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Instagram Guide: How do I create it

Do you want to know how to set up Instagram guides? A title, cover image, and two items that can be posted on the client’s Instagram account should all be included. This component first appeared during the coronavirus epidemic. It has quick access to all of the many kinds of posts, things, and puts that are available on Instagram.

This article will instruct you on how to create Instagram guides and show you some examples of how to use them to promote your business.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram guidelines were first made available to the health and wellness sector only in the middle of 2020. They were created as a technique to produce solitary resources for any particular subject or good. For instance, a nutritionist might write a guide on “Healthy Recipes to Make in Under 20 Minutes” or on any other of the many subjects they cover in their content.

Then, in November 2020, Instagram made the instructions available to all users.

On Instagram, guides are described as “a method to more quickly uncover suggestions, advice and other material from your favourite creators, public figures, organisations and publishers.” You can arrange and collect your own Instagram stuff using guides, but you can also import content from other accounts.

In their most basic form, Instagram guides are collections of individual albums or groups of content. Instagram guidelines let you classify a variety of informative materials, including as product details, team insights, and behind-the-scenes photos, into appropriate categories. Instead of having to read through all of your content, this makes it simple for your audience to find and view those posts.

You can utilize Instagram guides in a variety of inventive ways to compile and organize information that best serves your audience, regardless of whether your brand is a B2C or B2B one—or anything else, for that matter.

How to Set Up an Instagram Guide

You can create your own guide by following a few simple steps if the concept intrigues you.

Click the plus sign (+) in the top-right corner of your Instagram profile, then choose Guide from the Create New pop-up menu.

Browse any profile that already has a guide set up and open one of their guidelines if you touch the plus sign but are unable to add a guide. You can construct your own guide by scrolling to the bottom of the provided guide.

Add Content to an Instagram Guide

Choose your content and the type of Instagram guide you want to create next.

Three options are available for guides: Places, Products, or Posts.

Take note that guides only feature content from Instagram Stories, not from feed posts. Guides may include any Instagram Reels or IGTV posts that have been shared to the feed.

When choosing posts in any of the guide choices below, touch on the thumbnails of the posts you want to include. The corner will display the number you choose in the series. In this order, the posts will be uploaded, with the initial post appearing at the top of the list. Choose the oldest content first if you want your content to appear in chronological order based on the date it was created.

Places Guide

If you choose the Places option, you can choose from one of the Instagram-listed locations. Upload up to five posts from the location-related content after choosing that location (or place).

Remember that Instagram will display all publicly available content that has been tagged with that location, not just your content at that location. This could be a wonderful approach to highlight user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram that highlights your business location if you own a local business with such a physical location (like a restaurant or retail store).

Products Guide

You can retrieve Instagram posts about a specific product using the Products option. You must first pick Products as the guide type before selecting an Instagram Shop. You can go through or search for a certain account’s shop by scrolling through the shops of the users you follow that will fill first.

After selecting the shop, pick the item you wish to highlight, then pick the posts related to it. Per guide, only one product may be highlighted.

Posts Guide

You can choose from saved posts from these other accounts or posts from your own Ig account if you choose the Posts option. From Your Posts or Saved tabs, choose the posts you would like to include.

You must first save other people’s stuff if you want to share it with your Instagram guide. Up to 30 posts can be shared to a single guide.

Create a guide for Instagram

After choosing the content for your guide and selecting Next, you will be taken to the format page where you may configure the specifics of your guide.

Each Instagram guide needs to have a title. If you don’t, you’ll encounter a problem while doing the subsequent step. I advise using titles that are lucid and brief. If you need more information and context than what is provided in the title, you may provide a description in the “What is this guide about?” area.

You can also choose a different cover image for your guide, which you’ll probably want to do. While the majority of Instagram posts have a 1:1 square format, the guide cover has a 3:4 portrait size and will crop your image appropriately.

Note that you cannot drag the cover image to change its position. Instead, you can select any photo from your feed by tapping Change Cover Photo. Don’t worry; only the cover image will change; the posts in your guide will remain unchanged. Additionally, you cannot upload a custom cover photo; instead, you must select one from your saved posts or news feed.

The next step is to give each post in the guide a title. You must enter the post’s title and any optional descriptions because the guide won’t automatically pull in any captions or details from the original post.

Click the + Add Posts button at the bottom of the styling page if you wish to continue adding posts to the guide at this time.

Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of each guide post if you wish to alter or delete a post from your Instagram guide. To remove a specific post, select Remove from Guide. You can also choose to move on to the following screen by tapping Reorder Posts, where you can drag any of the posts into the positions you like.

After formatting your Instagram guide and its posts, move on to the next stage by tapping Next in the top-right corner of the screen.

Create an Instagram guide

By selecting Preview from the Share screen’s menu, you can see a preview of your Guide. Tap Share when you’re ready to share it. Alternately, select Save as Draft to return and complete the edits later.

The first Instagram guide you create will display the Guide icon, which resembles a newspaper, once you click Share (or Save as Draft) on it. After you post your guide, other people will be able to see it and share it.

Share and Promote an Instagram Guide

Your Instagram guide can be shared, yes! You can post it on Instagram either a direct message (DM) or your Stories. Additionally, everyone who views your guide may also share it.

Click on the Share icon (the paper aeroplane icon) in the top-right corner to share a guide—whether it be your own or another person’s. You can choose to send it via a DM or share it on your story from the pop-up menu. If you share it through a DM, you can add a message to the share to describe why you’re sharing it with that individual or group, just like you can with any other message.

How Do I create Instagram Guide

Stage 1: Click the profile sign on Instagram, which is located in the bottom right corner of the profile.

Stage 2: Click on the Aide option and press the Additionally fasten button in the upper right corner.

Stage 3: The previous phase will take you to recommended locations and objects in various locations. Additionally, it will save and distribute posts.

Stage 4: Using the instructions provided, choose your options and press “Snap on Straightaway” when prompted.

Stage 5: After that, change the assistant by assigning names and descriptions.

Stage 6: Finally, select Straightaway and then press Share.


There are so many inventive ways you can use guides to help both you and your followers on Instagram, whether you’re making Instagram guides as catalogues of your products, showing your business address through UGC, or giving tips and informative posts to your audience.

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