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How to Use Identify Fake Apps in Google Play Store

How to Use Identify Fake Apps! Android’s enormous app market is the one factor that sets it apart from its rivals. Take a quick glance at the Google Play Store to see what applications and games are available in various sections. The real issue is that the Google Play Store also contains phone applications. Despite Google’s efforts to restrict the proliferation of bogus applications, they continue to exist on the Play Store.

People have long had an issue with fake Android apps. Development teams generate listings that appear to be perfect replicas of famous programs, including the same symbol and name, but they are not. Fake applications were often employed to flood any Android screen with advertisements.

How To Spot Fake Apps In Google Play Store

In extreme situations, the bogus apps may potentially inject malicious into smartphones. With many applications on the Google Play Store, it’s vital to think about a few factors before downloading one. In this post, we’ll go through methods to recognize phony Android applications on the Play Store in depth.

Alter The Word In App’s Name

Their name is one of the most typical things users will encounter in a bogus application. Examine the application title on the search engine closely. Some letters in the name are changed by the creators. The fraudulent Swiftkey Keyboard application, for illustration, can display as ‘Swift Keyboard.’ It’s crucial to pay great attention to the application’s name. The application’s title says a lot about that as well, and it was one of the first items should think about.

Designer’s Name

Users hardly examine the designer’s name while downloading apps for Android. Even though the name appears to be legitimate, you should double-check the designer’s name. You may look for a designer’s name by typing the application’s name into Google. If the designer’s name isn’t immediately obvious, look at their other programs. This may be achieved primarily in the Google Play store directory and by tapping on the designer’s name.

Check The Review And Ratings

User reviews and ratings provide valuable information about the software you are going to download. Scroll down to the bottom of the Application installed to see the user’s rating and review area. The user should look at the application’s review. If the application is bogus, several people may have reported it in the review area. In addition, the app will receive a large number of unfavorable reviews. As a result, it’s a good idea to read at least 4-5 evaluations before downloading an application.

How to Use Identify Fake Apps in Google Play Store

Check Downloading Rates

Checking the active download may be the next best way to spot a bogus program. Attractive and legitimate applications are likely to have a significant number of downloads. Fake applications, on the other part, would have fewer downloads. Consider WhatsApp, which has over a billion downloads and is one of the most popular apps on the Play Store.  It’s a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with a fraudulent application. Before you install an app, think about how many people have already downloaded it.

Check Screen Shot

Another good technique to recognize a fraudulent app is to look at its screenshot. Designers may be unable to utilize screenshots from an official app because of copyright restrictions. Even though the screenshots appear to be authentic, the content placed on the photos must be examined. Designers who are attempting to duplicate a program will leave certain hints, and it is their job to spot them.

Google Search

This is just another excellent method for determining whether or not an application is secure. Users must do a quick Google for “Is (app name) secure to download or not” or “If (app title) is safe to download.” You’ll get effective findings from a Quick Google. As a result, you should go to such sites and read the comments. You may also look up the application’s title on Quora or Wikipedia to see if it’s safe to use. So, a quick Google search will provide a lot of information on the software you’re going to install.

Check Permissions

It is critical to review the permissions before downloading any software. We usually don’t give the app permissions much thought, although they provide a clear image of the program we’re going to install and use. It’s rather normal for a program like Skype to have accessibility to contact records, Messages, and media assets. If, on the other hand, a calculator app requests accessibility to contact records, SMS logs, GPS, Read Alter store, and so on, there is something really fishy going on. As a result, use your common sense to determine which permissions the program truly requires. If it asks for further permissions, it’s most likely a malicious program.

How To Spot Fake Apps On The Google Play Store And The App Store

  1. Look for the name of the application and the publisher that released it on the application store.
  2. When looking for applications, users may encounter a lot of applications with identical names. Look for flaws in the name and summary, such as spelling mistakes.
  3. In the Play Store, look up the reviews, ratings, and installation numbers for the applications wish to download.
  4. Check the application’s published date. A ‘changed on’ date is frequently displayed in an original app.
  5. Users can also look at an application’s screenshots. Unusual phrasings and visuals, for example, will offer you a good indication of whether or not to believe the application.

Finally, anyone goes to a store’s website & seeks the choice ‘Get our app,’ which will take users to the appropriate application in which users can install the genuine app.

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