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YouTuber Tests New iPhone Crash Detection Feature

YouTuber Tests New iPhone Crash Detection Feature. One of the new capabilities of the iPhone 14 is crash detection. If the phone senses a collision, an emergency call is placed after 20 seconds unless the user chooses to revoke it. There is an audio message for emergency services that informs them of the occurrence and the latitude and longitude coordinates if the residents are not awake. This method is put to the test by the YouTube channel TechRax.

Just a few days have passed since Apple unveiled its iPhone 14 line of cell phones, and fans are already excited to buy the newest versions. With the release of the series, iPhone has included a number of new capabilities, including the much-discussed “Crash Detection” function, which would assist the mobile device in detecting a serious auto accident and connecting to emergency services.

The team’s test vehicle is a battered Mercury Grand Marquis, and there are several totaled automobiles nearby for them to crash against. For the accelerator to operate remotely, the automobile includes a setup that uses an electric skateboard. To keep the car moving straight, the seatbelt is wrapped over the steering wheel.

The initial test of the system that we see in this movie is unsuccessful for a number of reasons. They don’t realize how powerful the Panther-body Grand Marquis is until it smashes through the burning vehicle that was in its path. The car also travels quite a distance before coming to a stop as there appears to be no control over the brakes.

They then parked several vehicles in the Mercury’s path. Even though the impact wasn’t too severe, the collision was enough to trigger the crash detection function. The system doesn’t start right away, as Apple claims. The phone counts down for a few seconds before dialling emergency services. Additionally, there is a loud noise that would draw attention from surrounding residents.

The Mercury only sustained little damage in this collision, so the crew reconfigures the situation. This time, the car collides solidly and temporarily resumes motion after the crash. The airbags will deploy with this amount of force. The accident detection system begins to blare after a brief delay.

The Grand Marquis is still operating if you’re interested in finding out how it’s faring following these crashes. Like the Ford Crown Victoria police cars and cabs on the same chassis, these large, body-on-frame sedans are known for their toughness.

How the iPhone 14 Crash Detection works

In the iPhone 14 series, Apple is utilizing new sensors that can sense 256F force. The pressure generated by a crash is recorded by the new dual-core accelerometer and the built-in high-dynamic range gyroscope. While the user is driving, it evaluates the data and, in the event of an accident, connects the device to an emergency SOS service. The recently released Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra, which both contain comparable sensors, have the crash detection feature activated.

Users of the iPhone 14 may also configure their medical IDs on the device. This enables the phone to show a Medical ID slider, assisting emergency personnel in accessing medical data.

Additionally, Apple has said that the iPhone 14 Crash Detection is compatible with the majority of typical automobiles, including sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. If you are involved in a bike accident, the function could not be of any use. On the most recent models of the Apple Watch and the iPhone 14 series, the functionality is turned on by default (excluding the Watch SE).

How does the New iPhone detect a crash?

The gyroscope and accelerometer, motion- and speed-detecting sensors used in the iPhone and Apple Watch, have made significant strides recently, enabling crash detection. “G-Force detection, mainly,” Drance told TechCrunch. “Up to 256 Gs of G-Force may be detected by it.

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