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WhatsApp rolls out Apple FaceTime Links-like feature: Here is how it works

In this article, we have covered WhatsApp rolls out Apple FaceTime Links-like feature: Here is how it works. It may take a few days for the WhatsApp Call Links functionality to go out to everyone because it is being released in stages.

A new “Call Links” feature has been added to the WhatsApp instant messaging app, which is owned by Meta. This feature makes it simpler for users to join audio and video chats. If someone has WhatsApp installed on their smartphone, they may use the Call Links function to easily connect to calls, even if they are not in their contact list.

The WhatsApp Call Links function is being rolled out gradually, so it can take a few days for everyone to receive it. “WhatsApp’s developer team is presently testing secure encrypted video calling for up to 32 individuals,” wrote Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post.

How WhatsApp Call Links work

Step 1: The most recent version of the instant messaging programme has the WhatsApp Call Link feature. Consequently, the first step is to update the app.

Step 2: Launch the most recent version of WhatsApp and choose the Calls tab.

Step 3: If the functionality has been made available to you, you will see an option to “Create call link” above the call logs.

Step 4: Tap “Create call link” to have WhatsApp generate a URL that you may share with anybody. You may make voice and video calls using the URL.

Step 5: To share the link, either copy it and send it to your contacts or share it directly from the screen.

Simply touch the link to join the call, and you’ll be immediately connected to the audio or video call. However, you must have WhatsApp installed on your device for it to function.

FaceTime from Apple, and how does it work?

Apple added a comparable capability to its FaceTime service with iOS 15 for iPhones last year. FaceTime Conversation Links is a feature that lets Apple users make links for events and share them with others.

This enables others who have access to the link to join a FaceTime call from non-Apple devices like Android smartphones and Windows PCs. From an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the FaceTime call link may be established and shared with others using Messages, Calendar, Mail, or any other third-party application. FaceTime calls made over the internet, according to Apple, are fully secured. The process is as follows:

How to create Apple FaceTime Link:

Step 1: Open the FaceTime app firstly.

Step 2: Click or tap “Create Link”

Step 3: A screen with the words “FaceTime Link” will slide up from the bottom.

Step 4: You will see choices to share the link via text, email, Twitter, the calendar, or other apps on your device on the same screen.

Simply touch on the link, input your name, then choose continue to join the FaceTime session using the link. FaceTime may occasionally request authorization before using the device’s microphone and camera. Accept the invitation and choose join to join the call. The call host does nevertheless filter the entry.

All users of WhatsApp for iOS will now have access to a crucial feature: the ability to share a link and dial a number with just one tap. This feature is similar to the iOS 15 feature that lets you invite people to a FaceTime call by sharing a link.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, posted on Facebook about this WhatsApp development. He writes:

Starting this week, call links will be available on WhatsApp, allowing you to share a link to initiate a call with just one click. Additionally, we’re testing up to 32-person secure encrypted video calling. More is forthcoming.

One of the many improvements made to FaceTime by iOS 15 was a fast connection that allowed users to call one another. This week, WhatsApp will start offering this feature.

End-to-end encrypted video conversations for up to 32 individuals are another intriguing feature Zuckerberg revealed but which is not yet accessible. Users can only currently make audio calls with other users.

This functionality has emerged as people’s reliance on video conference services for group projects and studying has decreased. What’s more intriguing is that WhatsApp won’t charge for this service or impose a call cap on customers who want to use it.

WhatsApp has given users several new features just this year, including the ability to reply to messages with any emoji, an increase in the number of groups, the introduction of the new Community feature, and an improvement to group chats that allows administrators to delete messages or group members to quietly leave.

Do you anticipate using these brand-new WhatsApp features? Post your comments in the space provided below.

What distinguishes WhatsApp Call Links from Apple FaceTime Links?

The most recent version of the software is required for creating WhatsApp Call Links, and everyone joining the call must at the very least have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone. Conversely, anybody may join calls made using Apple FaceTime Links from their web browser on Android and Windows devices.

To access the link, they don’t require an iOS device or the FaceTime software. The most recent versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are all that are required, along with a reliable internet connection.

How do you make a FaceTime link?

Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to make a connection. the top-left corner, select Create Link. You may instantly share the link with contacts or through an app using the choices that will show up. Choose one of these alternatives, or just click Copy to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Can you send an Android user a link to FaceTime?

It is possible to send a FaceTime link to anyone who owns an iPhone or an Android device.

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