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Upright Go S Review

Upright Go S, It’s not the same as jogging 5 miles or weight lifting, but anyone who spends most of their day sitting at a desk, whether at home or at work, understands how physically hard it can be – and not in a good way. The midday lean, as well as the slouch that arises from hanging over a keyboard, can not only offer you a hunchbacked appearance on a regular basis, but it can also lead to greater long-term issues. The problem is that most of us aren’t even aware that we’re leaning, so how do we stop it? Upright Go S is the answer.

Upright Go S In An Upright Position

Simply described, the Upright Go S is a posture trainer that comprises a small thumb-sized plastic bean that either clings to or hangs across (with an optional lanyard) your back. If you begin to lean, it will give light sensations as a mindful hint that you’re slouching, thanks to sensors that detect its location and orientation. A companion app tracks your progress and gives you feedback.

Upright Go S Specification

Dimensions48 x 28 x 8.6 mm
Weight  10gm
Bluetooth  Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2, RF Power – 0 dBm
Battery  Lithium-Polymer, 3.7V, 150mAh,0.55Wh
Battery LifeUp to 20 hours of usage (depending on operation mode)
Mobile Compatibility         iOS 11 & Android 8.0 or later versions
ADHESIVES siliconeMade from a hypoallergenic medical grade  
Water resistance GO S is splash-proof only.
Wrranty1-year warranty
PriceRs. 4990.00
Upright Go S Review

Upright Go S Specification

Options And Alerts

You must first calibrate the Upright Go S so that it knows what straight as well as hunched positions are appropriate for you. From Level 1 (relaxed) – Level 6 (slouching), you can modify your posture or slouching range (strict).

You can choose a posture warning delay of 5 seconds, fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, or one min. Because you get a buzzy warning if you lean over to fetch something on the 5-second wait setting, for example, the delay is actually clever. In my testing, the best wait was 15 seconds; it was long enough that I didn’t feel a nudge with every reach or bend, but short enough so that I didn’t become too comfy in a stoop.

Use Upright Go S

Users felt their posture was fine and that wearing the Go S would be a simple task. User posture wasn’t as firm as they had hoped, and I only earned 50 percent on the straight vs. slouch scale on my fir1st day. Not only that but engaging my core to sit up gave me the impression of having done a light abdominal workout. I cried uncle as well as put it away for the da.0y after a couple of hrs.

Stats Viewing

You can track your progress day by day in the Upright app’s stats area. My first day of use resulted in a score of only 50 percent. This means the user slouched and received warnings for half of the time user was using the pod, whereas remaining mostly upright for the other half. Upright wants you to wear the device for at least 60 minutes every day, and if you do, you’ll get virtual high fives. user was more prepared for my second use, and I’m not ashamed to report I received an A+.

Charge Time And Battery Life

According to the firm, the Upright Go S should last roughly 20 hrs / 2.5 days. Whenever I put it to bed in its case, it must go into some type of sleep state, and I’m not sure if I did turn it off or not, because I used it the 1st day and afterward placed it aside for many days, and it was still operating on day 5.

In the application, you can see how much battery life you have left. Whenever it’s time to recharge, simply plug in the USB-C connection and you should be back up to speed in around 3 hours, according to my tests.

Use Of Adhesives

I wasn’t sure about the usage of adhesives at first. I anticipated that after my supply ran out, I’d be hesitant to pay for more. It turns out that the company makes it very simple to restock, as new ones can be purchased through the app for around Rs. 73.94 each. They are indeed reusable, albeit the glue is most sticky the first time you wear them and becomes less sticky after that.

Upright Go S Review

According to Upright, based on skin type, sweat, and how many times you stick as well as unstick it, you should be able to get roughly 10 uses per pad, which I felt was very realistic. I received my ten uses in my testing, and by cleaning it up and placing the Go S away in its case, I was able to stretch that by several usages.

The add-on lanyard, or necklace, as the firm refers to it, is the other choice. It’s made of silicone and magnetic, and it costs Rs. 1,475.11. It features a USB-style interface where you can plug the Go S in. You simply let it hang down on your back after that. If you don’t want to deal with adhesives, this is a great alternative.

Pros And Cons Of Upright Go S

Super smallAdditional adhesives cost about $1 each
Adhesive works surprisingly wellBattery life is short
Alerts you firmly but gently——————–
Does its job to keep you from slouching—————-
Easy to use discretely—————–


Upright is a firm that creates rectangular sensors that you can physically stick on your back to detect slouching. Whenever anyone begins to bend their back while seated, Upright Go S vibrates like a digital mother patting them on the shoulder to get them to stand straight.

Our Opinion

Upright Go S has surprised me with its performance. I initially dismissed this as a gimmick, but after wearing it for a week, I can say that it has significantly improved not only my physical posture but also my awareness of how I’m sitting or standing. Unlike many of those belts and halters, the gadget is small enough that you might easily wear it without anyone noticing. Although Upright Go S is advertised as a cheap model, I didn’t feel like I was losing out on any functionality.

Upright Go S Review
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People May Ask

Q- Is An App Subscription Required Beyond The Trial Period? How Much Does It Cost?

A- Nope. There is no need to subscribe to the app because it is free.

Q- When Upright Go S Comes To Glue, How Long Does It Last?

A- It depends on your body oils, sweat, and other factors.

Q- If I Walk Much Of The Time At Work, Would It Be Possible To Do So While Awake?

A- Yep. While walking, standing, or sitting, Upright Go S works. I haven’t tried it during any strenuous physical exercise, but I imagine it wouldn’t hold up.

Q- Does Upright Pose Really Work?

A- Yes, It’s working.

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