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These 6 upcoming WhatsApp features will change the texting game forever

These 6 upcoming WhatsApp features will change the texting game forever. Future WhatsApp improvements will include, among other things, changes to how chats are erased and emoji status reactions.

The most well-known messaging app WhatsApp has been working on releasing some fantastic features soon. To meet the needs of its users, the social platform is constantly improving its features.

WhatsApp just implemented significant modifications, including reactions and larger groups.

Early leaks from WABetaInfo, supplied by The Sun, indicate that Whatsapp may be releasing these features soon.

These 6 upcoming WhatsApp features will change the texting game forever

  1. Sneaky ‘stealth mode’
  2. Voice note waveforms
  3. Avatars in video chats
  4. Emoji status reactions
  5. Check who left a group
  6. Save chats before they are deleted

1: Sneaky ‘stealth mode’

The upcoming feature of WhatsApp is undoubtedly a gain for those who prefer to keep their presence private.

You will be able to use the app invisibly thanks to a forthcoming stealth mode. You will be able to conceal both your “online” activity and your “Last Seen” status in this way.

2: Voice note waveforms

Waveforms may be added, which will be a minor upgrade to WhatsApp’s voice notes.

Within the chat box for a voice note, the audio waveform of the voice note can be heard.

3: Avatars in video chats

Whatsapp video chats will be more engaging than ever with the introduction of this new feature. You may create your own cartoon character using the update, much like a Memoji on an Apple iPhone.

4: Emoji status reactions

Reaction emojis have recently been added to WhatsApp conversation messages. Soon, a comparable capability might be made available for WhatsApp status updates.

5: Check who left a group

Right now, leaving a group resembles sneaking out of a scenario unnoticed. This may soon change, though, since WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to view all “previous participants.”

6: Save chats before they are deleted

Global WhatsApp users were astonished by the ability to delete messages after they were sent. Currently, developers are testing a method for retaining the messages.

Depending on your settings, WhatsApp users can currently choose to have sent messages vanish after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

Users could select particular “kept messages” that would remain in the conversation rather than being destroyed with the possible new functionality.

This means that if there is a lot of background noise at the beginning of the voice note, you can skip to the real starting point. The voice towards the end can be cut using the same technique.

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