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How to Remove or Disable Automatic Update of WhatsApp

Disable Automatic Update of WhatsApp: WhatsApp is used by millions of people all around the world. WhatsApp’s app is programmed to auto-update mode by design, even if you have turned off auto-update in the Google Play store.

Many of you may have observed that your WhatsApp gets upgraded even if your auto-update from the Play Store is switched off. So, there is a minor hidden technique that you can use to entirely prevent WhatsApp’s automatic system, which we’ll go over in the following post.

Why Is It Necessary To Disable Automatic Update of WhatsApp?

Every month, WhatsApp will send you a new update that may or may not be important to you. So, here are a few of reasons why people don’t update their WhatsApp.

Once you have a low battery alert, automatic updates consume battery.

Every update is useless because it increases the amount of the app data, which takes up a lot of storage space on your device.

The update adds some new features while removing others. So you still have time to update before heading to the new features. However, we are unable to roll back to a previous state following an update.

Disable Automatic Update of WhatsApp

To totally disable the update, simply disable auto-update for all apps in the Play Store > disable auto-update for specific WhatsApp. 

Step 1: Disable Auto Update Of all Apps From Play store-

1: Go to Play store

2: Click on the upper right corner with the login icon

3: Next Click on the “Settings“

4: Click on network preferences

5: Click on “auto-update apps” and then press “don’t auto-update apps“

6: Click on “DONE” to save.

Disable Automatic Update of WhatsApp

Even though you’ve disabled auto-update for all apps, some of them still have their own auto-update settings. 

Step 2: Disable Auto Update for Specific WhatsApp

1: Go to Play store and Click on WhatsApp app

2: Click on three dots on the top right corner

3: The unmark “enable auto update”.

Disable Automatic Update of WhatsApp


Now You can disable Automatic update of WhatsApp. This concept can be used and evaluated in other apps as well, allowing you to save your data plus battery in the case of emergencies.

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