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How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

How to play YouTube in Background on iPhone? Most music apps for the iPhone allow you to play music in the background. After all, if they couldn’t, they’d be essentially useless. That is not the case with video apps, which is understandable given that you cannot watch videos on your iPhone while it is locked and in standby.

With YouTube, the app functions as a kind of two-in-one platform that provides videos together with music videos, which are an incredibly popular method to consume music these days. Podcast episodes and concerts can both be found there.

Now, YouTube does allow users to use its video app to play music in the background, but there is a catch: in order to use that feature, you must be a Premium subscriber. You can utilize the YouTube Music app, but you must also have a subscription to use it.

Fortunately, there is a solution that makes it possible for you to stream music from YouTube videos for free and in the background, and it’s actually not that difficult to implement.

How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

The secret is to utilize Safari, the built-in browser on your phone:

  • Go to “” in Safari.
  • Find the music video you want to watch by searching now.
  • In the address or search bar, select “Aa.”
  • Request desktop site by selecting it from the drop-down option.
  • Put the video in play mode.

The music will stop at this moment when you return to your home screen or lock your phone because the video has finished playing. Nevertheless, you can quickly restart it without opening the browser.

  • Removable Control Center (or pull it up from the bottom if you have an iPhone with TouchID)
  • Locate the music player widget.
  • It should be labelled with the song track from the browser.
  • Press the “play” key.

The option to play the music again should appear when you drop down Control Centre once you’ve completed that. Once it has started playing, you can lock your phone, utilize the lock screen controls to play and pause it, or just use other applications to carry out your daily activities.

Simply lock your phone, and you should see a music widget control on the lock screen, allowing you to listen to it while it’s locked. Tap play to hear the background music continue.

How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone (1)


It’s important to note that when a song ends in a playlist or queue, Safari does not appear to automatically go on to the next song; instead, you must reopen Safari in order to select the next song. Fortunately, YouTube has a ton of lengthy compilations and live performances, and you can easily locate “videos” that are longer than an hour.

People May Ask

Q- Can you play background music on the YouTube app?

A- The YouTube app for Android and iOS does not support background play, which is a frustrating limitation. When you are watching a YouTube video or listening to music and go to another app or turn off the screen, the video or audio is automatically paused.

Q- Why won’t YouTube play on an iPhone in the background?

A- Make sure the option is turned on. Open the YouTube app, then select Settings. then select Background Play from Background & Downloads. Make certain that background playback is not turned off.

Q- On an iPhone, can I reduce YouTube?

A- On your iPhone, you may now activate YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. As a result, you can go on watching films in a smaller window while using other mobile apps.

Q- Can an iPhone keep YouTube open?

A- Using YouTube Premium or Safari, you can have YouTube videos playing in the background on your iPhone. YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month and enables you to watch videos even when the app is not active. Safari’s view mode enables you to play YouTube videos in the background.

Q- How can I use another app and listen to YouTube simultaneously?

A- Tap the Android home button to begin PiP playback while a video is playing in the YouTube app. A PiP window will be created out of the video. Playback might go over top of other apps when the PiP window is moved to different locations on the screen. Double-tap the PiP to resume playback in the YouTube app.

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