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These are the best iPhones to buy in 2022: Apple has an iPhone for every budget!

These are the best iPhones to buy in 2022: Apple has an iPhone for every budget! The eight iPhone models that Apple now sells range in price from the $429 iPhone SE to the $1,099 iPhone 14 Pro Max. Which one suits you the best? We’ve evaluated all the most recent models and have outlined their advantages and disadvantages below to assist you distinguish between marketing hype and reality. You can decide with the aid of our buying guide for the iPhone.

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Sell That Old iPhone First, however!

You may trade in your old iPhone for a little discount if you’re upgrading from one to an iPhone. Check to see if you can sell it for greater money elsewhere before you do that. Particularly if they’re in pristine or good condition, iPhones retain their worth very well. We have a guide that walks you through some useful websites.

In order to transfer everything without losing any data, don’t forget to back up your old iPhone before upgrading to a newer model. And before you sell your old iPhone, don’t forget to factory reset it. Our instructions for configuring a new iPhone and how to fix it may be of use to you.

We also offer some suggestions about how to reuse your old equipment if you don’t want to sell it.

Best iPhones to buy

Apple SE iPhone (2022)

Although it’s difficult to tell the differences, Apple updated its most cheap iPhone for a third generation early this year (7/10, WIRED Recommends). There are none from the outside—even the covers for the iPhone SE 2020 model will work with the iPhone SE 2022. (Here, we’ve compiled a list of our top cases and accessories.) You will still receive a 4.7-inch LCD screen that is crammed in but still manageable, along with Touch ID, a real home button, and substantial bezels surrounding the screen. The headphone jack is absent, there is no MagSafe accessory system, but at least there is still standard wireless charging.

Additionally, this is the only iPhone in the lineup that does not feature ultra-wideband, which enhances AirDrop and enables you to accurately locate adjacent AirTags.

It is far more powerful on the inside than the previous version. This low-cost phone is a powerhouse among its contemporaries and is capable of running the most demanding games because it has the same A15 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 13 models. The SE’s battery life is also improved by that chip, but if you use it heavily, it may only last you a day or less. It has sub-6 5G connection, so it can’t access the lightning-fast internet speeds found on more expensive iPhones, but this isn’t a significant concern because you don’t often encounter that sort of 5G.

The single-lens back camera captures daytime photographs very admirably, but there is no night mode, and low-light photos pale in comparison to those taken by devices like the Google Pixel 6A.

Best iPhone for most people: iPhone 13

If the iPhone 14 already exists, you might be wondering why we kept the iPhone 13 on this list. The reason for this is that, in this category, the best phone for the ordinary customer is determined after taking into account all the features and pricing. It’s not always about the most advanced or powerful phone that money can buy. It involves recommending the best realistic and cost-effective choice that doesn’t have any critical defects or be significantly out of date. In addition, the iPhone 14 doesn’t actually offer many practical improvements over the iPhone 13, especially given that they both use the same chip.

The iPhone 13, which is still on sale at the Apple Store, is currently available for less money through stores like Best Buy or Amazon. It is typically approximately $100 less expensive than the iPhone 14. The Apple A15 Bionic, which powers the iPhone 13’s main and ultra-wide cameras, is still incredibly strong today and is more powerful than any chip found in Android phones. The cameras on the iPhone 13 perform well both during the day and at night thanks to Apple’s computational photography, and they can also produce some of the best smartphone videos. Additionally, the eye-catching Cinematic Mode is included, which produces a somewhat believable fake bokeh in videos.

The iPhone 13 is rather pleasant to hold compared to the heavier Pro iPhones or the enormous Pro Max iPhones because of its aluminium body with “Ceramic Shield.” Particularly the white model is a favourite among us.

The iPhone 14 is slightly better —Although it features a bigger main image sensor and a little better GPU, these upgrades do not really warrant a new generation or the price premium. This year’s Pro iPhones appear to be getting the big enhancements from Apple. The iPhone 13 is still the best overall choice when considering price and value if you’re an ordinary customer who just wants an iPhone that is powerful, takes adequate images, and handles all social media and business chores.

