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How to unban free fire account in 2022

How to unban free fire account in 2022- When it relates to cheating in Garena Free Fire, the game’s rules are fairly strict. Cheating and applying unfair means become a very appealing alternative for gamers when playing multiplayer online games.

They use a variety of third-party tools to try to boost their rating. As a result, the developers must keep a close eye on accounts and punish those who abuse the system by permanently banning free fire accounts.

However, in rare circumstances, individuals who have been participating fairly since the beginning of the game are banned for unknown reasons.

As a reason, some Free Fire players have seen the warning “Your account has been suspended” on the opening screen. so here is following step for How to unban free fire Account.

How to unban free fire account?

In this scenario, you must follow the actions outlined below to unban your free fire account and return to the game.

Steps for How to Unban Free fire Account/Id

  1. On your device, go to the official Garena customer service website.
  2. Select To contact the game’s customer service, Click on “Email Us Now“.
  3. Describe your problem in detail with subject.
  4. Please submit your ticket and a customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible.
How to unban free fire

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Your account will not be unbanned if you follow the instructions above. The majority of it is up to the Garena support team. If you haven’t involved in any form of cheating while playing games, then your free fire profile will be unbanned quickly.

Free Fire has just announced the OB21 update, which includes new characters Kapella and Ottero, as well as Clash Squad Ranked Mode and other features. The game’s most recent update is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Since its launch, the game has received over 500 million downloads on Android and has a 4.4-star rating.

Professional Free Fire players can also compete in tournaments to show off their skills in front of a global audience.

Following are some examples of behaviours that might result in a ban in order to preserve a fair gaming environment for all players:

  1. Making use of an unauthorised or illegal gaming client.
  2. Making use of unauthorized tools that communicate with the Free Fire gaming client.
  3. Using unofficial programmes to give games an edge.
  4. Changing model files in order to get unfair advantages.
  5. Taking use of faults or defects to enhance the game experience.
  6. Having numerous gamers simultaneously report you for playing abnormally.
  7. Avoiding the Free Fire anti-hacking mechanism by using unauthorised local data transmission.

Why Was My Account Banned?

An anti-cheating system that Garena has created constantly monitors player conduct in-game. Once the system has identified a rule infringement, it will be penalised. To provide a fair gaming experience, game creators are always working to improve the anti-cheat system.

Use only the official sources; if you get FF from a third party, your free fire account will be banned. Popular justifications for banning accounts include:

  1. Join with cheaters
  2. using an unofficial or modified game client.
  3. making use of unapproved tools that communicate with the Free Fire gaming client.
  4. using unofficial software to give the game an advantage.
  5. making changes to model files to get unfair advantages.
  6. exploiting vulnerabilities or defects to improve the gaming experience
  7. being simultaneously noticed for inappropriate gameplay and receiving reports from several players.
  8. using unauthorised local data transmission to get around the Free Fire anti-hack mechanism.

Is there any Tool or Garena Free Fire Unbanner?

The only method to have your account unbanned by Free Fire is to use the official assistance. If you played Free Fire without using any cheats or third-party programmes, this approach will still work for you. The unbanning of your account is not assured by this. The Free Fire Support Team’s regulations and procedures will determine this.

How To Unban Free Fire Account/ ID in 2022?

If you are very certain that you haven’t engaged in any unethical behaviour and haven’t repeatedly teamed up with cheats, you can follow the instructions below for How To Unban Free Fire Account/ ID.

  1. Go to Free Fire Submit Request page
  2. Select the Sign in option.
  3. Log in with a social networking account that is connected to FF.
  4. Hover over your User ID and choose Send Request.
  5. Enter the information as it is shown in the screenshot below.
  6. Specify the problem you are having. You simply need to copy it and insert your credentials.
  7. Include a photo of the Ban notice that appeared after logging in.
  8. Click the Submit button.

Once you deliver the Free Fire unban request letter, the Garena Free Fire staff will carefully analyse your account to determine whether you are innocent of the error for which you have been penalised. If you are, then your requested account will be promptly unbanned.

However, it is a certain that the requested account won’t be unbanned if you are proven guilty. However, it could be allowed in the odd instance. Therefore, it is best to refrain from using any game cheats. Make a new account and play fairly if Free Fire won’t unban your account.

Some accounts may occasionally become blocked as a result of technical issues, however if the account is caught by the system and is reviewed, it will revert to its original position.

If Garena responds to your request, it will show up in the My Requests section of your profile.

Can we unban your Free Fire account?

Steps to unban your Free Fire account:

On your computer, access the official Garena customer care website. Select To get in touch with the game’s customer service, email us right away. Include a subject and a detailed description of your problem. Send in your ticket, and customer service will get in touch with you shortly.

How To Unban Free Fire MAX Account?

You may quickly unban your Free Fire and Free Fire MAX accounts by following this tutorial without experiencing any problems.

What Is Free Fire ID Unban Official Website?

There is no official Free Fire ID Unban website, however you may submit a request for an unban free fire by going to

Is Free Fire ID Unban Free?

Yes, Free Fire ID Unban is completely free, and for your convenience, I’ve included a sample unban request text letter here.

Is Free Fire Unban File Download Safe to Use?

No, in my opinion, downloading a Free Fire unban file or any other unban file is never advised while trying to access a banned account. Garena forbids it, and doing such a task is never a smart idea.

In India, is Free Fire banned?

Yes, Free Fire is prohibited in India, but Free Fire MAX, another game from Garena, has been published in its place.

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1 year ago

Please my ID back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

1 year ago

Hi There!
Kindly follow the complete procedure. you ID surely will be unblocked.

1 year ago

My account name. LEAKING.GAMER
My account id. Deleted due to privacy policy
My account login. Deleted due to privacy policy
I play. free fire max
My phone. Deleted due to privacy policy
I am not hack game play
Please email if you need anything else.
Please my id back 😭😭😭😭

1 year ago

Don’t share your information publicly. Email Us:
We’ll try to get your account back.

1 year ago

Will my id come back? Said what to do to get my id. I will do whatever you say, just help me to get back my id places 😭😭😭

Ahmed himu
Ahmed himu
1 year ago


Subject : My Free Fire I’d Suspected

My Free Fire I’d Ban Because I Only Used FF Tools pro Application.
Which Is Only Used For Fun I Didn’t Know Because Of This My Free Fire I’d Ban, I Request You My I’d Unbanned And In Future I Will Not Do Any Such Mistake.

So, Back to My Suspected Id UnbanπŸ™

Uid: 1653403127
Nickname: Action Bolt


Reply to  Ahmed himu
1 year ago

Kindly Don’t share your personal details in comments. It is publicly visible. If you have any questions ask us through email. Kindly follow the full procedure to unban your ID. If the problem still persist. You can mail us. We’ll try to help it out.

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