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Oxygen OS 12 Bugs For The OnePlus 9 Series Matter Of Worry For Many

Oxygen OS 12 Bugs for the OnePlus 9 series reporting many issues to the users. OnePlus has launched the stable Oxygen OS 12 upgrade for the OnePlus 9 series, which is based on Android 12. Reworked icons, configurable dark mode, Work Life Balance 2.0, updated Shelf, and more are among the innovative capabilities included in the software upgrade. Nevertheless, it appears that the update is half-baked, with numerous issues and irregularities, prompting some users to wonder whether this is truly reliable.

Android 12 has been here for a while, and now firms like Samsung and OnePlus are releasing their own skins. The latter has just published a stable version of Oxygen OS 12 for the One Plus 9 phones, however the software appears to be riddled with issues.

Oxygen OS 12 Bugs appear to be riddled with issues.
As previously said, Oxygen OS 12 is expected to Feature 12, so there will be some cosmetic modifications. The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro phones have received the update.

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Unfortunately, it appears to be overrun with software flaws. There’s an issue affecting every aspect of the app, according to Reddit and Twitter users (via XDA Developers). Many folks think it’s incomplete and half-baked.

After downloading the Oxygen OS 12 Bugs update, OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro customers are experiencing a variety of issues, including trouble making and receiving calls, bad animations, a malfunctioning Autofill feature, slower Wi-Fi connectivity, and so on.

Worse, the upgrade lacks important personalization capabilities that were a key part of the Oxygen OS 12 bugs encounter. One could no longer modify particular icons, customize the progress bar, deactivate the Google Feed, or turn off the battery icon, to name a few examples. The call recordings app is also missing, as is the Extended Reboot option.

Oxygen OS 12 Bugs

Here is what the customers of the OnePlus 9 have to comment about just the new software:

It’s one of the the most buggy latest update OnePlus has ever released, with a slew of issues, the most serious of which is that if users didn’t have had the phone app on ones home screen well before update, users won’t be able to easily find anything at all on the phone (not even in the app manager).

People will have to expand that from the Play store. Personalization’s symbol area collapses frequently, people can’t use Google Feed almost all of the time, all privileges are erased, and the separate tabs menu is also one of the ugliest people will ever see on a phone. Oxygen OS 12 bugs just show Issues, and it’s not good enough to justify it.

Oxygen OS 12 Bugs for the OnePlus 9 Series Matter of Worry for many

Issues faced By Users

  • People are not pleased with themselves or anyone else.
  • The most current task scheduler is unable to dismiss all apps, as the last program stays visible to the user after clicking the task management’s shut all button.
  • Parallel WhatsApp is unable to connect to the internet.
  • There isn’t a voicemail transcription app.
  • The old phone and contacts app are sorely missed.
  • From seemingly trivial issues like UI glitches and poor animation quality to slow Wi-Fi rates and the inability to make and receive calls, problems might arise.
  • Various options are available.
  • Some of the troubles people have seen with OnePlus 9 have been listed by users of the OnePlus forum.
  • WhatsApp Web is not functioning, as users have discovered.
  • Unlike earlier operating systems, Oxygen OS 12’s default phone app no longer makes it easy to track calls.
  • Some other OnePlus forum user stated that his SIM card had stopped functioning and that a factory reset had failed to resolve the issue.
  • There also appears to be an issue with the alarms function
  • One customer claims that when their phone is rebooted, the preset alarm is forgotten.

OnePlus has deleted certain personalization options for the OnePlus 9 series with both the upgrade to Oxygen OS 12 Bugs. Users will also not be able to modify individual icons, deactivate Google feeds, or customize the status bar after downloading the update.

Others are waiting for a phone call. Don’t really subscribe to a 5G network that is already active.

The OnePlus 9 series now has stable Oxygen OS 12 bugs.

What Are Bugs?

One Commenter complained that they couldn’t personalise the progress bar and couldn’t alter the app icons independently. They were unable to disable the battery percentages at the top. In addition, the KWGT widget is ugly, and the going to be key is off.

A Twitter user has a different set of gripes. There seem to be issues with motion and DPI scaling in several of the apps.

These merely begin to touch the surface of the problems that exist. It’s possible that more difficulties will arise as time goes on. OnePlus has yet to provide a remark on the subject. Many expect the corporation to do so, given the number of difficulties.

According to OnePlus, the layout has been enhanced, the settings directory has been altered, and various features have been improved. The following are some of the most commonly utilized features that have been updated:

  • The “Parallel Apps” feature has been renamed “App Cloner,” and it can be found in the Settings section.
  • The setting for “Wireless emergency notifications” has been relocated to Settings.
  • The “Do not disturb” settings may now be found under Settings – Sound & vibration – Do not disturb.
  • “Storage” and “System updates” have been renamed “Up to date,” and “System updates” has been moved to “About phone.”
  • Settings – Safety & emergency – Wireless emergency alerts has been renamed “Wireless emergency alerts.”
  • Please go to Settings – Mobile network – Data usage – Data saving to monitor the data consumption.
  • Please go to Settings – Personalization’s – Colors to alter the accent color.


Furthermore, glitches and issues are prevalent on phones following major software updates, and Oxygen OS 12 appears to be no exception. One may expecting OnePlus to deliver a software update to address the difficulties that OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro users in India have experienced.

Oxygen OS 12 is said to have a new design and layout, as well as improved dark mode. To make data material easier to view, the organization is also creating a shelf for cards. Earphone control cards began to appear on phones, allowing users to manage their earbuds with a single click.

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