Best flagship iPhone: iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the obvious pick if you want the very latest and greatest from Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro Max, on the other hand, offers some significant advances over last year’s 12 Pro Max, in contrast to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The notch has vanished and been replaced by a cutaway known as the Dynamic Island, which is the first thing you’ll notice. This isn’t just a static hardware component, hence the name. Apple incorporated UI components within and around the cutout so that the Dynamic Island will change in size and shape in response to user action.

Play some Spotify music, for instance, and the island will show the album image and a tiny music bar that pulses to the beat. If you set a timer, you can see the clock within the now-long island tick away the seconds. There will be more ways to engage with and play with an app as support for it expands.

The 48-megapixel main camera in the iPhone 14 Pro Max has also been upgraded, and it now employs pixel binning technology to produce brighter, more detailed photographs. For better low light performance, the image sensor size of the ultra-wide camera has also increased. Additionally, a brand-new machine learning method called “Photonic Engine” has been developed to enhance low-light images.

In addition, the amazing 3x telephoto zoom, which has a maximum zoom of 15x, is returned on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We believe the iPhone 14 Pro Max may have the best 3x zoom lens on the market right now, despite the fact that lengthy zooms (10x and up) still fall short of what the best Android phones can do. Additionally, we believe that 3x is a superior short zoom length to 2x or 4x (the latter used in the Pixel 6 Pro).

Additionally, Apple was able to fit a big battery into the massive iPhone 14 Pro Max, giving it the best battery life of any flagship device we’ve tested this year.

Having the largest iPhone has the added benefit of having the largest screen. This device has a 6.7-inch display that is gorgeous to look at and has the best viewing angles and brightness possible. This phone is perfect for binge-watching Netflix if you pair it with fantastic stereo speakers. Unfortunately, several of us also find it a little challenging to use this model with one hand. But the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the biggest and baddest if you have enormous hands or don’t mind using a phone frequently with two hands.

Best iPhone for power users who don’t like big screens: iPhone 14 Pro

Do you remember when the iPhone 12 Pro Max had some features that the iPhone 12 Pro did not? Given that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are identical aside from their physical dimensions, Apple has now granted the Pro iPhones full parity (including battery). This implies that you are not need to get the enormous phone if you desire the best that Apple has to provide.

The iPhone 14 Pro has a new 48MP primary camera, a bigger image sensor for the ultra-wide camera, and Dynamic Island, which we just discussed in the paragraph above. It also runs on Apple’s most recent, most powerful A16 Bionic SoC.

The new 48MP camera delivers outstanding dynamic range day or night and takes 12MP photographs that have been pixel-binned. The phone continues to perform well in low light thanks to a redesigned Photonic Engine. Returning are old favourites like “Cinematic mode,” which is similar to video’s portrait mode.

Another improvement to the iPhone 14 Pro’s video capabilities is its new “Action Mode,” which provides significantly better stabilisation. Selfies are another advantage of the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple’s TrueDepth camera can accurately capture your face while applying convincing digital bokeh and realistic portrait lighting. In contrast to some Android brands that can make our skin look plasticky, the iPhone 14 Pro does an excellent job of maintaining realistic skin tones.

With a stainless steel frame and Ceramic Shield glass on the front and back, the construction is of course of the highest calibre. The phone’s sharp edges make it slightly less pleasant to handle, but it is an absolutely stunning piece of technology.

The battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro is another advantage. This phone can last you all day on a single charge despite having a 120Hz screen.

The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 didn’t differ greatly from one another. The iPhone 13 is now noticeably inferior to the iPhone 13 Pro. So this is the one to choose if you want a powerful iPhone without the enormous size.

