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100 Essential Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel

Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that offers numerous features and capabilities to enhance productivity. One of the keys to working efficiently in Excel is knowing the right shortcut keys. In this article, we have compiled a list of 100 essential shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel. By familiarizing yourself with these shortcuts, you can navigate Excel with ease and accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently.

100 Basic Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel:

Shortcut KeyDescription
Ctrl + NCreate a new workbook
Ctrl + OOpen a saved workbook
Ctrl + SSave a workbook
Ctrl + ASelect all the contents in a workbook
Ctrl + BTurn highlighted cells bold
Ctrl + CCopy cells that are highlighted
Ctrl + DFill the selected cell with the content of the cell right above
Ctrl + FSearch for anything in a workbook
Ctrl + GJump to a certain area with a single command
Ctrl + HFind and replace cell contents
Ctrl + IItalicize cell contents
Ctrl + KInsert a hyperlink in a cell
Ctrl + LOpen the create table dialog box
Ctrl + PPrint a workbook
Ctrl + RFill the selected cell with the content of the cell on the left
Ctrl + UUnderline highlighted cells
Ctrl + VPaste anything that was copied
Ctrl + WClose your current workbook
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl + 1Format the cell contents
Ctrl + 5Put a strikethrough in a cell
Ctrl + 8Show the outline symbols
Ctrl + 9Hide a row
Ctrl + 0Hide a column
Ctrl + Shift + :Enter the current time in a cell
Ctrl + ;Enter the current date in a cell
Ctrl + `Change the view from displaying cell values to formulas
Ctrl + ‘Copy the formula from the cell above
Ctrl + –Delete columns or rows
Ctrl + Shift + =Insert columns and rows
Ctrl + Shift + ~Switch between displaying Excel formulas or their values in a cell
Ctrl + Shift + @Apply time formatting
Ctrl + Shift + !Apply comma formatting
Ctrl + Shift + $Apply currency formatting
Ctrl + Shift + #Apply date formatting
Ctrl + Shift + %Apply percentage formatting
Ctrl + Shift + &Place borders around the selected cells
Ctrl + Shift + _Remove a border
Ctrl + –Delete a selected row or column
Ctrl + SpacebarSelect an entire column
Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarSelect an entire workbook
Ctrl + HomeRedirect to cell A1
Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch to the previous workbook
Ctrl + Shift + FOpen the fonts menu under format cells
Ctrl + Shift + OSelect the cells containing comments
Ctrl + DragDrag and copy a cell or duplicate a worksheet
Ctrl + Shift + DragDrag and insert copy
Ctrl + Up arrowGo to the top most cell in a current column
Ctrl + Down arrowJump to the last cell in a current column
Ctrl + Right arrowGo to the last cell in a selected row
Ctrl + Left arrowJump back to the first cell in a selected row
Ctrl + EndGo to the last cell in a workbook
Alt + Page DownMove the screen towards the right
Alt + Page UpMove the screen towards the left
Ctrl + F2Open the print preview window
Ctrl + F1Expand or collapse the ribbon
AltOpen the access keys
TabMove to the next cell
Alt + F + TOpen the options
Alt + Down arrowActivate filters for cells
F2Edit a cell
F3Paste a cell name if the cells have been named
Shift + F2Add or edit a cell comment
Alt + H + HSelect a fill color
Alt + H + BAdd a border
Ctrl + 9Hide the selected rows
Ctrl + 0Hide the selected columns
EscCancel an entry
EnterComplete the entry in a cell and move to the next one
Shift + Right arrowExtend the cell selection to the right
Shift + Left arrowExtend the cell selection to the left
Shift + SpaceSelect the entire row
Page Up/DownMove the screen up or down
Alt + HGo to the Home tab in the Ribbon
Alt + NGo to the Insert tab in the Ribbon
Alt + PGo to the Page Layout tab in the Ribbon
Alt + MGo to the Formulas tab in the Ribbon
Alt + AGo to the Data tab in the Ribbon
Alt + RGo to the Review tab in the Ribbon
Alt + WGo to the View tab in the Ribbon
Alt + YOpen the Help tab in the Ribbon
Alt + QQuickly jump to search
Alt + EnterStart a new line in a current cell
Shift + F3Open the Insert function dialog box
F9Calculate workbooks
Shift + F9Calculate an active workbook
Ctrl + Alt + F9Force calculate all workbooks
Ctrl + F3Open the name manager
Ctrl + Shift + F3Create names from values in rows and columns
Ctrl + Alt + +Zoom in inside a workbook
Ctrl + Alt + –Zoom out inside a workbook
Alt + 1Turn on Autosave
Alt + 2Save a workbook
Alt + F + EExport your workbook
Alt + F + ZShare your workbook
Alt + F + CClose and save your workbook
Alt or F11Turn key tips on or off
Alt + Y + WKnow what’s new in Microsoft Excel
F1Open Microsoft Excel help
Ctrl + F4Close Microsoft Excel


Mastering shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel can greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency. In this article, we have covered 100 essential shortcut keys that will help you perform a wide range of operations in Excel, from basic workbook operations to advanced formatting and navigation. By incorporating these shortcuts into your Excel workflow, you can save time and streamline your work processes. Practice using these shortcuts regularly, and you’ll become an Excel power user in no time.

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