Google’s First In-House Smartwatch to be Launched in 2022

Google could finally launch Google’s First in-house smartwatch in 2022. Despite the fact that Google has had a wearables platform called Wear OS since 2014, the firm has never released its own timepiece under the Pixel brand.

It is definitely working on its own wearable Google’s first in- house smartwatch, which might be released in 2022.

Google’s Pixel technology family may be expanding with the addition of a new component. According to a report from the Insider, Google is planning to add Google’s first in-house smartwatch to the Pixel lineup this time. The smartwatch codenamed “Rohan” is expected to be released in 2022 at an unannounced date.

Google’s Pixel hardware group is claimed to have designed Google’s first in-house smartwatch device. The development, though, could be distinct from Google’s Fitbit business, which the corporation purchased for a cool billion in 2019. Despite this, the Pixel watch is reported to run a variant of Wear OS with Fitbit features such as health and fitness monitoring.

Consumers should expect limited functionality, according to the available information. Google’s first in-house smartwatch will, nevertheless, have “minimal” fitness monitoring capabilities, according to The source. According to the source, Google’s first in-house smartwatch will incorporate a step counter and a heart rate monitor.

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It’s worth noting that the device isn’t being built by Google’s Fitbit division, which has a lot of expertise with smartwatches. Instead, the project is alleged to have been given to the hardware company that builds Google’s successful Pixel smartphones.

It’s not unexpected that Google will expand its Pixel product line with the inclusion of Google’s first in-house smartwatch. The Pixel portfolio, which began as an Android smartphone line, has grown over time to include tablets, laptops, and a variety of peripherals. Building Google’s first in-house smartwatch to enter the lucrative wearables market would be a logical next step in Google’s quest to expand into other product categories.

Google’s First In-House Smartwatch Features

It’s worth noting that Google hasn’t acknowledged this speculation, but according to the Confidential report, the watch will function alongside Pixel phones and will serve the same objective of showing users and hardware manufacturers what Google’s software system is capable of with optimized hardware design.

Despite fulfilling the same purpose as existing Pixel smartphones, it’s unclear whether the anticipated wearable will be known as the “Pixel Watch.” However, The Trace has learned from an anonymous source that Google’s in-house wristwatch would be more expensive than its Fitbit cousin, and would instead fight with the Apple Watch.

The watch will still have basic fitness monitoring functions like step tracking and a heart rate monitor, and Google is said to be working on a Fitbit integration within Wear OS (codenamed “Nightlight”) for when it comes.

Google's First In-House Smartwatch to be Launched in 2022

Google’s First In-House Smartwatch Specifications

Google is working on various Google Watch variants, codenamed Ling, Triton, and Sardine, according to German newspaper WinFuture. Everyman’s most recent report, on the other hand, refers to the broader project as “Rohan” within Google.

Nevertheless, it’s unclear what all these Goole Watch code names signify. Given the titles, it appears likely that the gadgets will come in a variety of sizes and specifications.

One might be lifestyle-oriented, utilizing Fossil’s smartwatch technologies, which it purchased for a million last year. Another, is because of Google’s ownership of Fitbit, might become one of the greatest fitness monitors.

On that point, check out this claim from ET News, which claims that Google has placed a significant order with Samsung for body motion monitoring sensors. With Qualcomm’s newest wristwatch chip and reports of onboard memory and LTE connection, the Google Watch could be well-spaced.

Google’s First In-House Smartwatch Design

Since April, when Dunning posted a leaked photo of what someone believes is the Google Watch, showcasing a rounded shape with what looks to be a real crown, people have heard nothing about the Google Watch’s design. However, people have seen several fantastic concept art. Illustrator James Tsai created these graphics. Tsai created a fun collection of representations influenced by the company’s “Made By Google” products, with names like “milk-white,” “sweet papaya,” and “boba black.”

Google’s First In-House Smartwatch OS

With Wear OS 3, Google is now reinventing its wristwatch platform for the third time. Unlike previous versions of Wear OS (or Android Wear), Wear OS 3 was created in collaboration with Samsung, combining Google’s Tizen platform with its own. However, Wear OS 3 is now only available on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, which runs a substantially customized model of the current operating system that foregoes most of Google’s sites and applications in favor of Samsung’s own.

That implies Google will almost certainly throw it all at the device, including sensors, features, and hardware possibilities.

The Google Watch will include Google’s Wear OS system, which comes as no surprise. What, on the other hand, could make the application unique or, should we say, superior?

Constant heart-rate measurement with Google Fit, contactless purchases with Google Pay, and hands-free Google Assistant accessibility are all popular Wear OS capabilities on third-party smartwatches.

Nevertheless, according to an Independent report, the Google Watch would contain basic functionality such as step tracking and heart rate monitoring. It also alleged that Google’s purchase of Fitbit could lead to some sort of Fitbit connection with Wear OS, dubbed “Nightlight” by the publication.

Google's First In-House Smartwatch to be Launched in 2022

Does Google Have A Smartwatch Yet?

Android Wear, Google’s wristwatch platform, debuted in 2014. In 2018, Google changed the software’s name and marketing, renaming it Wear OS.


Google appears to be quite interested in the wearable technology sector. And they’re finally achieving their goals. Whether it be through FitBit or Google’s First In-house Smartwatch, the firm wants to be the market leader in wearable technology. And it appears that they will be able to seize next year.

The Google line of products is part of Google’s greater consumer hardware strategy, which also includes the Nest line of smart home devices. Google has dramatically grown the number of Nest products it offers over the years, similar to how it has done with the Pixel portfolio. In order to promote Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit goods, Google launched its first physical store in New York.

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