Best affordable iPhone for most people: iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is a nice option if you want to save some money but don’t want the seriously out-of-date iPhone SE. The Apple A14 Bionic in the two-year-old iPhone 12 still performs admirably today, keeping at least pace with the majority of Android flagship silicon.

Although the two-year-old iPhone 12 camera system is missing certain interesting features like “cinematic mode” or “action mode,” you still have a strong dual-camera system that takes excellent wide and ultra-wide shots as long as there is enough light.

Although both of these lenses will have to switch to night mode more frequently than other 2022 flagship phones when shooting in low light conditions, this is not a deal-breaker for the majority of consumers.

Video performance with the iPhone 12 is still extremely good today. During filming, good stabilization and easy lens swapping are to be expected. In many areas, Android manufacturers have caught up to Apple, but when it comes to video performance, the iPhone still reigns supreme.

Additionally, even if you purchase an older iPhone, you can still utilise the most recent version of iOS thanks to Apple’s excellent software support. The premium iPhone design language is still present elsewhere, like the stunning OLED panel, ceramic shield, and aluminium railings. Although the 60Hz refresh rate and screen notch appear a little dated today in 2022.

Given that Apple products are often more expensive than alternatives, some readers may not consider the $599 price of the iPhone 12 to be “cheap,” but in this market, that price represents a fantastic deal for a two-year-old iPhone that is still of premium quality.

Best small iPhone: iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 13 Mini is incredibly diminutive, not just little. The majority of users should be able to effortlessly reach all four corners of the screen with their thumb and palm the entire device. But don’t be deceived by its delicate appearance. The iPhone 13 Mini still has the same strong SoC made in 5nm, excellent main and ultra-wide cameras, aluminium rails, and Ceramic Shield protection for the display glass panel as the iPhone 13.

Since the camera mechanism is the same as the iPhone 13, you have a dual camera configuration that is highly competent. Point and shoot anywhere, even in the face of bright backlight, and you’ll capture a correctly exposed photo. You can also effortlessly switch between wide and ultra-wide cameras while you’re filming.

The iPhone 12 Mini’s battery is a little disappointing; it probably won’t last you a full 13 hours if you have a busy Saturday, but on an average weekday when you’re seated at a desk, it’ll be adequate.

Within an hour of configuring the phone, you should be able to download and use the most recent version of iOS, and once configured, the software on the iPhone 12 Mini will function just like that of a brand-new Android or iPhone. No matter what you throw at this phone, it won’t miss a beat.

If you want a phone this little, you should seriously think about purchasing it right away because Apple appears to have discontinued the Mini series.

Best budget iPhone: iPhone SE 3 (2022)

The iPhone SE 3 (2022) is the only model available that costs less than $430 and isn’t used or more than a few years old. Although it doesn’t have the flashier all-screen design of the other iPhones on this list, it is smaller and has Touch ID rather than Face ID, which may appeal to customers in this day and age of continual mask wear. For those individuals, the iPhone SE 3 (2022) is the only remaining viable option because they would actually much prefer the traditional Touch ID and home button arrangement.

You still get the Apple A15 Bionic, 5G capability, IP67 water and dust resistance (unusual for a phone under $500), and a decent single camera with OIS with this variant. Like usual, this device excels in video recording. And this is one of the cheapest iPhones that is now available for official purchase and has the longest software support period.

The smaller size has its appeal as well because, before to the release of the iPhone 12 and 13 Mini by Apple, this was the preferred phone among those who genuinely detest large smartphones. It’s very light to carry in your palm or pocket at 144g.

Despite not being able to compete with other iPhones on our list, the 4.7-inch, 750 x 1334 screen is nevertheless a fantastic LCD panel for the money, thanks to Apple’s fine-tuning, which results in outstanding colours and a tolerable maximum brightness. Also included are stereo speakers. If you want something that will confidently last throughout the day, search for newer options as the battery life is on the less generous side. It’s wise to have realistic expectations when using this phone.

You’ll be satisfied with whichever iPhone you choose.

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