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How to Get Verified On Tiktok 2022

How to Get Verified On Tiktok 2022- Especially on TikTok, getting the coveted blue tick checkmark is difficult. Public personalities, celebrities, brands, and publishers are all meant to be subject to verification, but what precisely qualifies as a public figure or a brand as being “legitimate” enough?

The Creator Launch Team of TikTok has stringent requirements and procedures for providing certification. Verification’s major goal is to defend well-known inventors from being stolen, impersonated, or intimidated. Additionally, they hope to draw well-known personalities like politicians, entertainers, and other public figures to use their platform.

What does it mean to be verified on TikTok?

A blue tick on TikTok indicates that an account’s identity has been verified, just as on other social media networks. Verification is often only given to influencers, companies, or celebrities. Copycats are most likely to target these accounts.

However, Bella Hadid is not required to get verified. In reality, TikTok has authenticated a wide variety of enterprises, including Spikeball.

Why should I verify on TikTok?

Obtaining TikTok verification may assist build and strengthen your brand. A TikTok verified badge may boost your career no matter what your profession—musician, actor, writer, or even company owner—to unprecedented heights.

Here is a more thorough explanation of the benefits of being confirmed.

  • Authenticity
  • Exposure
  • Trustworthiness


If you have a verification badge, TikTok has verified your identity. Your user name’s blue checkmark next to it gives trust and lets visitors know you’re the real deal.


Unverified rumor’s claim that TikTok’s algorithm rewards proven accounts. Verified accounts are therefore more likely to appear on your FYP. More visibility translates into more likes, which might result in more followers.


Verified accounts frequently communicate with one another. Being verified means that your favourite influencers or celebrities may really reply to your comments and direct messages (DMs) on the app. Even your inquiries for commercial alliances can receive a response from them.

How many followers are needed on TikTok to get verified?

Not like Fight Club, where everyone is familiar with the rules. The verification procedure on TikTok isn’t precisely clear. There is no need to meet in order to receive automatic verification, and unlike other platforms, TikTok does not allow you to submit a request for verification.

Some well-known creators have tens of thousands, if not millions, of fans yet no blue tick.

TikTok instead makes use of a top-secret verification technique. To honour users for producing high-caliber, viral content, staff members look for and provide TikTok verification badges. However, there are several data points that TikTok searches for that can support your claim.

Of course, if you’re, like, very famous, you can ignore all of that. There are confirmed celebs (ahem Tom Cruise) on the platform with no posts.

How to Get Verified On Tiktok 2022?

There aren’t many quick ways to become verified on TikTok without being Jack Black, Justin Bieber, or another well-known J.B. (And no, TikTok verification cannot be purchased. Beware of scammers!)

But here are some pointers and techniques to help you stand out to the TikTok staff members who award the coveted blue check.

How to Get Verified On Tiktok 2022?

Follow these steps to get verified on tiktok 2022

Step 1: Find your specialty and keep producing

Step 2: Get featured in the media

Step 3: Become verified on different social media platform

Step 4: Go viral

Step 5: Follow the rules and regulations

Step 1: Find your specialty and keep producing

It takes frequent publishing of engaging and genuine material to build any brand on social media. It’s simpler to draw in, hold onto, and expand your following once you become known for something. Because of this, it’s critical to get started creating catchy, compelling content and keep your foot on the gas.

Keeping up with TikTok’s challenges and hashtags is beneficial. It is undeniable that TikTok users favour businesses who follow the app’s trends.

You should also stay up to date with the songs and musicians that are popular on TikTok because music is one of the most significant aspects of the site. Making use of them in your films might be a simple method to benefit from their appeal.

Additionally, there’s always a potential that taking part in a trending dance challenge can result in a duet or stitch from a different TikTok verified account.

Additionally, you should analyze your own videos. What kind of information is succeeding and what is landing more forcefully? This may show you what publishing times provide the best results and help you gauge the effect of your material.

Step 2: Get featured in the media

Additionally, it goes beyond conventional media coverage. Getting featured in a magazine, newspaper, or on television and the radio is undoubtedly beneficial. However, collaborating with other well-known artists on podcasts, YouTube videos, and online articles is a fantastic way to get your message out there.

What’s this? These locations are also seeking for content. Simply give them a cause to want to highlight you.

Elyse Myers, a TikTok celebrity, became extremely popular after sharing her account of the worst date ever. However, it’s unlikely that being featured in People Magazine reduced her fan base.

It is beneficial to keep up with timely newsworthy or popular subjects. Your likelihood of getting featured increases if people want to hear your opinion on the most recent news.

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Step 3: Become verified on different social media platform

You may request verification on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That doesn’t necessarily imply it’s simpler to get confirmed, but it is a little clearer.

Each of the sites has a unique set of requirements that users must fulfil in order to be verified:

Facebook enjoys verifying accounts that serve as credible, authorised representatives of a brand.

Twitter authenticates well-known, active accounts that fit into one of six categories. You can be required to offer evidence of legitimacy or notoriety in some circumstances.

Instagram is a challenging target to hit. In essence, it will only confirm accounts with a high likelihood of being impersonated.

Your likelihood of becoming verified on TikTok improves if you get confirmed on other social networks. If you have a blue checkmark on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the TikTok crew will know that you are a true online celebrity. Additionally, you may link those accounts to your TikTok profile.

So start the verification procedures!

Step 4: Go viral

This one could appear to be rather obvious. However, before being verified, most TikTik accounts have at least one significant viral explosion. Your viewers and following will likely increase significantly if you appear on the platform’s “For You” tab. You will also come to TikTok’s attention.

Two of the primary characteristics TikTok looks for when authenticating accounts are high activity and engagement. Going viral certainly fits those criteria.

There are several things you can do to improve your case even if there is no exact science to being popular on TikTok. Here are some ways to go about it:

Begin the video in a catchy way

If your video doesn’t catch viewers’ interest within the first few seconds, they’ll just scroll past it. The opening of this TikTok user’s video on how friends react to your ex is quite catchy.

Narrate a story

Every one is not singer or dancer. Those who can make their message in an emotional or humorous way are at an advantage.

Keep videos as short as possible

TikTok considers average viewing time when assessing quality. An 8 to 10 second segment has a higher chance of being fully watched than a 1-minute video. Only 12 seconds long, this excellent film by Mayim Bialik depicts a sugar glider.

Respond to the comments

This will increase the number of people who watch your video and help you interact with prospective fans. With each post, you should strive to build a community.

Step 5: Follow the rules and regulations

TikTok will check to authenticate accounts that adhere to its community rules and terms of service, just like any other social media network. TikTok’s moderators will flag your account if you break those guidelines. A flag, however, is likely to make it more difficult for you to be confirmed.


Don’t focus too much on verification, despite the fact that it seems paradoxical. You’ll succeed if you follow the instructions and achieve the goals listed above in a genuine, natural way. Just remember to enjoy yourself as well.

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