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YouTube TV users can now subscribe to standalone networks without a base plan

With the introduction of a new option, members to YouTube TV can now buy add-ons without also subscribing to the Base plan’s entire channel selection. More than 20 add-on channels, including Showtime, HBO Max, NBA League Pass, MLB.TV, and Starz, are available to members of this new à la carte package.

This substantiates rumours that the business intended to introduce a YouTube channel store and join a host of other streaming subscription aggregators. Standalone solutions are available from Sling TV, Roku, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

Therefore, users may now choose a more flexible alternative that allows them to mix and match from chosen entertainment networks, live sports, and more, all inside one app, rather than spending $64.99 a month for the YouTube TV Base Plan, which offers more than 85 channels.

The YouTube TV interface allows users to add or delete networks at any time as well as handle invoicing. Users can cancel the base plan by going to “Settings,” choosing “Membership,” then “Manage,” and then switching to the add-on only plan. To include certain networks in the membership, choose “Update memberships.”

Subscribers to the à la carte plan continue to have access to an Unlimited DVR, three concurrent streams, and six household accounts, just as those with the standard subscription.

Here is the complete list of channels available to subscribers:

  1. HBO Max
  2. NBA League Pass
  3. Cinemax
  4. Showtime
  5. Starz
  6. MLB.TV
  7. Epix
  8. Hallmark Movies Now
  9. Acorn
  10. CuriosityStream
  11. Outside TV Features
  12. ALLBLK
  13. Shudder
  14. CONtv
  15. Docurama
  16. Law & Crime
  17. VSIN
  18. Sundance Now
  19. IFC Films Unlimited
  20. Dove Channel

This base package, which costs about $65 and is quite similar to a cable television setup. There are roughly 85 channels, and using this service will give you access to all of them.

Additionally, viewers who choose not to participate in this program can still benefit from YouTube TV’s features including unlimited DVR storage, three simultaneous streams, and about six profiles per home.

Many individuals would find it superfluous to purchase a subscription for standalone channels through services like this when they already have access to their own applications. You’ll be shocked to hear that this does have a number of advantages, though. And that holds true whether you decide to subscribe to a number of publications.

As opposed to only the single standalone applications designed for Shudder and more, the features may be accessible via one specific app that will be available on a variety of devices. We also think it would be quite helpful to manage all of your subscriptions with just one bill.

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