On Instagram

How to Increase Sales On Instagram

1: Craft Stunning Images

Suppose the average Instagram user is reading their feed.

They breezes by bad post after bad post.

Until one stands out and catches her eye, like this National Geographic Instagram post.

To get a picture of the full moon rising behind Poseidon’s temple, you don’t need to go to Greece.

All you need is a stunning, unique, and high-quality photograph to stop Instagram scrollers in their tracks.

Here are three suggestions to improve viewer interaction with your photographs.

Post Pics That Engage Your Audience

An image like this will grab your audience’s attention, for instance, if you know they are curious about various cultures from across the world.

Follow the rules for good photography

The good news is that you can capture gorgeous images without a DSLR and pricey professional equipment.

You may use your smartphone without issue if you only abide by these guidelines.

  1. Wherever possible, use natural light.
  2. Avoid excessive exposure (to do this, tap the brightest part of your frame before taking the photo).
  3. Shoot in the morning, at dusk, or on a cloudy day.
  4. Take pictures from various angles. (You’re right! If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even mount a wall while lying down or crawling.)
  5. Use distinctive frames. Stunning examples include a hedge, two buildings, or just some additional room.

Improve Your Images Using the Proper Tools

Here are the top three photo-editing applications to make your images even better.

  1. A Color Story is an app that offers configurable filter packs to help you stay true to your chosen theme color.
  2. You can personalize your photos with a tonne of options on Canva.
  3. VSCO is considered by photographers to be the top Instagram picture modification app.

2: Run contests

You can increase engagement on Instagram by running competitions and gaining a tonne of new followers.

Here are three excellent suggestions for Instagram competitions.

Follow, like, and comment. Users follow you and like your posts in order to enter your contest.

Tag a friend. For each buddy a user tags in a post, they receive one entry. User-created material (UGC). Your audience shares their own distinctive content and tags your company or makes use of a hashtag you came up with. The UGC contest has so far proven to be the finest contest type.

3: Use video

You probably didn’t know that Instagram videos get twice as much attention as regular posts. That is correct! Use such videos if you want to catch your followers’ attention. In a nutshell, here’s how to use Instagram videos:

Keep your films brief and use movement in the initial few seconds of the clip to catch viewers’ interest. Include captions (Instagram videos are mute by default). Plan your films with a certain objective in mind (e.g. drive traffic to your blog, spark engagement, gain new followers, or educate your audience).

For a personal touch, add a behind-the-scenes video of your company. Take pictures of your goods in use (a video of customers using your products is great). When filming your films, adhere to the principles of excellent photography.

4: Give Stories and Exclusive Content

Utilize Instagram stories to share behind-the-scenes footage and fully immerse your audience in your brand’s activities.

Boxycharm and its fascinating tale snippets are a great example.

As you are aware, Boxycharm provides individualised beauty boxes that include all of your favourite brands.

They share tales of actual people who have “glowed up” using their boxes to keep viewers interested.

5: Respond to Comments

Users of Instagram are inundated with stuff.

So what happens when people spend the time to comment on your post?

Yup! You’ve made a fantastic accomplishment!

Don’t stop there though. Respond to people’s comments to make them feel valued. Like their suggestions, give them thanks, and respond to their inquiries.

6: Join Instagram Pods

You’re new to Instagram marketing and have few followers.

To increase your engagement, join high-quality Instagram pods.

This is how it goes:

  1. Locate a compact Instagram pod. Instagram users that work together to grow one other’s followings and engagements are known as pods.
  2. Observe the Pod’s engagement instructions. In most cases, you have to like, comment on, and share the content of other Pod users.
  3. Other users will like, comment, & share your own articles in return.


  • Choose small pods with 15 to 20 people.
  • Steer clear of massive, spammy pods with lots of people.
  • Do what you say you’re going to do! If you don’t like, share, and comment on posts, you risk being expelled from the Pod.
  • Pods are solely useful for starting. Instead of Pod-generated likes, comments, and shares as your business presence develops, you’ll want to amass your own ones.

