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Gmail Becomes Fourth App to Hit 10 Billion Installs on Android

Gmail becomes fourth app to hit 10 billion installs on android playstore. In terms of downloads, Gmail has set a new high. Gmail has over 1 billion downloads, making it the most popular app on the market.

Gmail has become the world’s fourth app to do so. It was discovered on the Android platform, which is based on Google. Gmail is used to send and receive emails. Many more Google services have been integrated with it as well. Gmail, Google’s email service, was first released in 2004.

Gmail has grown in popularity over time. There’s also a new version of the Undo Send tool, which allows users to remember emails from different time periods.

After Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Play Services, Gmail has become the fourth app on the Google Play Store to reach the 10-billion-install mark.

Gmail Becomes Fourth App to Hit 10 Billion Installs on Android

Android Authority was the first to notice Gmail’s 10 billion global installs. It’s worth noting that there have been three other apps that have surpassed the 10 billion install threshold before Gmail.

These apps are Google Play Services, which is then used to download and browse other apps from the app store, Youtube, which has grown to become the world’s most popular video sharing site and Google Maps, which is used for navigation. Gmail is the fourth app to reach the 10-billion-install milestone.

The number of Gmail installs also represents the number of devices that have the software pre-installed. A smartphone running Android, particularly stock Android, is known to come preloaded with Google applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Services, Google Photos, Google Drive, and others.

The app’s crossing of the 10 billion install mark, on the other hand, is a significant achievement. Furthermore, Google created all four of the apps that have surpassed the 10 billion install threshold.

Gmail Becomes Fourth App to Hit 10 Billion Installs

Most Downloaded App On Play Store

According to Sensor Tower, Facebook and Instagram are the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store. WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram are examples of instant messaging platforms.

Snapchat, a photo-sharing app, is also one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store. The data would not have changed in a few days if it had been available until December 2021.

YouTube, on the other hand, was one of the most popular apps on the Apple App Store, with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, Google Maps, Messenger, and CapCut following closely after.

Gmail, for example, is not among the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store in 2021, but it is among the most downloaded apps on the Apple App Store.

How Gmail Shot To The Top?

Android Police was the first to note the Gmail app’s achievement. Many factors may have contributed to Gmail’s recent growth, including a steady stream of new capabilities that are rolled out to Gmail mobile users.

For instance, Gmail Go, a fork of the service, has expanded access to low-end phones, allowing it to reach a new audience.

Users of Gmail recently enhanced the capabilities of the “undo send” tool, which allows users to withdraw emails after they have been sent. Users of Gmail can specify a timer between 5 and 30 seconds to provide undo functionality for all emails. Previously, all emails were subject to a 5-second recall window.

Gmail’s features were also expanded in 2021 to include more of Google’s offerings, such as the ability to start Google Meet conferences, check Google Calendar, and access other Google suite apps straight from Gmail.

Four Google apps are now at the top of the Android app lists, demonstrating how the company has developed a monopoly over its ecosystem by utilizing its own services to entice people to use other Google services.

Google has been the subject of antitrust probes all over the world, including in India, as a result of this struggle.

Gmail Becomes Fourth App to Hit 10 Billion Installs


Last year, Gmail app users received a slew of new features that went far beyond the basic email capabilities of the app. Since its establishment in 2004, Gmail has been one of the most popular email services. The Android app is also updated with new features on a regular basis to provide users with new features and functionality and to maintain the app current with the changing landscape.

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