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How to Extract Emails From LinkedIn

In need of a simple way to extract email addresses from LinkedIn? We have your back.

Are you looking for How to Extract Emails From LinkedIn? Data can be easily extracted from third-party technologies, such as the email search engine. However, we have a step-by-step tutorial for that below if you wish to extract emails from your network.

Lead creation and outreach techniques commonly involve extracting contact information from LinkedIn. Whether you work in sales or recruiting, obtaining LinkedIn connections data might be useful for maintaining a list of offline business contacts.

Let’s first look at how to extract email from LinkedIn before looking at how to search email addresses on LinkedIn.

Extract all Email addresses from LinkedIn Network

  • To access the dropdown menu, click “Me” in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choosing “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Select “Data Privacy” from the menu on the left.
  • Click the Data Privacy tab’s “How LinkedIn Uses Your Data” link after that.
  • “Get a copy of your data” should be clicked.
  • Choose whatever data files you want to export and then choose “Request Archive.”
  • In around 10 minutes, your download will be ready.
  • When it’s finished, click the prompt that says “Download it with this link” that will appear in your email.
  • Simply select “Download Archive.”
  • The CSV file can be opened to access your data.

This technique sounds really easy to carry out. But there’s a catch, regrettably. When you access your Excel file, you will discover that email addresses—an essential component of the data—are missing. What a shame.

Before 2018, LinkedIn allowed users to download a wide range of data for offline consumption. However, as you might expect, LinkedIn developed a feature where users prefer not to reveal their information in order to retain privacy and stop spam attempts.

You cannot access someone’s emails unless they manually adjust their privacy settings to allow direct or first-degree connections to obtain their email address.

The good news is that technologies created by other parties can help you extract emails from LinkedIn.

If the person is not in your network, some of the top LinkedIn email extractors 🌐📧

If you’re looking to expand your professional network or reach out to potential clients, having access to their email addresses is crucial. LinkedIn, being a popular platform for networking, can be a valuable resource. However, if the person you’re interested in isn’t in your network, you might need specialized tools to extract their email address. Here are some of the top LinkedIn email extractors:

  1. ContactOut:
    • Pricing: Free for up to 40 emails per month.
    • Paid Plan: Begins at $29 per month.
    • Features: ContactOut provides a straightforward way to find email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles. It’s user-friendly and efficient.
    • Download Extension: Download Extension for free.
    • Pricing: Starts at $29 per month.
    • Features: offers unlimited search exports. It’s a reliable tool for extracting email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.
    • Pricing: Starting at $39 per month.
    • Features: provides email verification services along with extraction. It’s useful for maintaining a clean and accurate email list.
    • Pricing: Begins at $49 per month.
    • Features: allows you to find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and websites. It’s particularly handy for sales and outreach.
  5. GetProspect:
    • Pricing: Free for up to 100 emails found each month.
    • Paid Plans: Start at $49 per month.
    • Features: GetProspect offers seamless integration with LinkedIn and other platforms. It’s suitable for lead generation.
  6. SalesQL:
    • Pricing: Free for 100 credits each month.
    • Premium Plans: Begin at $39 per month.
    • Features: SalesQL focuses on lead generation and prospecting. It’s easy to use and provides accurate results.
  7. AnyMail Finder:
    • Pricing: Free trial for 90 confirmed emails.
    • Plans: Start at $49 per month.
    • Features: AnyMail Finder ensures high-quality email addresses. It’s ideal for targeted outreach.

Export Email Addresses in Bulk From LinkedIn

It could be difficult to export emails one at a time if you’re trying to do so in order to generate leads and engage in prospecting. But this can be avoided in a simple manner.

Here is how to do it-

The first step is to use LinkedIn Search to compile a list of prospects based on their job title, firm size, industry, experience, and other factors.

Next, determine which of those individuals an email extractor Chrome Extension like Skrapp can scrape confirmed email addresses for. Your email lead list is exportable in CSV format.

How to Find Email Addresses on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal site to check for prospect information, whether you need to get in touch with someone for cold emailing, discuss collaboration potential, or offer a position. Here are two methods for locating the email addresses of your prospects on LinkedIn:

Find Email Addresses Manually

LinkedIn extractors could occasionally be unsuccessful in locating a prospect’s email address. The tried-and-true method can then be used to determine their business emails in that situation.

Find the website for the business where your prospect works first. There is a good likelihood that you will get it properly because businesses often follow the same email format for their staff.

Typical business email schemas include the following examples:, for example, for example, for example

Use an Email Finder Tool

It’s best to utilise an email finder tool if you need to locate business email addresses on LinkedIn quickly or in large quantities.

  • Using an email verification tool is a great way to check if the emails you have extracted from LinkedIn are valid.
  • You can quickly verify that the format of the email address is correct and that the domain exists. Some email
  • verification tools may even be able to tell you whether or not the mailbox exists.

The earlier stated tools in this article, Skrapp and, as well as a straightforward tool like, will work. When you enter a company domain, returns email addresses.

Can I export the results of a LinkedIn search?

Utilizing LinkedIn email finder as well as extractor applications like, Skrapp, GetProspect, and others, you may export LinkedIn search results in CSV format. These tools often come as standalone programs and Chrome extensions.

How does Sales Navigator’s lead extraction work?

Taking leads out of Sales Navigator

Use an email extractor for LinkedIn. Some of these tools merely need the prospects’ company domain, while others also need you to connect your LinkedIn account. These third-party tools’ Chrome extensions interact directly with your LinkedIn Sales Navigator or the prospect profile.

How can I get free email addresses from LinkedIn?

By using an email extractor service that provides a free plan with a cap on the number of email verifications per month, you can extract email addresses from LinkedIn for free. You can utilise the free versions of third-party applications like, GetProspect, SalesQL, and AnyMail Finder to harvest emails from LinkedIn.

What should I do if the email address is invalid?

It’s possible that some of the email addresses you discovered are invalid. If so, you could try one of the following strategies:

  • Attempt a different Chrome extension or email locator. Since they each have a unique database, if one doesn’t function, the other one might.
  • Find the potential customer on other social media sites or check to see if they have a website.
  • Try sending them a LinkedIn connection request if you are still unable to locate their email address. In this method, if their privacy settings permit it, you can view their email.

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