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This range of iPhones won’t support Whatsapp after October 24

In this Article, we are going to know on This range of iPhones won’t support Whatsapp after October 24. It has been revealed that some older iPhones won’t support Whatsapp after October 24th of this year, only a few days before Apple unveiled its new lineup of iPhone 14 series.

On or after October 24, it is rumoured that this range of iPhones, which is really the older generation that was released years ago, won’t have support for the well-known messaging programme, WhatsApp. Let’s speak more about which older Apple iPhone models won’t be getting the new messaging applications’ functionality.

This range of iPhones won’t support Whatsapp after October 24

According to a rumour going around, the popular messaging app Whatsapp will no longer support its functionality on earlier iPhone models that were released a long time ago.

If we believe additional in-depth sources, it has been suggested that Whatsapp would not be supported on iPhones running previous versions of iOS 10, as well as iOS 11.

More information concerning this iPhone may be found in the fact that Whatsapp has already begun reminding iPhone customers who are currently running iOS 10 and iOS 11 to upgrade. However, users will need to update to the newest version of iOS 12 in order to continue receiving support for the Whatsapp app even after October 24.

This information was released shortly after Whatsapp said on their Help Center website that iOS 12 and subsequent versions supported their programme far better, making it essential for iPhone users to upgrade to the newest version of Apple’s operating system.

For those who may not be aware! As of right now, the only phones affected by this new Whatsapp decision are older iPhone models, including as the iPhone 5 series, which includes both the basic iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C. Concerning the android side, it has been said that Android 4.1, which is an earlier version of the operating system, is the minimum requirement established for Whatsapp to function on Android smartphones.

Therefore, in order to enable Whatsapp apps, Android users need make sure their operating system is at least version 4.1 or newer.

Apple is already working on releasing its new revamped array of iPhone models, which will be the new iPhone 14 series and which will be formally introduced on the 7th of September this year, as earlier iPhones lose support for the Whatsapp programme. Keep checking your website for updates as we will be providing you with additional information about the launch event.

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