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WhatsApp introduces a business subscription plan that is optional

WhatsApp introduces a business subscription plan that is optional. WhatsApp is now rolling out another service for corporate accounts called WhatsApp Premium after stating that it is developing a new feature that will allow companies to assign chats to certain associated devices.

WhatsApp Premium is merely an optional package that could be accessible to select beta testers in specific nations, according to WABetaInfo.

Businesses may benefit from certain cutting-edge capabilities through WhatsApp Premium, including a better method to reach clients and some advantages when attaching new devices.

According to the source, WhatsApp will eventually start offering subscription plans this week to certain companies who download the most recent beta versions of its Android and iOS apps from the Play Store and TestFlight.

Open WhatsApp Settings to join WhatsApp Premium, an optional premium service that is offered for some business accounts.

According to the source, the business account is qualified to join the plan if there is a new section here named “WhatsApp Premium.”

A bespoke business connection and significant multi-device enhancements are two new advanced capabilities that businesses may access by subscribing to WhatsApp Premium, which can vary by location.

In order to provide some capabilities to organizations who require specific sophisticated services, WhatsApp Premium is solely an optional package.

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