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How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2022

How to Rank YouTube Videos– Everyone knows that people prefer to watch a video instead of read a lengthy article.  In fact, 59 percent of Executives prefer watching a video instead of read text. That’s a large group. As a result, video SEO can provide lots of new opportunities, including greater view time, increased brand exposure, and more sales as well as leads.

For website as well as video ranking, search engines such as YouTube and Google apply same ideas. The goal is to provide the best possible user experience, so Video on YouTube search results have been linked with Google search to make it easier.

In this blog, we are going to explain you, How to Rank YouTube Videos in todays life.

How to Rank YouTube Videos-

In a quite easy and simple method, you may connect your SEO as well as video strategy to effectively boost your marketing. This will not only increase the time your user spends watching your videos, but it will also support you with stuff like YouTube remarketing in the future. To increase traffic and video views, follow these eight measures to boost your YouTube SEO.

Some YouTube SEO Tips to Rank Your Videos

  1. Choose your keywords carefully.
  2. Use keywords in the title of your video.
  3. In your video content add keyword.
  4. Helpful description of your YouTube video.
  5. YouTube search results can be boosted by using video hashtags.
  6. Choose a video category.
  7. Make your thumbnail image unique.
  8. Subtitles and closed captions should be added.

Choose your keywords carefully

Every month, the SERPs become more competitive. New competitors, new products, and new services are all competing for first position. As a result, it’s important to identify ways to expand yourself as well as your service. Do your keyword analysis, and until you can fight with terms that are extremely competitive, choose keywords that will bring you search volume but are less competitive.

How to Rank YouTube Videos

You can use the some keyword research tools for YouTube SEO, such as Google Keyword Planner.

Use keywords in the title of your video

The first goal is to estimate out what your audience is looking for. We know that educational, marketing, informational, as well as financial search intent are the most popular. As a result, connecting the content of your video to the purpose of your user will be important for your video to show in search results.

How to Rank YouTube Videos

Next, knowing exactly why you have a YouTube video and who your target audience is. Just use brand names in the video title and description, for example, if you want to highlight a product. It may appear to be an easy step, but many YouTube channels ignore it, resulting in their videos being near the bottom of Google as well as YouTube search results.

The sample below shows how competitive the keyword ‘smartphone review’ is. This is a term someone might relate while they’re thinking about buying something.

In your video content add keyword

Simple, however YouTube may consider this one of the ranking variables when determining whether or not to show your video in search results. Your video will have a far better chance of being ranked—and of gaining more search volume if the file name you’re uploading contains the desired keyword.

You may view the filename when updating a new video. This is how YouTube determines whether or not a video is useful, so ensure your document is up to date before uploading!

Helpful description of your YouTube video

Making ensuring you have a good, optimized video title is one of the most critical ranking elements for YouTube SEO. YouTube will analyze the video if you edit or modify any YouTube video aspect, such as video descriptions, subtitles and closed captions, or thumbnails. This can be beneficial or detrimental, so make sure you get it correctly the first time!

YouTube suggests that you include your most significant keywords in the first short paragraph of your description and that it be no more than 200 words long. In general, make your description helpful. Remove it if it does not help a user.

The keyword I typed into Google is highlighted in the summaries of the videos that have pop up, as you can see. This is YouTube’s means of informing me that the videos in the description are useful.

The YouTube Creator Studio, that is a tool that is constantly updated on current knowledge, includes some fantastic materials.

It includes a helpful checklist that walks you through processes of making a quality video description:

  • Include a normal language summary of your video instead of a list of keywords.
  • At the start of your description, include the most important keywords.
  • Choose 1–2 key words that quality products your video and use them prominently in both the description as well as title.
  • To find popular keywords as well as synonyms, use keyword tools like Google Trends as well as the Google Ads Keyword Planner or others. Including these terms in your content can help you get more search traffic.
  • Remove unnecessary words from your description because they interfere from the viewing experience.

YouTube search results can be boosted by using video hashtags

Hashtags (#) are now widely used on social networks to help users find material that answers their requests across a variety of platforms. To help people locate your video when searching for a specific hashtag, include hashtags in the description as well as title of your YouTube video.

Tags, in particular, aid search by making relevant trends more obvious. When you include a hashtag in the video description, it will appear above the title and get hyperlinked.

How to Rank YouTube Videos

It’s also essential to remember to also include video hashtags. If you include a hashtag in the video title, hashtags from description will not appear next to it.

Choose a video category

Users can customise the search to see videos from positions if they are looking for a certain video with additional options. It’s necessary to contextualize your video with categories before uploading it to increase your chances of being discovered by a user.

YouTube has a lot of different category possibilities, so you should choose category that fits your YouTube videos. Whenever you upload your video, you can choose from a variety of categories.

Make your thumbnail image unique

Thumbnails can be beneficial or detrimental to your YouTube videos. When consumers look at YouTube search results, they are first factor that catches their eye. A great thumbnail can result in increased watch time, which can have a significant impact on YouTube ranking. 

The best method to see results is to create a customized thumbnail—showing people what your movie is about and how it will help them is the true secret to success.

Subtitles and closed captions should be added

The final advice for success on Search on youtube is to use subtitles and closed captions.

Closed captions are for viewers who are unable to hear the audio, whereas video subtitles are for viewers who are unable to grasp the video language.

Subtitles and closed-caption documents, like transcripts, include the text of what is stated in the video. The file will also include timing codes for when each bit of text should appear in the film, so it can correspond to speech or the other visual element.

Finally, conduct research in the same manner that you would for any other piece of material. Concentrate on making good videos that you can use to expand your content collection. The more useful material you provide to users, the more traffic your business as well as YouTube channel will receive!

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