7: Use Your Links Wisely

Instagram does not permit links in postings, in contrast to other social media networks.

But do not fret. Here are two strategies for using links to direct customers to your store.

Choose ‘Use Your Link in Bio’

You are allowed to include one link in your bio on Instagram. Connect people to your website’s most important page strategically by using it.

Improve Your Instagram Stories Using Links

Instagram provides you with a “swipe up” option on stories so that viewers may see links or other details about you once you reach 10,000 followers.

How to Add Swipe Up to Instagram Stories

  1. Double-check that your account is validated or that you have 10,000 followers.
  2. When you launch the Instagram Story tool, look for the link icon.
  3. Click the symbol for this link.
  4. Add the URL you wish to include to the clipboard on your device.
  5. In the space specified in your Instagram Story, type or paste a link.
  6. Press the top-right “Done” button.
  7. Your Instagram Story should be published.
  8. Check that the link functions properly by viewing your Story.

8: Apply more hashtags

A great technique to increase the size of your Instagram following is by using hashtags. This is so that they may make your posts visible on the hashtag pages you use.

You may use as many as 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, so be creative!

Use Instagram’s most popular hashtags first, always. You will reach millions of users thanks to them.

Create your own unique hashtags after that. When you have a strong brand presence and a sizable fan base, this is a terrific next step.

Keep in mind to vary things! Don’t overuse the same hashtags in your postings to avoid coming out as spammy.

9: Connect with Up & Coming Influencers

Influencer marketing is effective, according to 80% of marketers.

Connecting with actual influencers might therefore be quite beneficial for you.

But keep in mind that choosing influencers wisely is crucial. You should choose candidates who:

  1. Have substantial sway in their community
  2. Make a move that is related to your product
  3. Possess supporters who will purchase from you

10: Create Engaging Instagram Ads

69 percent of American marketers use Instagram advertisements to advertise using influencers.
Additionally, Instagram advertising may be seen by 849.3 million users.

Therefore, it would be wise to start working on an Instagram advertising strategy right now if you haven’t already.

Use this expert advice while building your Instagram advertisements.

Recognize the interests of your audience.

Shorten your message. After two rows, your text will be chopped off, so use a CTA as soon as you can.
interaction with users To engage your audience, treat your sponsored advertisements the same as your organic content.

11: Use emojis: They’re the new internet language

Give your Instagram photos a lavish coating of hearts, rainbows, and smiles.

They’re quite well-liked and will make viewers feel wonderful.

Emojis are really used in half of all Instagram posts.

Emojis for Instagram posts

Emojis aren’t only for fun, fashionable brands, keep that in mind. They complement a serious, professional presence also when utilized properly.

How to Engage with Instagram Users & Gain More Sales?

There is a lot of noise on Instagram since it has more than a billion users. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t utilize it to engage your audience and increase sales. The exact opposite! You’ll be astounded at how Instagram can expand your brand after you figure out how to produce the type of noise that appeals to your audience.

  1. Instagram gets a Google Maps style map
  2. How to View Instagram Stories Without an Account
  3. How to Make Money with Instagram
  4. Instagram Launches New Instagram Creator Marketplace

How to create a successful Instagram marketing plan in 2022?

Optimize your Instagram bio and make an attractive profile. By identifying your location, you can make it simple to discover your company. Create a visually appealing Instagram feed that matches your brand’s look. With subtitles, be imaginative. the target audience in mind.

How can I increase my Instagram following?

  1. Write a bio for Instagram.
  2. Utilize hashtags to find your target audience.
  3. Make contact with potential clients.
  4. Post interesting and useful stuff.
  5. Consistent publication
  6. Engage in dialogue with your supporters.
  7. Employ Instagram Live.

Which type of content works best on Instagram? 

Instagram is a good platform for entertaining, unique, niche-specific, inspirational, and useful material. In addition, some other high-performing content genres on the site include lessons and behind-the-scenes films.

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