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How to Make Good Videos for YouTube?

YouTube is the best platform for publishing video material. But How to Make Good Videos for YouTube?

In fact, YouTube has nearly become synonymous with online video at this point.

A billion hours of video are seen on YouTube each day by its more than 1.9 billion monthly active users. That is equivalent to watching video every day for more than 114,000 years, to put it in perspective.

Leading YouTube content producers can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars each day. Ironically, though, creating videos isn’t really necessary to succeed and earn money on YouTube.

So, how exactly DO you succeed on YouTube?

Today I’m going to share with you some of the best YouTubers’ approaches that demonstrate exactly what you should (and shouldn’t) do while creating content for YouTube.

Even better, I’m going to provide you a FREE template to use so you can create YouTube videos more quickly!

You can start producing content right now with only a few easy steps using this fantastic template!

Move along!

How to Make Good Videos for YouTube?

Here is everything you need to know, step-by-step, to create a good YouTube video:

  1. Make a plan for your YouTube videos
  2. Make sure YouTube can find your video means SEO optimized.
  3. Find concepts and ideas for YouTube
  4. For beginners, understand the YouTube tools
  5. Discover the initial YouTube video you ought to upload.
  6. Setup your video camera
  7. Make a desktop recording
  8. Your video editing
  9. Your YouTube video for sharing
  10. Make your video YouTube-friendly.

Make a plan for your YouTube videos

Choose a right subject (for the right audience)

Do you want to know the trick to succeeding on YouTube (or any other content platform)?

It barely has anything to do with you as the developer.

You can be charming, humorous, and intelligent, but if your videos don’t add anything useful, they aren’t worth watching.

Not about you or what you can get out of it. You probably won’t have much success if you visit YouTube hoping to gain something.

You need to focus on your audience. nobody except you.

Find your ideal YouTube audience

You should respond to this before starting to create your first script or storyboard:

Who are you trying to reach?

Nearly all of your video-related decisions will be influenced by your understanding of your audience.

Although having a general knowledge is useful, consider your target audience.

  • What issues do they have?
  • What information do they need?
  • What will your video teach them, exactly?
  • How can they learn from your video?

If you can’t respond to these straightforward inquiries, you should look farther. Your planning and production of your film will be guided by the answers to these questions.

Expert Opinion

There are certain things you can do to assist you focus as you begin to consider the needs and wants of your audience.

Here are some tips from YouTube pros who have figured out how to define your audience (after lots of trial and error).

“The initial thing we do is run our clients by a questionnaire that allows them to get the biggest issues that the audience would’ve been interested in,” explains YouTube marketing consultant Owen Video.

According to Jeremy Vest, Director of Marketing for vidIQ, listening is essential because “you’re not going to provide your audience very effectively if you don’t listen to them.” It’s not only about getting what the spectator wants, though.

You need to produce content that fits your persona once you have an understanding of your audience. It makes no difference if your video doesn’t resonate with other personas or groups.

You want your target to be as particular as you can when you first start out.

I like niche. Bad is broad

Put the viewer’s goals at the center of your content. Make sure your video explains everything the viewer needs to know to succeed if you’re selling software.

We must “[get] a sense of what your audience is genuinely interested in and what they want to continue watching or maybe whatever doesn’t interest them,” says Fernando Silva, Account Executive for Wistia, who underlines this necessity. It enables you to create future material that is better.

Tyler Lessard, Vice President of Marketing at Vidyard, emphasizes that you should “focus more on the quality of the material and how you offer it” if you have worked hard to understand your audience but are unsure of what you should develop for them. ensuring that it is pertinent to your audience, which is, in my opinion, a straightforward place to start.

Throw away the idea of perfection
Just begin.

It really is that easy

I know it might be alluring to see popular YouTubers and feel pressured to produce videos just like them and attract a sizable audience at once, but those ideas can be paralysing.

Too many people obsess over doing everything perfectly right away. We become so preoccupied with having all the correct tools or having every component be flawless that we paralyse ourselves into not producing anything or sharing our material.

What should you do if you’re unable to stop trying to make things perfect?

Start by posing the following queries to yourself:

  • If these adjustments aren’t done, will my audience be unable to understand the video’s intended message?
  • Will the video as-is accomplish your objectives?
  • Is there a mistake in the video that would have a significant negative effect on the viewer?
  • What could possibly go wrong if the present version is made public as is?
  • Can you complete another project with the time you could have spent editing?

Give yourself permission to continue once you have the answers to these questions. 

In the long run, you will be confined if you put too much effort into making the ideal video.

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Make sure YouTube can find your video

If no one watches a video, it won’t be successful! When you begin making your film, you must take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into account.

Your YouTube videos can be ranked in two main ways:

  • Create useful content for users.
  • Create material that’s beneficial to search engines.

In the end, you want people to find your material. Although SEO can be a very difficult task, you don’t have to complete it all at once. The creators we spoke with offered a few simple recommendations.

He claimed that “many people spend time on broad phrases that have so much competition they’ll never show up for [in search].” “You can’t expect to win if you turn up on race day and are [not] a runner and have only practiced once. Therefore, practicing and realizing that being more detailed makes you more discoverable can help you succeed.

