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New WhatsApp feature! Now admin will get this super power, can delete any post

New WhatsApp feature! Now admin will get this power and can delete any post.

WhatsApp group admins will have the ability to delete any message for everyone.

WhatsApp It is working to add multiple features to enhance the user experience. The business already provides numerous unique features for the ease of its consumers, but now another really unique feature of the app has come to the fore. The instant messaging service Whatsapp is reportedly working on a number of enhancements to enhance its user interface. Group admin messages will soon have a “Delete for everyone” button thanks to a new feature that the app is introducing.

As a result, the admin can remove any message delivered to the group, making it invisible to all other users.

As per report now New WhatsApp feature- Admin will get this superpower and can delete any post. It will help group admins to better manage their WhatsApp groups.

If you’re interested in finding out whether this feature is accessible on your phone. As a result, they must remove the communications as soon as they appear in the group they are the administrator of. If the “Remove for everyone” option is present, you have access to this capability.

Work is also in progress in “Keep Message.”

In fact, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that would let users save messages that are deleted. According to information, WhatsApp is experimenting with a feature that prevents messages from dissipating. When you send a message that vanishes, it is immediately removed after a predetermined period of time.

However, in the event that this feature is activated, you will send an important message, and then that message will also disappear. In these situations, WhatsApp will soon provide a function called “Keep Disappearing Messages” that will enable you to keep crucial messages.

How can a WhatsApp admin delete a message for everyone?

For everyone’s messages to be deleted:

  1. Go to the WhatsApp chat where the message you need to delete is located.
  2. Click the message and hold it. To delete many messages at once, you can optionally pick more messages.
  3. To delete everyone, select Delete.

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