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How to live share a YouTube video in Google Meet

How to live share a YouTube video in Google Meet. Google Meet now makes it possible to share live. Users may now communicate with each other and the shared material during meetings thanks to this. Users are now able to co-stream films while in meetings thanks to the new Google Meet functionality. Earlier this year, Duo launched live sharing. Google Meet now includes the capability as a result of Duo and Meet being combined.

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There are various requirements in place for Google Meet’s Live sharing function. To use YouTube and Google Meet, a user requires an Android smartphone and a personal Google Account.

Follow these steps to watch YouTube videos in Google Meet:

  1. After entering a meeting, tap on the screen to access the call controls.
  2. Select Activities by clicking on the three-dot menu that displays at the bottom.
  3. In the menu, click the YouTube button under “Activities.”
  4. Locate the video you wish to broadcast live.
  5. Some YouTube videos, such as those geared toward children and any premium material, cannot be seen while live sharing is in progress.
  6. To view a video with someone else, tap on it.
  7. In the pop-up window that asks to begin a live sharing session, select Start.

Once live sharing has started, a green bar at the bottom of the screen with the words “You are live sharing in Meet” will show up. This means that the YouTube video is now accessible to everyone in the conference. Everyone in the meeting has the option to pause, rewind, and advance for each participant as the video starts playing.

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It’s also vital to remember that users may miss alerts or in-meeting communications while watching a video in the YouTube app. It is thus recommended to often check the Meet app for any missed alerts.

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