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How to Enable Developer Mode on Excel

First of all I am going to explain about what is Developer mode and How to Enable Developer Mode on Excel.

You can quickly access some of Excel’s more complex features and functions by using the Developer tab. The Developer tab is hidden by default, but I’ve given instructions below on how to quickly and easily unhide Developer Mode.

The good news is that these instructions only need to be followed once. The Developer tab will then be shown to you the next time you open Excel.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Excel

Follow the Easy Steps to follow Enable Developer Mode on Excel-

Step 1: To begin, right-click on any of the currently active tabs on our ribbon.

Step2: Click on Customize the Ribbon.

Step 3: Tap OK after selecting the Developer checkbox.

Step 4: Now the Developer tab can be seen.

Once more, this is a one-time procedure, so Excel will now open with the Developer tab shown in the ribbon.

What’s in the Developer Tab?

The following are some of the options you’ll see when selecting the Developer tab:

Visual Basic

The VB editor is then opened. (The keyboard shortcut Alt+F11 may be used to do this as well.)


We can obtain a list of all the macros that are accessible for use. (Alt+F8 is the appropriate keyboard shortcut.) New macros can also be recorded using the Developer tab.


Our Excel and COM add-ins may be inserted and managed.


Additionally, we may add controls to the spreadsheet, change their attributes, update the VB code for a control, and switch on and off Design Mode.


Here, we have the choice of handling any expansion packs that could be associated to the sheet we are dealing with, importing an XML data file, or using the XML Source task pane to handle XML maps.

You might not use every one of these capabilities depending on your degree of expertise, and that’s okay. It never hurts to be aware of your options and have access to your arsenal of tools. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you don’t want access to the Developer tab since you don’t work as a developer.

How do I add the Developer tab in Excel 2022?

Choose “Main Tabs” from the “Customize the Ribbon” drop-down menu in the “Customize the Ribbon” box on the right. Enable the “Developer” option under the “Main Tabs” heading in the same “Customize the Ribbon” column. Tap “OK” once more at the bottom.

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