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WhatsApp for Windows as Native Application

WhatsApp for Windows as Native Application- As Meta releases a stand-alone native program that is currently accessible for Windows and will soon be available for macOS, according to The Verge, WhatsApp unveils a new experience for its customers on its website’s help center. WhatsApp now has a native Windows software, with a MacOS version that is still in beta. WhatsApp is now available as a native Windows application.

Before this was made public, users had to use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop, browser-based desktop applications, to access the messaging service while using a desktop computer or laptop. As a result of this modification, usage will now be more dependable and quick.

The upgrade was made possible by the platform’s confirmation that it was designed for a desktop operating system. A cleaner UI that consumers won’t notice since they aren’t used to the new setup, as well as sync messages that can be received even when users’ phones are offline.

Availability of the WhatsApp Native App for Mac Users

According to WhatsApp, a native version for macOS is currently under developed. This software will be accessible to Mac users. The messaging service advises utilizing the desktop and web versions of the WhatsApp app for the time being.

While waiting, customers may download beta applications like the “Multi-Device” function, which enables them to connect up to four devices to their account without the use of their phone. End-to-end encryption will be maintained throughout for this to operate.

Rumored New Features for WhatsApp for Windows as Native Application

The “Last Seen” status, the “View Once” function, and the extension of a group chat participant are just a few of the privacy enhancements the platform has made over the previous several years. This year, WhatsApp could provide its users the option to “Hide Online” their status.

The feature will provide users the option to pick between two options: it can instantly ban everyone who saw the users’ status by selecting “Nobody” from the selections, or it may conceal their online status from all users or from a specific group of people that you limit.

This was alluded to in various reports from last July, and it was confirmed by a reporter who anticipates the deployment of this new feature sooner rather than later.

Complete List of Reaction Emojis  

The company’s website vlog revealed the upgrade for utilizing emojis as the response to communications this year. This was initially announced in April of last year, but the formal rollout just began in May.

In contrast to other chat programs that only give six distinct emojis as reactions, this feature will not restrict users’ enjoyment because the full list will be available for them to choose from when reacting.

When it comes to these capabilities, WhatsApp is targeting Telegram as its major rival because it also enables users to select from a large selection of emojis.

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