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Tech News Australia Today : 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News Australia Today: Here’s what’s been going on in the world of technology, with a little fast food thrown in for good measure. Lets took a glance on tech news-

Tech News Australia Today: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

  1. We need to talk about the Grimace in the room,
  2. Meta wants you to pay $2,500 for a VR headset,
  3. Government wipes outstanding Robodebt cases,
  4. Crypto.xls,
  5. Your next Uber trip could be in a Polestar 2 EV,

1. We need to talk about the Grimace in the room

Adults in the United States have gone to tremendous efforts to obtain an adult Happy Meal, and McDonald’s employees have even begged customers not to order the boxed lunches since they add to the strain on their jobs. According to Gizmodo they only conducts investigations that are of the utmost importance, so we wanted to see if we could track down these mysterious kid-friendly snacks. Sadly, not yet.

2. Meta wants you to pay $2,500 for a VR headset

The Meta Quest Pro VR headset has been unveiled by Meta. Quest Pro costs $2,449.99, nearly four times as much as Meta’s current headset, the Quest 2, which has a starting price of $630. It has face-tracking, a 90Hz refresh rate, a Snapdragon XR2+ processor, and is gold-plated (although it is not; given the price, you’d just assume it was). It’s available for preorder now, and shipping will begin on October 25. While we’re on the subject of Zuckerberg, he also displayed his new Horizon Worlds avatar.

iPhone 14 series gets iOS 16.0.3 update with more bug fixes

3. Government wipes outstanding Robodebt cases

According to the ABC, the federal government is working to eliminate the last vestiges of the harshly criticized system, which will result in about 200,000 outstanding “Robodebt” cases being discarded and debts being erased. The information was released two months after the Prime Minister called a Royal Commission to investigate the seriously faulty Centrelink automatic data-matching program, sometimes known as Robodebt or the automated income compliance program.

WhatsApp group chats are getting bigger, you can soon add 1024 users

4. Crypto.xls

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency marketplaces in the world,, made a very costly error last year after a Melbourne-based woman requested a refund from the business. She received 100,000 times more than $100 in place of that sum. Well, a court this week heard that the error occurred because a worker in Bulgaria who processed the reimbursement inserted the incorrect numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, a month after the blunder was made public.

Twitter analytics are not updating

5. Your next Uber trip could be in a Polestar 2 EV

Soon, a Polestar EV might arrive when you order an Uber rather than the typical Toyota Camry. Aussies will soon be able to reserve and ride in an electric vehicle. thanks to a collaboration between Splend, a business that provides a sort of subscription platform for “owning” an EV, and the ride-sharing service Uber. The businesses declared that they are prepared to supply 500 Polestar 2 EVs to NSW Uber drivers. We’re not upset since we adore the Polestar 2. As a result of Uber’s June statement that it would be emissions-free by 2040.

WhatsApp introduces a business subscription plan that is optional

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