Jeremy Vest advises that you make sure your material is valuable and addresses issues your potential audience may have in addition to narrowing your focus on particular topics.

Think about the questions being asked and the places where they are being asked in order to make your information useful and discoverable. After that, you can write the appropriate information and upload it in the appropriate places.

Find concept and ideas for YouTube

What should I compose a YouTube video about now that you are aware of your audience? The good news is that there are a tonne of resources available to help you identify YouTube video ideas that will appeal to your audience.

Let’s imagine you operate a home-based contracting company. You make the decision to direct your channel at present home owners who want to brighten up their property. Your first videos might cover subjects like How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets or How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings.

That’s a wonderful start, but to help you come up with even more ideas than you had in mind, here are some suggestions from Expert on the greatest resources you can use to get ideas and themes that are incredibly pertinent to a certain audience.

For beginners, understand the YouTube tools

It’s simple to become overburdened and believe that you lack the necessary equipment to produce your video.

High-end equipment is enjoyable, and there is no doubt that greater equipment can result in higher-quality videos.

Also keep in mind that highly specialized machinery can be challenging to operate and requires a lot of practice.

Try not to stress out too much about your equipment, especially when you first start out.

Learn to become proficient at content creation first, and then worry about levelling up your equipment later.

With tools like screen recording software, a basic video editor, or a smartphone and a little bit of imagination, a lot can be accomplished.

Discover the initial YouTube video you need to upload

People upload a wide variety of videos to YouTube. An instructional video is the ideal choice as a starting point.

A straightforward lesson or how-to video is a fantastic way to get started.

A tutorial video merely provides an answer to a query. It might be something like How to Change Your Oil or How to Freeze Panes in Excel. In any case, you are merely imparting to others your extensive knowledge.

There are a tone of these videos on YouTube, and for good reason.

This gives you a fantastic opportunity to produce educational videos for your audience that are both practical and valuable.

Do you want to give some dog-training advice? Create a list of all the questions that a dog owner would have, then answer them in a series of how-to videos.

A instructional or training video would be a wonderful place to start if you are an expert in Photoshop and want to help others grow better.

A product demo or explainer video is the best place to start if you’re a business or entrepreneur.

Without having to read a lot of text, these movies will allow your potential customers to quickly and easily understand what your product or service does.

Every day, people look for video assistance. Over a billion views per day are generated by only educational and learning content on YouTube.

Set up your video camera

It’s time to start creating your video now that you are aware of your audience, have prepared your themes, and know what kind of video to produce.

Script or outline writing

Although it may appear somewhat formal, a script is a fantastic tool for keeping you on task. Create a plan for the visuals (shots, angles, graphics, etc.) that will accompany each conversation sentence.
If you already have a blog article on a certain subject, I’d advise writing a script based on it. It doesn’t need to be complex.

A short framework will help you go through your arguments if a script feels excessive. This is preferable to winging it without a strategy.

Make a desktop recording

Select your preferred screen recorder, then follow your script while recording your desktop.

We offer a tonne of tutorial films to get you started, making it ideal for anyone who needs to create instructional videos for YouTube.

Your recording can be as straightforward as intricate as you choose. You may add music, an intro, a webcam recording to give it some personality, or just hit record and share it.

Edit your video

The most exciting and time-consuming step in the creation process might be editing your video. It might also be the scariest scary for a beginner.

  • Add a simple intro
  • Create lower-thirds
  • Add music
  • Focus on good audio and voice over
  • Create a compelling outro

Your YouTube video for Sharing

YouTube uploading is easy. You have the choice to share straight to YouTube from inside Camtasia if you use it to make your YouTube video. Simply log into YouTube and link your Camtasia account to your YouTube account.

Make your video YouTube-friendly

To ensure that your video performs well on YouTube, you should concentrate on a few crucial aspects when you begin to produce it. You’ll have a greater chance of ranking on YouTube if you use strategy while creating your video.

How can you make your own YouTube videos?

Get a basic video editor like Camtasia, Filmora and try to create a few video on subjects you know a lot about to create your first YouTube video.

If you have extensive knowledge about a certain item or service, consider creating a brief tutorial. There are a lot of individuals looking for assistance on YouTube, and you might be able to help them.

What topic should I cover in a YouTube video?

Finding YouTube video ideas that your audience is looking for is quite easy. The communities, comments, and searches on YouTube are three of my favorites.

What kind of YouTube video get the most views?

People upload a wide variety of videos to YouTube.

Instructional films make up more than half of the most popular sorts of videos that marketers spend in. You have a tone of excellent videos to choose from as a result.

What editing software do you YouTubers use?

There are many video editing software like filmora, adobe, and others.

How to make a YouTube video without a camera?

A great way to create a YouTube video without a camera is to record your screen.

Select screen recording software with integrated recording, editing, and sharing capabilities. You may do all of your job with with one tool, which will save you time.

What kind of equipment is necessary for YouTube?

It’s simple to feel overwhelmed and as if you lack the resources to make your video. Start with a basic video editor and a screen recorder on your phone or computer. proceed to professional equipment.

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