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Apple iPhone 14 Pro faces network issues & restarting bug when charging

Apple iPhone 14 Pro faces network issues & a restarting bug when charging. Since its release, the Apple iPhone 14 series has been in the headlines due to a number of malfunctions and other problems. The most recent ones now discuss a glitch that causes the iPhone 2022 to restart when charging and even have issues with network connectivity. Let’s look, then.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro faces network issues

We previously highlighted information about problems the iPhone 14 Pro series phones were having with certain fundamental system programs, notably iMessage. Users of the iPhone 14 Pro series now seem to be having greater problems with a variety of other features as well. This includes issues with the Dynamic Island function as well as the performance of satellite phones. In addition, Verizon customers who utilize the iPhone 14 Pro are experiencing very poor 5G signals and other network coverage concerns.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro faces Battery issues

Both of these standout features were highlighted during the iPhone 14 series introduction by the Cupertino-based company. But the faults don’t end there; the new Apple flagship phones also have a significant problem with charging. Both MagSafe wireless charging and lightning cable charging for the iPhone 14 Pro versions will cause a restart.

Since battery life issues have affected Apple iPhones since the release of iOS 16, this is not the only fault with the new iPhone’s battery. Although there is currently no formal statement about it, the problem is not impacting everyone. Online, there is an unofficial remedy that involves turning off background app refresh. To find this, go to Settings, choose the General tab, go to the Background App Refresh option, and then select it.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Restart Automatic While Charging

The battery life of iOS 16 has been criticised by certain Apple iPhone 14 Pro owners as being short. But it seems like this is the smartphone’s simplest problem so far. Customers are already complaining that their iPhone devices randomly restart while being charged through MagSafe or Lightning. Some consumers complained about the iPhone 14 Pro occasionally restarting when charging in a Reddit thread. Even when using a MagSafe or Lightning cable to charge, this problem has persisted for eight days.

Why do my iPhone’s network problems keep happening?

One of the first things you should consider when dealing with network or signal troubles on the iPhone is whether the network settings are adjusted correctly or incorrectly. As a result, double-check to make sure everything is set up correctly. First, check the settings on your iPhone to make sure cellular data is turned on.

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