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AMD just gave your GPU a 92% performance boost for free

AMD just gave your GPU a 92% performance boost for free. With an amazing driver update earlier this week, AMD offered us yet another reason to choose Team Pink over Nvidia’s Group Inexperienced. Along with numerous best-of-lifetime enhancements, the Adrenaline 22.7.1 driver update gives AMD Radeon GPUs a massive 92 percent efficiency gain.

AMD revealed the details without prior notice in a release note on their website. For several GPU strains, including the 6900 series, 5700 sequences, and Vega sequence, the upgrade improves overall performance while lowering refresh costs, according to AMD’s release notes.

Other GPU performance facets were also enhanced by the driver release. Background noise during video conversations and recordings is eliminated with a recent Noise Suppression upgrade. The GPU will automatically concentrate on the speaker while muting the commotion, allowing working-from-home parents to hold meetings with their teams as their children run around next to them. This functions very similarly to the 2020-era RTX Voice software from Nvidia.

It’s vital to remember that Noise Suppression only functions on PCs with AMD Ryzen 5000 processors and above. Although we haven’t confirmed the precise procedure involved, it appears that the function makes heavy use of the processor.

The update makes OpenGL for Radeon GPUs better. According to AMD’s own tests, Ryzen 7 and RX 6800T processors and RX 6950 XT processors both performed up to 89 percent quicker in Minecraft at 4K resolution.

Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is now available for laptops with Ryzen hybrid graphics cards, which is another effectiveness improvement added with the driver release. RSR utilizes deep core skills to increase game performance by up to 70%. This upgrade demonstrates that AMD is serious about gaming laptops as it has been available on more recent Radeon GPUs for desktops since January.

Elden Ring, Resident Evil Village, as well as Valorant are three titles with demanding visuals that now support Radeon Boost thanks to the Adrenaline 22.7.1 update. In order to maintain a higher FPS during fast-action sequences and keep the visuals appearing sharp, Radeon Boost gradually decreases the resolution.

Anyone with appropriate hardware, which can be downloaded for free with the driver update from this link, is eligible to receive the Adrenaline 22.7.1 upgrade.

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