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WhatsApp will soon let you create polls in chat

WhatsApp will soon let you create polls in chat. The poll will allow the user to add up to 12 options. Maybe in the future, this value will also change. A new function being developed by WhatsApp will enable polling within the program. According to WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks all updates linked to WhatsApp, the company is developing a new feature that will enable users to run polls. In WhatsApp poll, the user can choose up to 12 options, though this number may change in the future.

According to the website, the new function would let users share surveys across their group. For the poll, an entry point has been made. The poll option will be available on the chat action sheet, along with all the other media sharing choices, according to a screenshot provided by the website. The new functionality is reportedly coming soon to WhatsApp beta for iOS and PC. The poll function is now accessible in WhatsApp beta version

Additionally, a new stable version for iOS with the build number 22.19.75 is rumored to be submitted by WhatsApp. For iPhone users, the chat app is introducing the ability to temporarily undo “delete for me.” With the most recent update to WhatsApp for iOS, it’s now simple to reverse the delete for me action and retrieve the deleted message. If you accidentally tap “delete for me” when you meant to delete a message for everyone, this option will come in handy. Only after the delete for me action has been completed does the new choice become available. When you use delete for everyone, it is not visible. New WhatsApp Polling Feature.

Additionally, it is rumored that WhatsApp is creating a backup import feature. According to the WaBetaInfo article, “We don’t know why WhatsApp has decided to add another option to restore a backup, but it may be handy when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection and a local backup that has already been produced by WhatsApp so you can export a backup to import it later.”

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