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Google Photos New Features To iOS Users With Google One Subscription

On iOS, “subscriptions” who are using Google Photos might very well soon have access to additional editing options such as Portrait Light, Blur, and Smart Suggestions.

At today’s modern Google I/O developer conference, which would have been virtually webcast this year due to COVID, Google unveiled a variety of changes to its Google Photos service, which is used by over a billion people.

Locked Folders, additional sorts of photo “Memories” for remembering previous events, and a new feature dubbed “Cinematic moments” that would generate a series of static photos, among many other upgrades, are being rolled out by the firm.

Over 4 trillion photographs and videos are stored in Google Photos, but really the overwhelming bulk of them have been rarely accessed. To address this, Google has already been working on AI-powered tools that would allow users to reflect on significant events in their life.

Google Photographs’ Memories feature, which was introduced in 2019, allows users to revisit photos and videos associated with a person, events, and hobbies, as well as notable highlights from the previous week.

Although Google Photos may not be the first option for many iOS users when it comes to improving and organizing personal photos, here is another list of new editing features that are now accessible to those people.

Google Photos New Features

Portrait Light

Portrait Light allows users to add the effect of an artificial lighting system to photos or photographs of people. Customers can modify the functionality and intensity of the lighting fixture’s influence to their satisfaction.


The blur effect, as its name implies, allows users to blur out all the background in photographs of people which have not yet been captured in portrait mode.

Color Focus

Color Focus allows users to desaturate the background while keeping the foreground vibrant, allowing the focus to stand out much more.


HDR mode helps to apply a layer of increased brilliance and sharpness across the entire image.


This program allows the user to change how well the sky appears in images by allowing users to select from a variety of options and fine-tuning variables like hue and assessment.

Google Photos new Features to iOS Users with Google One subscription

Who Will Get The Functions?

All iPhone users running iOS 14 and higher will be able to be using the feature as long as they also use Google Photos and purchase a Google One membership.

If such an Android user has both Google Photos and a Google One subscription, these additional features have already been available.

In other news, Google deleted the popular Magic Eraser feature from the Pixel 6 in a recent version of Google Photos. One can learn everything about it. The company has just described the issue and stated that a fix is on the way.

The Google Photos app for iOS is getting some new image and video editing features.

Google released the update on Monday, revealing that perhaps the enhanced photo and video editing functions that have been previously only available on top-of-the-line Android phones are now arriving in Apple’s iOS.

The functions include the device learning about the technology so that it may offer photo adjustments like Enhance and Color Pop.

Google claims that more edit suggestions for different sorts of photos will be added to the iOS app in the future. In addition to photos, the new video editor will be available in the iOS Google Photos app.

Editing, stabilization, resizing, and tweaking other aspects like evaluation, brightness, and more will all be included in the video editing tools. The extra updates arrive on iPhones on schedule, as Apple announced the brand new capabilities on Apple Photos in iOS 15 during the WWDC 2021 address.

The Google Photos upgrade should be going out now to iOS devices right away, therefore iPhone users should have been on the lookout. On Android, several image manipulation devices include a Google One subscription, and this will most likely become the situation on iOS as well.

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Google Photos launched its latest photo editor for Android in October of last year, as well as the advanced video editor will be available for Android phones in April 2021. Cropping, rotating, adding filters, trading brightness/comparison, and much more are all possible with the video editor.

Is Google One Membership Free?

As a free Google One user, anyone could back up data on an Android or iOS phone and then use the storage management to free up space in the Google Account.

If users join Google One, they will gain access to additional services such as more cloud storage, help from the team of Google professionals, and unique rewards.

Does Google Have A Free Photo Editor?

The new Google Photos editing is now available for Android users in the Google Photos app. Humans absolutely can not wait to see all the great shots people generate, whether users use a one-tap recommendation or carefully perfect the images.

Google Photos New Features To iOS Users With Google One Subscription - 4

What Is Google One Subscription?

Google One is a monthly subscription service that allows users greater capacity for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Plus, through Google One, users could spread their subscription to the entire family and receive extra advantages.

How Could People Get Google One For Free?

Selected individuals would receive an e-mail from Google with such a unique activation code which can be used to obtain access to free 100 GB of cloud storage.

To claim this deal, unfortunately, a user must have had a debit or credit card. Google would begin collecting Rs 130 per month on the debit or credit card after 6 months or 180 days.

What Is Changing With Google Photos?

From June 1, 2021, Google Photos would no longer provide limitless high-quality photo storage. Google Photographs’ appealing free limitless storage benefits soon coming to an end, and users will have to pay for any storage space for personal photos and video use that exceeds the 15GB restriction. On June 1, 2021, the new rule would enter into force.

Do Google Photos Stay Forever?

This service will be discontinued on June 1, 2021, according to the firm. All photos shared afterward the date will contribute to the 15GB free data allowance. All photographs posted before June 1 of the following year, nevertheless, will indeed be free to download and install an unlimited storage solution.

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