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Firefox 106.0.1 fixes a crash on certain AMD systems

The first point release upgrade for the browser follows closely on the heels of Firefox 106 Stable. Firefox 106.0.1 fixes an issue that occurs on computers using specific AMD processors.

Firefox 106.0.1 fixes a crash on certain AMD systems. On October 18, 2022, Mozilla just two days ago made Firefox 106 Stable and Firefox 102.4 ESR available. The new Firefox View feature was added to Firefox 106, enhancing cross-device usability by highlighting recently opened tabs in other Firefox instances.

Other enhancements include basic PDF editing tools, which are limited to adding drawings to PDF files and employing text-writing choices for filling out forms.

Fixes a crash on certain AMD systems- Firefox 106.0.1

If you’re reading this on October 20, 2022, it will be released later today as Firefox 106.0.1 Stable. The browser’s latest update fixes a crash problem on AMD Zen 1 devices. Although the afflicted operating systems are not identified, Windows 10 is one of them.

In a flash, Mozilla addressed the crash issue. It was reported yesterday (20 hours ago at the time of writing) on Mozilla’s bug tracking website, and it was corrected nine hours later. According to Mozilla, Firefox 106 is the only version of the Firefox browser that is impacted and that Firefox 102.x ESR is not.

Technical examination of the problem is included in the bug report, along with references to similar bugs.

Once it’s available, Firefox 106 instals ought to get the upgrade automatically. Users of Firefox can download the update from Mozilla’s website and manually install it.

The automatic update functionality of Firefox and the crash bug shouldn’t be affected.

By choosing Menu > Help > About Firefox on the browser’s home page, Firefox users can see what version of the software is currently installed. Firefox checks for updates and shows the installed version. Any updates that the browser discovers while performing the scan are automatically downloaded and installed.

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Firefox 106 download and update

New versions of Firefox have also been updated for all development editions. Version 107 is the new version number for Firefox Beta, Firefox Development, and Firefox Nightly, respectively. Firefox for Android upgrades to Firefox 106.0 in line with Firefox for Desktop’s versioning system.

Downloads for Firefox 106.0 and Firefox 102.4 ESR are already available. The majority of Firefox installations will immediately get the updates thanks to the browser’s built-in updating feature. Two options are available to users who want to expedite the updating procedure: manually check for updates or download Firefox from the official Mozilla website and manually install the latest version.

To check for updates in Firefox, carry out the following

Menu > Help > About Firefox should be chosen.
Firefox checks for updates and shows the installed version. Any new versions that are found while performing that check will be downloaded and installed.

In order to obtain the most recent version of the browser directly from Mozilla, click one of the links below.

  1. Firefox Stable download
  2. Firefox Beta download
  3. Nightly download
  4. Firefox ESR download
  5. Firefox for Android on Google Play

Firefox 106.0 new features and improvements

One of the most notable additions to this edition is Firefox View. It enhances access to previously opened tabs in the browser and, if desired, other Firefox desktop or Android browsers. The feature in Firefox is activated via a newly pinned icon on the tab bar. A brief onboarding experience is presented by Firefox that describes Firefox View.

Tab pickup, Recently closed, and Independent voices are the three primary areas of the Firefox View page. As Mozilla utilises Firefox Sync to show recently visited pages on other devices in that part, tab pickup necessitates a Firefox account. It is made to allow you to keep reading or accessing information you’ve started on another device.

The tabs that were most recently closed in the open browser window are shown in the recently closed area. In this way, it is rather constrained. Finally, independent voices support Colorway themes.
Users that use Firefox on various devices and are logged into a Firefox Account on each of them may find that Firefox View enhances their experience. Users who don’t use the function much don’t benefit much.

Users that use Firefox on various devices and are logged into a Firefox Account on each of them may find that Firefox View enhances their experience. Users who don’t use the function much don’t benefit much.

Thankfully, removing the Firefox View icon from the main Firefox toolbar is simple enough. To remove the icon, simply right-click on it and choose “Remove from Toolbar.” Moving the Firefox View icon to a different spot, such as next to the Firefox Menu on the right, is an additional choice that is offered.

Editing PDFs simply

In the most recent version, Firefox’s integrated PDF viewer offers simple PDF editing. Mozilla points out that PDF files open in Firefox have integrated writing, drawing, and signature options.

The primary toolbar of Firefox’s final version has options for text and drawing, but not for signatures. Perhaps it will be included later, or Mozilla may have overlooked mentioning another need in the official release notes.

Other modifications and fixes

  1. Firefox users on Windows have the option of pinning a shortcut to the private browsing mode to the system’s taskbar. On the startpage for private browsing, this option is available.
  2. Firefox is now the default PDF programme on Windows for customers who have made it their default web browser.
  3. Linux users can now utilise Wayland’s swipe-to-navigate feature to traverse back or forward in time.
  4. Systems running macOS 10.15 or higher now support text recognition and extraction. When using macOS 10.15, the function only supports English; when using macOS 11.0 or later, more languages are supported.
  5. There are currently new Colorway themes available. Up to January 16th, 2023, the 18 new themes are still accessible.
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